Fresh Strawberry Mousse! Something Pink, for the Chicago 3-Day, 60 Mile Walk for Breast Cancer!

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This weekend in Chicago was the Susan G. Komen, 60 mile walk for Breast Cancer. My daughter, daughter in law, niece, and a few of their friends joined as a team, and together they walked 60 miles in 3 days along with thousands of others to fight breast cancer.

I did a post here about some of the highlights of it, and the training and fundraising part of it.

Day 1, at 6AM, Team Boob Patrol assembled together all fresh, motivated and ready for their 60 mile walk! some of the team names were hilarious, Babes for Boobs, Titty Commitee, and The Rack Pack, to name a few.
From left to right, Tenley (friend), Vanessa (daughter), Christa (daughter in law), Julie (niece), Elena (friend), Michele (friend).
Before they started their journey there were so many motivational stories they told of those who were walking and why. The loved ones that they had lost to this disease. Moms, daughters, wives, aunts, cousins, best friends, co workers. And then the survivors came in and thanked them all for doing this. Some of the survivors are pictured in the circle here with the flags, holding hands.
To watch over all these walkers there was a wonderful crew looking out for them every step of the way, here was an “angel”all in pink who rode along the walking route.
Day 2, This is one of the cheering stations set up for friends and family to cheer their walkers on. This one family set up a “red carpet” right on the side walk, complete with music as the walkers walked by. Everyone cheering, clapping, and thanking them as they passed. Cars that drove by were beeping there horns in support of the walkers. Police that were directing traffic had pink shirts on. Ambulance and fire department trucks were decorated with pink ribbons and encouraging words.
This is my Granddaughter all decked out to cheer her Mom on. She along with other kids, handed out freeze pops to the walkers as they walked by. Other people had bottled water, licorice, Tootsie Roll pops along the way.

Many of the walkers decorated their own shirts, some had names of those they were walking for on the back. This was done by my daughter in laws crafty sister.

We just loved this sign a man had made for his wife!

I have to say my son and son in law, did a terrific job to encourage and support their wives. They were both there acting as their private crew members for whatever they needed, bandaids a change of socks, shoes, whatever.
Here is one of 6 huge signs that my son placed daily on the walking route so his wife could see it and be motivated to keep going. He blew up pictures of her workmates (pictured here), her grandmother, her parents, and her sisters family, glued them on poster board and with the help of my DIL’s crafty sister wrote encouraging words to her.
These signs were so big he had to hammer them in the ground!
Day 3, The walk completed, hand and hand team Boob Patrol walked proudly into the closing ceremony together, relieved it was over,bistered feet, a little sore, but very proud of what they accomplished, as well as all of us, their family!

The closing ceremony took place in the parking lot of Soldier Field, what a sight to see when all the walkers took off one shoe, and raised it high above their heads in honor of those who have survived breast cancer. Not a dry eye was left!!

Victory to team Boob Patrol!!! You guys did it! Each and everyone of your family members are so proud of you!! Cheers to you!

In finishing, I had to show you a picture of this. Upon arriving home after her 3Day walk, my son had 60 pink flamingo’s placed in the front of their home. One for each mile she walked!

Wasn’t that sweet?
If anyone is interested after reading this post, the mousse I made was simply chopped fresh strawberries,that were sweetened to taste, folded into some freshly whipped cream that was flavored with some Amaretto, and placed into a white chocolate rimmed glass.
The ribbon was made out of warmed white chocolate, piped onto parchment, and immediately decorated with sprinkles.


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  1. I admit I have never particapted in anything like this. But this was fantastic and looks like fun and campy time was had while raing money for a good cause. Well done on the particpants and on your dessert.

  2. Thank you for this post, not a dry eye here either … big hugs to those who care to give of themselves.

  3. Very inspiring blog. they should all be proud to have participated in such a worthy cause. I give them mounds of credit for walking 60 miles in 3 days.

  4. That was so cool it gave me goose bumps! Great pictures and great women and men who participated and encouraged!! WELL DONE!!

  5. What a wonderful event and a great group of women! I LOVE what your son did with the flamingos!

    The mousse looks delicious! Great ribbon – very cool how you did that!

  6. What a wonderful accomplishment, Marie! Your daughter,daughter-in-law,niece and friends ahould all be very proud of the Olympic effort they gave towards supporting a cure for breast cancer! The support shown to them should be applauded too! I love the pink flamingo surprise for your daughter-in-law 😀

    Your mousse looks delicious too!

    Hugs, Pat

  7. Your fresh strawberry mousse adorned with that sugary ribbon looks wonderful. The inclusion of Amaretto puts it over the moon!

    Love the photos from the Chicago Event, especially the one of your granddaughter decked out in her glam! Let’s find that cure.

  8. What a beautiful post Marie! My sister as of last month is a celebrating 1 year of being “Breast Cancer” free! We are blessed beyond belief!
    What an awesome and supportive family you have! The 60 pink flamingos is unbelievable, how sweet!
    The mousse looks so light and refreshing! yumm
    Ciao and hugs! 🙂

  9. the daughter! says

    Thanks mom! Thank you for supporting us all weekend long, driving in the terrible construction traffic, waiting for us for hours, we appreciated it so much!

