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Italian Sauces My Way

I always had a passion for cooking. I remember way back to my high school days in public speaking class when our first assignment was to give a live presentation on something that excited us: the topic I chose was, “How to Make an Italian Salad.” It turned out to be a big winner, I fed the whole class and got an “A”!

Fast forward as a young bride where my skills in the kitchen didn’t always produce such flawless results, like the time I almost landed my dear husband in the hospital due to my lack of cooking talents. Ahem.When I became a new mother, convenience foods were all the rage and quite often Hamburger Helper would be served on my dinner table, but deep down inside I was determined not to feed my family from a box, instead I honed in on the recipes of my past, recreating those smells in the kitchen that were near and dear to my heart, the ones that I wanted to share with my kids, the ones that continue to link generations to one another no matter how much time has passed.

I wrote this book on Italian Sauces because to me they have always been the foundation for so many memorable meals. I encourage you to use this book as inspiration, a guide or reference book to help you showcase your own special food traditions!

Italian Sauce Recipes E-book

The recipes I’ve included are not complicated or fussy, they’re user friendly plus you can have the confidence that they’ve been tried and tested over the years to make sure they came out just right! I like to say I worked out all the kinks for you. I also took into consideration the very busy lifestyles of today by creating shortcuts for those who want a quick homemade dinner instead of take out during the week, using fresh ingredients and things you have on hand.

Italian Sauce Recipes

When time is not an issue and you crave that slow cooked meal, I’ve given you personal family favorites, traditions from my home, because honestly, nothing beats a huge pot of sauce simmering on the stove all day, the smells enticing you with anticipation of the meal ahead.

Italian Sauces Ebook

This book, a collection of some of my favorite sauces, will provide you with all that you need for creating a special dinner for guests, a romantic meal for two as well as the ultimate comfort meal for one, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cook.

Italian Sauces My Way Ebook

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Buy Now Italian Sauces My WayItalian Sauces My Way KINDLE Version

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Take these recipes and put your own twist on them, you can never go wrong! Cooking is about having fun in the kitchen, getting creative, making memories and sharing with those you love. I hope you enjoy Italian Sauces My Way!

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