Party Worthy Roasted Potato Salad

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roasted potato salad

This roasted potato salad is a must for summer parties, graduations and backyard BBQs. It’s healthy, vibrant in color with lots of crunch with a much lighter take on the classic potato salad because this one is not ladened down with heavy mayo.

Another benefit of no mayo is that it can sit out on a warm sunny day and you won’t have to worry about it going bad.

roasted potatoes

Look for the petite sized potatoes, when cut in half they’re a nice bite size. I used red and white, but the tri-color with the purple potatoes would be nice as well

Make sure you don’t over roast them, or dowse them with too much olive oil, they’ll be coated with the dressing later, just toss them into a bowl with a little drizzle to coat them, add in salt and pepper then put them on a sheet pan in a 425F oven.

Mine took about fifteen minutes turning them over once, you want them tender but on the firm side.

roasted potato salad

The crunch factor comes from sliced rainbow colored mini peppers, sliced radishes, red and green onion along with fresh arugula, olives, chives and parsley.

roasted potato salad

You don’t really need exact amounts for this depending on how big your platter will be and how many potatoes you’ll be making. I like to mix everything together in a big bowl first, slicing the veggies and adding the rest as I go along making sure it looks balanced with color and crunch, adding the arugula last by handfuls.

The dressing is made with equal amounts of olive oil and fresh lemon juice, a squeeze of dijon and 1 garlic clove, whisked together and spooned over the top.

roasted potato salad

The potatoes can be roasted the day before or the morning of, they should be at room temp or chilled before adding the other ingredients, not hot from the oven.

It’s colorful and vibrant and it makes the perfect party dish and side to almost anything you’ll be grilling up this season.

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Party Worthy Roasted Potato Salad
You don't need exact ingredients for this, it depends on how many potatoes you roast, just add the veggies and herbs to your liking making sure it's balanced with everything.
  • mini petite potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper, cut in half roasted in a 425F oven for about 15 minutes turning once and making sure they are fork tender but still firm. Let them cool down.
  • sliced rainbow colored mini peppers
  • thin sliced radishes
  • small nicoise olives, drained
  • chopped red and green onion
  • fresh arugula
  • chives and parsley
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Place the roasted potatoes and everything else into a big bowl, add all the other ingredients, tasting as you go along and making sure you have enough to make it look balanced.
  2. Carefully toss with your clean hands and place the salad onto a pretty platter.
  3. Spoon the dressing all over it.
  5. Equal parts of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, one garlic clove, a squeeze of dijon, salt and pepper.
  6. Whisk it up to incorporate.
  7. NOTE: The potatoes can be done the morning of or day before, then mix with everything else shortly before serving.



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  1. This looks like a perfect side for a summer meal, Marie! So colorful land delicious

  2. Carol Szafalowicz says

    Marie the photos are amazing. Talk about perfection! I just wish I had a itsy bitsy portion of your creativeness in the kitchen.
    ………..seriously, you are right up there with the best.
    Many thanks for all your “doable” recipes that have turned even someone like me into what appears to be a “good” cook.
    Keep them coming …….. and as always I still get so excited to see your posts. As always, Carol

    • You’re the sweetest Carol, I’m so glad you said they’re doable even with my vague ingredient amounts! lol

  3. Hi Marie, I’ve been reading your blog for years and have often used your beautiful salad ideas for small groups gathered around my table or for very large groups of 100-300 when preparing for my church family. Your ideas and photos have helped me teach many helpers about creating beautiful food easily. So the gift goes on. Thanks so much for sharing so many good things on your blog.

  4. James Beran says

    Frank, your son-in-law, who showed me your site. Wow! Great site and great food.

  5. Your food always entices, Marie. You know how to create colorful, easy to make and delicious dishes – and photograph them so well – better than anyone.

  6. Sara Rund says

    This looks beautiful (as usual!) and I love how you describe the quantities to add. Instead of using a formula, you succinctly describe how to think and sense your way through it. I really admire the clarity and brevity, quite aside from your steady stream of inspiring food ideas.

    • Thank you Sara, I appreciate your comment because sometimes I think I’m talking to vague, but I really think it’s the best way to cook, sometimes you just can’t measure exactly

  7. Marie, this is the perfect go to dish for summer, thank you! Actually, for myself it could be a full meal – texture, color and flavor all in one special dish.

  8. What a beautiful potato salad, Marie! This is how I like to cook too… use your senses and your instincts (and seasonal ingredients!) to take a dish to new place. The whole meal looked amazing!!

  9. Marie, I was unable to post my question on the recipe in question. I am looking at the dressings on your spring pasta salad with bow ties vs the Mediterranean zoodle salad. I know you encourage to taste as we go but I like to get a good start with your suggestion. One dressing is 1 white balsamic 3 oil the other is 4 white balsamic 2 oil. Is this just different versions to use interchangeably or does one salad benefit more from the one you use? Thank you.

    • Hi Denise, Both of those dressings are the same, user a squeeze of dijon when whisking, it helps to thicken it up, they are the same versions and the white balsamic gives a nice light taste to it.