  10. Congratulations to your team! And what a wonderful family you must have. All the love was so evident.

  11. What a terrific family you have! Those flamingos and the sign for your daughter… how great!

    Our three day walk is in the fall. I’ve not done it but I have several friends who have.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. What a great post Marie. It reminds us all how important this cause is. Your strawberry mousse looks fantastic too!

  13. Such inspiration! Piped white chocolate w/sprinkles…that so freaking cool.


  14. That is one heart-warming post about the fundraiser and your family, Marie! I feel as though I was right there, walking beside them.

    And what a sweet finish you provided with that strawberry mousse, topped with a white chocolate ribbon — very creative and inspiring — thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow, how wonderful. What a great post.

  16. Marie, I really love this post is wonderful and the pictures too and.. love the dessert look so yummy!!! Congrats Marie, xxGloria

  17. That mousse looks great and rofl at those team names!

  18. Congratulations to your daughter, DIL, and their friends for making it through 60 miles. Quite a feat. I really love how supportive everyone is of the walkers.

  19. What a wonderful story of dedication! Its amazing what people can do when the all come together…and how much the cheers of others can keep you doing. I ran a 1/2 marathon for Luekimia once and I swear the cheers kept me from collapsing.
    Congrats to your daughter and your whole family for being supportive!

  20. Wow! Looks like a great event! I love the lawn filled with pink flamingos! How cute! Your dessert looks awesome too! Perfect for summer!

  21. You are blessed and have an amazing family. When I read about and saw the Flamingos your son put up, my eyes well-ed up. That was so sweet of him.

  22. Thank you for the inspiring post! I love how you created a pink dessert for the post, too.

  23. Congrat to all. What a beautiful thing to do. I think the flamingos were such a thoughtful, funny thing to do. Her hubbies a keeper.

    A dear friend of mine is struggling with breast cancer right now. I pray she makes it through this ok. I pray they all do.

  24. As the recipient of the pink flamingos and all the fantastic family/friends support, I truly feel the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you Marie, for writing such an amazing “story” about all of us and this wonderful experience! But thanks most of all for always being right there for us through everything!
    Yay Boob Patrol and our crowd of wonderful supporters, we could never have done it without you!

    Love that white chocolate ribbon! 🙂

  25. Courtney, Even voluntering would be fun,thats more my speed, I can’t imagine walking 60 miles!

    Ohio, Big hugs to you!

    Jo, Me too!

    Bunny, I got goose bumbs too when I wa there.

    Aggie, Wasn’t that a great idea?

    Pat, The flamingo’s were a hit!

    Paula, Isn’t she a cutie?

    Laurie, That’s wonderful about your sister.

    Vanessa, We wouldn’t have missed it for the world, now go put your feet up!!

    Jen, Awwwh!!

    Lori, There were lots of creative signs.

    Jenny, That’s so true!

    Darius, Thanks!

    Barbara, I’m glad you liked it.

    Joanne and Gloria, Thank You!

    Mike, Me too!!

    Psych, Quite a feat indeed!

    Rebecca, a half marathon is quite a feat yourself, good for you!

    Jenn, All the neighbors loved it!

    Cynthia, He’s a keeper!

    Prudy, Thanks the mouuse is so easy to make, just a couple minutes.

    Lisa, they were walking for your friend!

    Thanks Christa, I couldn’t ask for a better DIL!!

  26. Inspiring post, great job to the entire “Boob Patrol Team”!!!

    Thanks for sharing this event with all of us out here in blogdom, great photo’s, love the pink flamingo’s, so much fun!! Hat’s off to your son for all that encouragement.

  27. That’s absolutely lovely. Congratulations to all who gave their time and energy.

  28. This is such a great post, Marie. What a worthwhile event that was and what a wonderful family you have! You have a lot to be proud of. Your little granddaughter is a doll!

  29. Bravo! I’m helping my client organize a Pink treasure hunt next month so this is especially moving.

  30. What an inspiring post, the pink everywhere really brings to light the heart of the issue. What a fun dessert, too :).

  31. What an uplifting post! Thank you for sharing this incredible experience with us. 🙂

  32. Uplifting and awesome!! Having lost a friend and several that have beaten the odds, this is just wonderful… and so is your “Strawberry Mousse”… Pink Rocks!! 😉

  33. Knitting and Casalba, Thank you so much!!

    Susan, Thanks I think so too!

    Dee, That’s great Good Luck to you!

    Sophie and Ari, Thanks, I’m glad you both enjoyed it!

    Lucy, Pink DOES rock!!

  34. You should be one proud Mama! You’ve raised some great kids- that apple didn’t fall far from the tree huh?

  35. It was very inspiring to read this post and have a glimpse into all the support from friends and relatives. You have a beautiful family with big hearts.

  36. Hi Marie – I have been a little busy, doing remodeling on two homes and one school, this summer…so I am just getting around to reading my favorites blogs today. This is just so wonderful. Clearly the Proud Italian Cook has much more than cooking to be proud of…

    And I laughed because by the time I got to the end of your post, I had completely forgotten about the mousse.

  37. What amazing energy – it does the soul good to be part of change.

    Please visit out blog for a surprise.