A Limoncello Cosmo, and some Little bites!!

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Party time is here, and if you’re a lover of Limoncello like I am, then you’ll love this festive little drink! Vodka, cranberry juice, and the guest of honor… Limoncello!

I would suggest you test out the ratio’s to your liking. Start out for one glass with, 1/2 shot of vodka, 1/2 shot of Limoncello, and a shot of cranberry juice. Fill a shaker 3/4 way with ice, pour everything in, give it a good shake, and pour. Garnish with fresh or frozen cranberries.
Now of course you’ll need something to nibble on while your sipping on these, don’t worry!! I got that taken care of too.

FRIED RAVIOLI’S**** These are delicious, and super easy to make, you don’t need to have homemade ravioli’s either.
Grab a bag of store bought, they cook up so fast and you can feed a crowd. They’re dipped in buttermilk first, a tip I got from Giada, so much better than dipping them into egg. Next, dip them into your favorite flavored breadcrumbs, which have been doctored up of course. Fry them in 2″ of canola oil in a large saute pan. They’ll be done in a few seconds, drain on paper towel, then sprinkle with grated cheese. Serve warm, along with some warm marinara for dipping!

BAKED ZUCCHINI STICKS*** You can make a bunch of these with out even frying. Just cut your zucchini into sticks, these you will be dipping in eggs first, then into your flavored breadcrumbs, I also mixed mine with some panko, adding more chopped parsley, granulated garlic, and grated cheese. Spray your baking sheets with olive oil spray, place your zucchini on, and then spray a little olive oil over them. Bake in a hot 375F oven till golden and crunchy. Maybe 25 min’s. This is fantastic with a lemon aoli for dipping, which I didn’t have time to make, but also good with warm marinara.
Buon Appetito, and Cin Cin!!

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  1. Oh Marie! You reminded me of my grandma! She used to say “doctor it up a bit”, which meant, take something American and Italianize it!
    Love your drinks and nibbles. Merry Christmas!

  2. When did you make limoncello cosmos and not invite me???
    worth a plane ride, especially w/ the fried raviolis!

  3. Alright Marie. It’s time for us girls to sit down and have a couple of Cosmos, a few fried raviolis, a couple of zucchini sticks and tell jokes and laugh until the sun comes up. Thanks for everything you have so generously shared this year. Merry Christmas!

  4. You are a real lifesave Marie. I was wondering what to serve for a very small gathering over the holidays, and I am going to try all of these. I was wondering – what brand of breadcrumbs do you use?

  5. These are all perfect for a get together… I loved the recipes and they will be added to my recipe file… I have one just for your recipes now…LOL LOL


  6. Both your nibbles look great , but those ravioli are calling my name!! Thank You!!

  7. Love the drink! The appetizers look great. My mom used to make zucchini sticks like this.

  8. Marie, Marie, you are one evil woman… tempting hungry people with snacks like that. I am salivating, hyperventilating….damn it looks so good. Fried ravioli’s …bliss!!!

  9. Mmmmm, everything looks so good!
    Merry Christmas Marie!

  10. You certainly did take care of the nibbles, Marie!

    Your site is so inspiring. There’s always something new for me.

  11. I have had a lemmo,cello bought from last yearand it is till not opened upp.
    I am sure going tomake this wondrful festive looking frink.

  12. Oh my gosh, this is so dinner for me. I don’t need another thing. Just give me a limoncello cosmo and some fried ravioli and watch that happy glow radiate off of me.

  13. I love Cosmos! And with Lemoncello even better. The appetizers are wonderful too. I haven’t made fried ravs in forever. Must do again soon. Beautiful photos as well!

  14. WOW…..great idea with the fried raviollis…will surely try them:)

  15. Yum. The cocktails look pretty and tasty but the appetizers are calling my name.

  16. Where was I when this party was going on? Wish our homes were closer <3

  17. You always have such great dishes for entertaining (and everyday too)

    I have a confession, ever since Danny DiVito appeared on The View all Limoncello-ed I have been dying to taste the drink. Will rectify that soon (lol)

  18. I wish I lived closer to you. You are a great entertainer!

  19. These look fantastic. Got to try these.

  20. I am coming to your cocktail party Marie!
    Pretty bar set up!

  21. The drink, yummy I could have a few ….. (hick-up) 😉 and your appy’s look so good!! Did I miss the invite?? 😉

  22. Those apps look fantastic! Just my style too.

  23. Now this is what people need to serve at parties. You have no idea how much I’m loving these. Hubby always requests fried ravioli’s, so easy to make. But I want those baked zucchini!!!
    It’s 10am and I’m ready for a cocktail! ha ha buone vacanze!

  24. Hi Marie!

    We are so happy the baby finally arrived! He really keep us waiting and worrying. Now I might be able to get some things done and read some e-mail -lol! Thank you for all your good wishes!

    These appetizers look so delicious! I make fried zucchini when I have an abundance of it in the summer, but it’s so nice for the holidays too!

    Hugs, Pat

  25. Wonderful entertaining ideas! I love the tips you give.. bookmarked! And the little bites..yumm! I have never fried ravioli’s.. thanks for this recipe!

    Hey, it’s your cucidati weekend party.. can’t wait to hear how it goes. Wish I was there to do some taste testing!

  26. Thanks for the great ideas! These are perfect for a fun Holiday cocktail party. They all look very festive and delicious!

  27. Save me a cosmo, Marie, I’m there! Especially with those fried ravis and zucchini sticks — oh, yum!

  28. This looks like great finger food for entertaining–I’ll take one of each! I used to eat fried ravioli all the time and have some limoncello now calling me…

  29. Nice ideas and good things Marie, look so delicious!! Gloria

  30. When can CS and I come over for cocktals and small bites?

  31. Wow, fried ravs, cruncky and good must try them. Your site is wonderful thanks for sharing your flavors! Chef Chuck

  32. Ahhh – this just makes me happy. I mean this is like an Italian Party just waiting to happen!

  33. Its “Party” time !!!! My favourite drinks all in one 🙂

    The pasta dish would go down a treat aswell. Thanks.

  34. Will need to make the zukes this weekend. Amazing!

  35. Would you believe I’ve never had limoncello before? I have seen multiple recipes for making my own, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. There seem to be some good ones commercially available, so I really should. The idea of making a cosmo with it is fantastic.

  36. Those zucchini sticks-def another one I will make! I’m not the best fryer yet, but I am getting there :0. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  37. Well I hope my friends like the idea of limoncello cosmos since we’re having them this weekend! 🙂

  38. Hi Marie, We have had fried ravoli, it’s delicious and so quick and easy!, we also have a bottle of Limoncello from Ischia, I will try your party drink it sounds so good, hope you are enjoying the run up to xmas, hugs, Kathy.

  39. Limoncello is a huge favorite of mine. What a great way to use it. So pretty! You always have the most delicious ideas 🙂

  40. That limoncello drink looks good. I like the sound of the fried ravioli.

  41. hey there – could you email me with the suggestion of a brand of limoncello to buy that doesn’t taste terrible… i am on a hunt…

  42. Note to self… stop at Liquor Store on the way home from work tonight! Your blog is awesome. I found you through Google… looking for a cippolini onion and balsamic vinegar recipe. Yours sounds much like the one I saw Giada make on FoodTv, which I loved – but didn’t write down and couldn’t remember the directions. Thanks! Those are going to accompany our steaks on New Years Eve!

    Happy Holidays! Cindy
    (stop by my GumboYaYa blog sometime!)