Food and a Fundraiser!

This was a busy weekend for me with not much time for blogging I was helping out in a fundraiser for my daughter and daughter in law.
The food that I’m showing is great for a crowd, especially the potatoes which are simply Idaho’s or Russets, cut in planks with the skin on, tossed in olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, granulated garlic, paprika, and generous amounts of grated romano cheese. Bake in a 400 degree oven till crispy.

In August, my daughter, daughter in law, and niece ,will be walking 60 miles in the Chicago Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day. Each walker makes the commitment to raise $2,200.00, all proceeds go to benefit the ongoing research to fight this disease, and find a cure.

It’s not an easy task to come up with the money so they encourage the walkers to do some fundraising. We held a 2 day garage sale with things donated by friends, family and neighbors to help them meet their goal. They also held a big poker party that same night with some of the proceeds going towards their team. My daughter in law works in a big office and she came up with the idea ( after clearing it with human resources) that whoever donates $2.00 for the Cause, gets to wear jeans to work, I thought that was a great idea, who doesn’t want to wear jeans instead of a shirt and tie!

Walking 60 miles is no easy feat, you have to stick to their training schedule and build up your miles, otherwise you could really hurt yourself.

As of today they are all up to about 13 mile walks, but when the actual 3-Day starts, the first day they walk 22 miles, the second day is 20, and the last day is 18.

They did it once before and let me tell you my daughter had to tape her feet to finish, she had blisters like you’ve never seen before! It’s grueling! but so is this disease!!

Last time they walked we attended the opening ceremony where thousands were gathered to start this journey together, many walked all 60 miles holding pictures of loved ones, poster size pictures of mothers and sisters, aunts, cousins, friends they lost to this disease. They wore Tshirts with names on them, they held big banners with names of loved ones as they walked. It is truly an emotional event!
Along the route they walk, people drive by in cars and beep their horns, come out of their homes and offer water or just to say “Thank You”, its that encouragement that keeps them going.

We met them along the way with band aids and Advils, new socks or a change of shoes, but mostly to encourage them to finish. My Granddaughter held up a big sign as her Mom walked by that said…My Mommy Rocks!! I Love You Mommy!! My daughter burst out in tears!!

The opening ceremony is very emotional, but the closing ceremony is even more touching!!
Friends and family form a line, now mind you, there are thousands of people, this was held in Chicago on the lake front at the time and as the walkers walk in together ,they are hand and hand, arm and arm, they all take off one shoe and raise it high above their heads in honor of the survivors, all are crying, there’s not a dry eye anywhere!!!

Here are some of the survivors, many of them walked all 60 miles also, some even being pushed by family and friends in their wheel chairs, believe me it is a sight to see!

As most of you are aware of, their is a fellow food blogger who is fighting this very battle right now, her name is Bri, the name of her blog is Figs with Bri, and through the kindness of fellow bloggers and others, there is a fundraiser going on for her right now to help her seek other treatments, there is a goal to be met and although it is well on the way, it hasn’t been met yet, so any donation big or small would be so appreciated.

Please take the time to read about this courageous young women if you haven’t already done so, just click on the link above to get to know her and learn about the fundraiser going on.

Hopefully Bri will be walking among these survivors one day!!!

I just want to say “Thank You” Vanessa, Christa, and Julie, we are soooo proud of you girls for doing this!!

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  1. Touching post, Marie.
    On the lighter side..”atsa nice sauseeeg!” lol

  2. First time visit this evening. I must say your blog title is what caught my attention. “Proud Italian Cook”, sounds like all of my family members.

    My mother’s side, all Italian’s! And we all love to cook and eat. Your blog is amazing, loving all food posts, and I just did a post on my travels to Napa Valley. I’ve lived in CA for the last 20 years, but now we just moved to Montana!

    I will be back to read more…love what’s cooking over here!


  3. Anonymous says:

    awww, thanks mom!

