Scenes from Seattle

I just returned from my Seattle vacation and since I don’t have a stitch of food in my house or any desire to cook right now I thought I’d share some highlights of my trip.
The weather was beautiful all week, it only rained once for just 15 minutes.
We took a cruise all over Elliott Bay and Puget Sound.
No wonder why they call Pike Place Market the “soul of Seattle”, aisles and aisles of the most beautiful local produce, flowers, artisan vendors and hand crafted gifts, over 100 places to indulge when hungry, and the most gorgeous fish this Midwesterner has ever seen!
And yes, they do throw fish there, in fact my husband caught a 20lb salmon that was thrown to him, thank goodness he caught it!
I’m a big fan of Dale Chihuly and couldn’t wait to visit Chihuly Garden and Glass to see his work up close. Glass artist extraordinaire, Chihuly is known for his large architectural installations, you might have seen the ceiling in the hotel Bellagio in Vegas where he installed over 2000 hand-blown glass elements.
One of my favorite exhibits he did was Chihuly over Venice, where he hung the most amazing glass chandeliers over the canals and piazzas in Venice, breathtaking! 
The picture really doesn’t do this justice, this boat was over 10ft long filled with magnificent glass works!
The museum has his works inside and outside in a garden and it’s located right near the Space Needle as you can see in the picture.
His colors are just amazing!
We went to wineries and waterfalls and visited the the beautiful Washington coast.
You know what I love about Seattle and the state of Washington? They’re coffee obsessed! Everywhere you look, virtually every corner you’ll see a coffee shop or hut like this one. We grabbed a cup and headed right down on to the sandy beach with our rental car gazing at the pacific and watching this couple make gigantic bubbles.
And how could I not talk about the food! This IS a food blog after all! Here’s a small glimpse of some of the food we consumed.
Fresh wild salmon, amazing halibut, ling cod, crab cakes, clams, fish and chips, fabulous crab sandwiches on sourdough, chowder, chowder and more chowder, marionberry pies, we even stopped in at Salumi and had porchetta sandwiches, but mainly we were all about the fish.
Would I visit Seattle again? Most definitely!

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  1. What a trip! There isn’t anything that I don’t like about Seattle! The food looks wonderful….

  2. Your photos are great, Marie, especially the shots of Chihuly’s amazing glass. Aren’t those colors out of this world. I’m so happy you enjoyed your vacation in one of my favorite cities. I’m on my way to Chicago tomorrow morning – another of my favorite places.

  3. I would most definitely visit Seattle again. Pike Place Market is one of my favourite haunts.

  4. Super good shots – The glass art is amazing. Those crabs sure look different than the ones in the case at our Tennessee Kroger – I’d eat the Seattle ones. I’ve been to Seattle a few times but never for a whole day – I believe I’d like to spend some time exploring it.

  5. We live only a few hours south in Washington state, amtrak goes there 4 times a day, it is the gem of the whole pacific northwest, when we go we take a ferry up to the San Juan Islands and ferry back to downtown seattle..Our only child lived in Seattle for about 5 years, worked there, we loved it, the food is a paradise for seafood and other foods as well, lots are made and raised locally..We only ate at places the police, fire and rescue people eat at, believe you me the food was terrific not much to look at, but who cares when it is just caught from the sea and on your plate within an hour & the cost is under $7.00 we kept our secret(s) to ourselves..My husband turns 65 soon and he adores Seattle, we are going up via Amtrak and have a ball I have a lot planned, staying overnight and back the next day, gasoline is nearing $6.00 a gallon in Seattle and where we live it is nearly $5.50 so we take amtrak and use buses for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow Marie – That looks like one fabulous vacation – beautiful scenery, Chihuly’s magnificent glass art and incomparable seafood too. That food has me wishing I were there right now having chowder and halibut for dinner. I’m so glad it was a great trip for you.

  7. Rhonda Baker-Kowalski says:

    I love your blog!I am from Fife, Washington. I now live in North Carolina so I was so thrilled to see your fabulous pictures of the Pike Place Market.I am going to make your Portobello Burgers with zucchini fries Thursday! God Bless!

  8. Wow! Now of course I had to add Seattle to my bucket list!! The photos are wonderful and especially the foodie photos. I would be all about the fish, too. Delicious. xo

  9. Seattle is definitely on my bucket list, Marie! It looks like a beautiful city with amazing food. I also love Chihuly glass and would love to visit that exhibit.

    I did a double take at those lobster tails, in the Pike Market, however. I can buy three two pound Maine lobsters for $30 here in Brooklyn, NY! I’m going to miss that perk of city life when I move to Colorado…lol

  10. I’m guessing that you might have eaten at Dukes. I think I recognize the food and plates. I was born in Seattle and lived there for 40 years. You picked a great time to travel there. I’ve heard the weather has been amazing for about 50 days. It looks like an amazing trip.

  11. Erdal Tamer says:

    Wow, these photos are great. I am Turkish and we have also good culinary, but I feel half of my other part is Italian so I love Italian foods,musics,cultures and your posts :). Great job!
    Thank you for sharing

  12. Oh that magnificent glass! I saw the Hotel Bellagio but somehow missed that there was an exhibition in Seattle. The crab sandwich has me dreaming as does the fish and chips. Your lovely post will bring me sweet dreams!

  13. I’m so glad you liked Seattle. We live north of the border near Vancouver but our oldest son and his family live in Seattle so we are there often. Wonderful parks and so much to see and do. And I agree, the food is magnificent and there’s no shortage of new places to try. Pike street is a favourite place to visit but I have not seen the spectacular glass works you featured. I’ll be looking for them the next time we go down.

  14. Thank you for a wonderful series of photos – the closest I have been, I’m afraid, is to visit with friends in Portland. Loved the seafood one’s especially: and there was the proof about the now much publicized lobster prices: am peagreen with envy 🙂 ! This will have to be reposted!!

  15. I missed your blogiversary so I just wanted to say congrats & thank you for taking the trouble to post all these wonderful recipes and photos ( I don’t know where you find the time). I only comment occasionally but regularly make your dishes, yours is my go to blog for recipes & inspiration.

  16. Love the sculpture. You did a great job capturing them with the photos.

    I haven’t been to Seattle yet, but I do want to see it some day – and eat it. Great food photos too!

  17. I love your photos of the Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit! What a thrill it must have been to see it! Thanks for the tour Marie!


  18. Sounds like an amazing trip.
    Chihuly is fantastic, I would love to see that museum.
    Your food compilation rocks!

  19. hard to believe, but I’ve never been to Seattle. I’ll need to correct that some day!