Veggie "Wraps" Caprese Style!

Even though it’s the dead of winter here in Chicagoland, and the weather forecast says blizzard conditions here tomorrow with frigid temperatures, I still crave grilled veggies!

Thank goodness for an indoor grill pan! There’s no way you’d catch me out there grilling anything!

Grilling eggplant and zucchini indoors is so quick and easy. Get your grill pan nice and hot, brush your veggies with olive oil, cook till tender, and then while they’re still warm, layer with fresh basil, a ripe tomato slice, and a small bite size ball of fresh Bocconcini. Drizzle with olive oil, and garnish with pine nuts. Serve warm, or at room temperature.

Add a salad, and have a great lunch, or a light dinner!

Nothing extraordinary, just simple, good food!
Buon Appetito!!!


A Limoncello Cosmo, and some Little bites!!

Party time is here, and if you’re a lover of Limoncello like I am, then you’ll love this festive little drink! Vodka, cranberry juice, and the guest of honor… Limoncello!

I would suggest you test out the ratio’s to your liking. Start out for one glass with, 1/2 shot of vodka, 1/2 shot of Limoncello, and a shot of cranberry juice. Fill a shaker 3/4 way with ice, pour everything in, give it a good shake, and pour. Garnish with fresh or frozen cranberries.
Now of course you’ll need something to nibble on while your sipping on these, don’t worry!! I got that taken care of too.

FRIED RAVIOLI’S**** These are delicious, and super easy to make, you don’t need to have homemade ravioli’s either.
Grab a bag of store bought, they cook up so fast and you can feed a crowd. They’re dipped in buttermilk first, a tip I got from Giada, so much better than dipping them into egg. Next, dip them into your favorite flavored breadcrumbs, which have been doctored up of course. Fry them in 2″ of canola oil in a large saute pan. They’ll be done in a few seconds, drain on paper towel, then sprinkle with grated cheese. Serve warm, along with some warm marinara for dipping!

BAKED ZUCCHINI STICKS*** You can make a bunch of these with out even frying. Just cut your zucchini into sticks, these you will be dipping in eggs first, then into your flavored breadcrumbs, I also mixed mine with some panko, adding more chopped parsley, granulated garlic, and grated cheese. Spray your baking sheets with olive oil spray, place your zucchini on, and then spray a little olive oil over them. Bake in a hot 375F oven till golden and crunchy. Maybe 25 min’s. This is fantastic with a lemon aoli for dipping, which I didn’t have time to make, but also good with warm marinara.
Buon Appetito, and Cin Cin!!