    Thinking about B holding that sign still chokes me up!! lol

  4. Beautiful post and I wish your girls all the best!

  5. That was a sight to see last time when we went to encourage Vanessa and Julie and all the walkers. Males you realize how many people are affected by this disease, even the men walking for their moms, wives and such.

  6. Thanks for this post, I have nothing but admiration for those who give of themselves.

  7. What a great cause and a wonderful way to be involved!

    Love potatoes like that as well!

  8. Marie- First, the easy part- GREAT potatoes- I always cut up a couple to cook with my sausage and peppers- I usually sweat them in with the peppers and onions where they soak up all the good flavors floating around and let you get them in one bite. I do the oven roasted thing too (usually when I grill a ribeye or some chicken) but never thought to hit them with the cheese… what good dish isn’t made into a great dish by adding a little grated goodness?

    Second, and more important, your daughter is not the only Mom that Rocks… apple didnt fall far from the tree. I think it is great to see so many people out supporting the fight. The Big C takes a lot of forms and none of them are fun… I’ve lost too many to it. Thanks for your efforts and God Bless you and all that are out there fighting tooth and nail, whether on the “front lines” or supporting those that are on the line…

    Johnny T

  9. This takes courage and stamina to complete this challenging event. My heart goes out to all who participate and those they participate and raise funds for. Bri has so much support all over the Internet.

    Also great potatoes!!

  10. Wonderful post and congrats to your team!

    A trip to REI for great socks and boots is worth the effort – I did a peace walk many years ago and we averaged 12 – 22 miles each day for most of 6 weeks. It was very doable, but good footwear (and a lot of advil) really helped.

    BTW… my Yellow for Bri post is up today, coincidentally.

  11. What a touching post, I have goosebumps.

    I am impressed with the fundraising ideas! Love the poker night and the jeans to work day!

    The food looks delish too, I love the way those potatoes turned out! I will have to try those!
    And sausage and peppers is one of my all time favorite foods. Mmmmm, picture is making me hungry! =)

  12. This is a great post – amamzing what determined people can make happen! Very inspiring! Nice looking eats there, my friend!

  13. Great post. So thats hows I see those potoes get all nice and baked crispy! It’s the cheese.

  14. Beautiful and inspiring!

  15. What a wonderful cause…congrats to all involved!

    This is my favorite way to make potatoes! Now I must try those sausages!

  16. What a great post Marie! Those potatoes look terrific and what a wonderful cause to walk for. Wonderful!

  17. OMG I love fund raising – I swear if I did not have my husband to keep me on a short lease, I would feed the world for free. You and your girls did well, you should be proud. As for the potatoes – it is for me the ultimate cooking method for potatoes.

  18. Hey I am glad I came across your blog. I have to come back and check out all your Italian recipes. I am 100% Italian and proud of it.
    Love, Ann

  19. Wonderful entry and hmmmm…I love roasted potatoes with meat and vegetables!!
    Thanks for your comment, I’m glad that you appreciated my secrets for a perfect Italian coffee 🙂
    Have a nice time and see you later, ciao!

  20. Very inspiring indeed. It seems that there isn’t any of us who aren’t touched by this disease in one way or another these days.

  21. Hi Marie
    What a wonderful accomplishment for your daughter and daughter-in-law! Congratulations to them!

    I have two friends who do the Komen walk here in New York every year, and I know how hard it is to train AND raise the money needed to enter. We all have a dear friend who is also battling metasatic breast cancer, but thankfully she is holding her own with treatment.
    I will visit Bri’s blog and her fundraiser.
    Hugs, Pat

  22. This is a very touching post, Marie. People like you and your daughters are inspiration for us all. We all know someone who is a survivor.

    And, mmm, there is no better way to eat potatoes than Italian-style!

  23. What a wonderful cause–bully to them for making it through! But 60 miles–I think I’d need some of those potatoes after that!!

  24. Brava to Vanessa, Christa and Julie! They’re doing a great thing.

    I love those potatoes! That’s my favorite way to eat them!

