Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, wouldn’t this be cute to serve for breakfast? It’s so easy to do you’ll have it plated in no time!
I got the heart idea from Martha, the directions are here. I used good quality multigrain bread from a bakery and I sprinkled my eggs with a dry tuscan herb mix that I have, plus salt and pepper, along side it is applewood smoked bacon, our favorite!
They remind me of “Moonstruck Eggs” which I adore and make on special occasions, I did a post on them here.
And for you chocolate lovers out there, these triple chocolate scones are to die for, I only made them twice, they’re too dangerous to keep around!
Dutch-processed cocoa powder added to the dough along with white and dark chocolate chunks, need I say more?
Here’s the recipe!


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  1. Good idea heart shape fried egg with brown bread for b-fast in Valentine’s day.

  2. I love everything about this – except getting up early on Valentine’s morning to make it! I have become spoiled working at home. How about Valentine’s Day breakfast served on February 12th? Your egg has so much pizzazz – it could even be a midnight snack tonight…as for the scones – bet I couldn’t eat just one.

  3. Toad in the hole with a heart. I love it!!


  4. I love both of those recipes Marie, but the egg with herbs is something I’ll be eating for tomorrow’s breakfast – with or without the heart, it looks perfect. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  5. ok I am making those scones.
    for whatever reason i cannot get enough of that dutch cocoa.
    i bought a huge bag of the double dutch from king arthur and i just love the taste of it.

  6. so sweet! I love the eggs in purgatory heart shaped! xo happy valentine’s day!

  7. Oh my…these are all so beautiful and fun to wake up to. Excellent! blessings, Catherine xo

  8. Cute ideas! My kids will love the heart shaped eggs.

  9. lovely!!

  10. These seem like a perfect way to cherish our loved ones on V-Day.

  11. So sweet Marie!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  12. Oh chocolate scoes look too good!

    I’m still dieting..without much success, but I’m trying!