  25. Those roasted potatoes look really good. They would go well with the sausage and peppers.

  26. You must be so proud of your family, what they are doing is extraordinary. I was moved by your post.

  27. Maryann, Thanks Bud!

    Knitting, Hi and welcome! I have to go and check out your vacation pic’s. Thanks from one “proud Italian” to another!

    V, Me too!!

    Joanne, Thank you and thanks for your support!

    Judy, It sure is, thanks!

    Ohiomom, Me too!

    Johnny T, Awww, Thank you, that means a lot. I keep checking your blog, you need to post more, please!I always enjoy your posts.:)

    Val, So much support for Bri, its amazing!

    Jen, 6 weeks, Wow, I can’t even fathom that! Great post BTW.

    Hi Aggie, Welcome! I loved the jeans to work idea too.

    Jenn, Thank you!

    Courtney, Its all about the cheese!!

    Bridgette,Thank you so much!

    Betsy, It is a great cause, in one way or another we have all been affected by cancer. Thanks for visiting!

    Thanks Jenny!

    Nina, Some how I know you’d be great at it!

    Anne Fannie, Do come back “proud Italian” I’ll be visiting you too.

    Desi, Welcome here, and I’ve been enjoying your blog!

    Pat, My thoughts are with your friend.

    Barb, thanks for your kind words!

    Cakespy, If I did that, I would bring on the carbs too!!

    SGCC, Thanks for the encouragement!

    Kevin, they’re a match made in heaven!

    Cynthia, Thank you, we’re very proud!

  28. Marie, what a touching post, I’m so amazed by the generosity of people and how your daughters endure pain for a cause they believe in. The blogging world really is an amazing place whereby everybody rallies together in support of a fellow blogger. Love the potatoes too btw:)

  29. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I am certainly going to need some of those potatoes after the walk! 🙂 Can I stay at your house instead of the tent?

    Thank you for you wonderful comments and for being so proud of us! Most importantly thank you for all your support and love!


  30. Well done Marie and those potatoes look really yummy!!!

  31. Worked at one of these events last year in Miami and it is amazing!
    Must make a comment on those “taters” – yum, my favorite way lately to make potatoes. I must try your seasoning!

  32. Very nice. You have such a great family – always pulling together. I could help but cry during this post as one of my friends now has BC (discovered after she stopped nursing her now 16 mo daughter). It’s amazing how all of us can fill a hand or two with names of close friends & family who have survived this. Good for you for helping to make a difference. I will keep Bri in my heart during my prayers.

    xoxox Amy

  33. you are awesome!

  34. Great post it brought a tear to my eye. and those are some great fund raising ideas. Maybe it is because a lump was found in my breast lst week and I had my mammogram Friday and am waiting for the diagnostic apt, really brings everything close to home.

    I donated to bri last week and I hope that we can meet the goal.

  35. Lor, the blogging world is amazing!

    Christa, You’re the sweetest! Of course you can stay at my house, but unfortunately I’m not near your route, just found out you guys will be walking on the far north side, will have to think of plan B!

    Thanks Pat!

    Deb,I’d love to be a volunteer one day.

    Amy, I’ll do the same with your friend!

    Big Boys, So are you!

    Shayne, My thoughts are with you, I’m sure everything will be fine

  36. Marie – Proud Italian Cook truly has a lot to be proud of. Your family is wonderful.

    You got me with the raising of one shoe. Oh, and I saw this morning that the fundraiser for Bri as at 101% YAY.

  37. Comfort food at its best!!! And nice post too!!!

  38. Wow, those potatoes look scrumptious – far better than the one’s I make, thanks!

    Sounds like a wonderful event – and that is a long walk – not for slackers, that’s for sure!

  39. This is such a heart-warming and inspiring post. That daughter-in-law of yours came up with a great idea :D.

  40. very touching. me and my family do the susan korman run for the cure but it’s only about 4 miles. i really admire you and your daughter!