Rum, Raisin, and Ricotta Danish Braid

Daring Bakers June Challenge
Danish Braid

Danish dough, or as it’s sometimes called laminated or layered dough, is a pastry technique. It’s like the beginning steps of learning puff pastry,” but not nearly as complex”, so says the author Sherry Yard of (The Secrets of Baking). By learning this technique you can create a whole slew of different recipes, of course I would be contented just getting through this one!!

Although it was time consuming, it wasn’t too difficult to do, as long as I had my directions close at hand.

Of course I had to put my Italian twist on it, so for my filling I decided to do sweetened ricotta cheese, with rum soaked, golden raisins. I soaked the raisins over night in the rum so they were definitely “drunk”!!

I wouldn’t call this “braided to perfection” by any means. I prefer to call it a, well…. a more “rustic look”.

The recipe called for Cardamon, which I didn’t own, but really wanted to try, besides, I thought that it would go well with the ricotta . I searched a few stores for the cardamon, and ended up getting it at Whole Foods, it was ground, and only $4.99, which I thought was a steal. In my search I even found it as high as $15.00 (ouch!)

I was anxious to try Cardamon, because I’ve been reading that it’s the “new Cinnamon”. I can’t say that I’m 100% sold on it yet, I’ll have to try it again in something else. I do love it in Chai tea though!

The egg wash made for a beautiful golden brown finish!

Can you see the layers? It really worked!
I have a deep respect for bakers, with their exact measuring and patience, something I am learning to do in this group!
A big “Thank You” to our host’s this month, Kelly, of Sass and Veracity, and Ben, over at What’s
Cooking, for helping me get out of my “comfort zone”. Go over and check out the complete recipe on their blogs.
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  1. Your braid is gorgeous! And I love that you put an “Italian twist” on this challenge. (I would love a slice right now.) Bravo!

  2. ooooooooooooooo rum, raisin and ricotta how amazing must that taste, thank god I have some pastry left to try this

  3. OMG that is a beautiful braid, and love your choice of fillings .. wish I had a piece with my morning java.

  4. That braid is beautiful. I love the filling you did. I used sweetened mascarpone!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. And I love anything with rum raisins and ricotta or mascarpone. Your recipe is just stunning all the way around!

    Cardamom seems to be a bit better with things that are slightly less sweet, I think. I’m trying to think of what I use it in. When we had my Swedish daughter here, she really got me going with it. Things like ginger and her saffron rolls. It might have clashed a bit with the sweetened ricotta. Keep playing with it – it’s great (if expensive) stuff!

  6. Lovely filling mixture and I think the flakiness of your braid looks perfect!

  7. Really beautiful braid… and I love the filling you used!

  8. Hey Marie! Ya done good, kid! I love your Italian twist on the filling!

  9. Wow Marie,
    Your braid looks like it’s straight from the bakery, very nice job! Lovely pictures too!

  10. What pretty plaiting!

    I use cardamon in patia (a type of curry) it balances the sourness of the spices with its sweetness. I grind it and fry it gently with the onions. Some chefs sprinkle whole pods in but I prefer a more subtle taste.

    Thank you for visiting my blog,
    Best Wishes,

  11. Well, Alfredo would call this “rustic perfection,” right!?!? I think your braid is gorgeous – you are too hard on yourself. Your braid also looks so vibrant again the platter your friends gave you. I also like your choice of filling – your can’t go wrong with drunk raisins! I’m going to have to try this one again soon with your Italian twist to it. I love it!

    xoxox Amy

  12. Looks like perfection to me. And I am so lovin the Italian ricotta rum raisin filling.

  13. Ummmm, I don’t think I would call your braid rustic looking. I think it looks perfect! Well done, Marie and I really love your drunken raisins!

  14. Looks absolutely amazing! So beautifully risen and golden! And the filling? Yum yum!

  15. Sumptuous! A large slice of that with some coffee in the morning…..yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Yes it worked! And you Italian bakers are making me hungry with all your ricotta fillings. Oh so delicious! Hehehe. Thank you for baking with us 🙂

  17. Your braid looks beautiful! The combination of fillings sounds delicious.

  18. The rustic-look obviously suits your braid. It looks amazing! And I love the ricotta/raisin filling idea – delicious.

  19. i love golden raisins, your braid is so pretty!

  20. Your braid looks amazing! I really like the sound of the filling.

  21. um…Danish Braid meets cannoli and goes to the bar for a stiff drink!! I like it, I like it a LOT!

  22. Oh, I think it IS perfect! You did a beautiful job!

  23. Rustic, nah. Looks like it came from the bakery. And the filling, well does it get any better than rum and raisin! Ow, would have to eat it all!

  24. When can I come over to have a piece with some Chai tea? 🙂 It looks delicious, especially the creamy ricotta filling! I will go over to Daring Bakers and check out the recipe and see if I can join in next time as I love to bake.

    I just bought ground Cardamom at Fairway Supermarket last week as I’ve been noticing it being used in a lot of new recipes also. It is very aromatic so I’m sure a little goes a long way.

    Thanks Marie!

  25. Looks just beautiful, and your flavorful filling OMG!

  26. This is so beautiful! I’m just going to have to try it. Your photography was so great on this!

  27. I think your braid looks pretty good, much better than I could do! And as I got to have a taste of it, was delish! And your bro-in-law, the most appreciative of your fine food, definitely agrees!

  28. Wow! Your danish are just stunning! What a great idea for the filling too! I’m drooling! Excellent job!

  29. Lovely braid, beautiful filling. Nice work.

  30. Oh wow, that filling looks incredible! I enjoy cardamon’s bright flavor, and how clever of you to use it here. I’d like a slice, please!

  31. I love the Italian twist. I am very inspired to try this too.

  32. Your pastry is lovely. I love adding sweetened ricotta to flaky pastry also. Cardamon can take a bit of getting use to especially as it can be easily overdone. Brava!

  33. RUM RAISIN & RICOTTA…you got a rocking good Danish here Maria! WOW…beautiful braid!!! It looks great & bet it tasted even better! This was my most fun challenge to date…looks like everyone’s enjoyed this one immensely!

  34. Wow your braid looks awesome I love the golden brown color, I also used ricotta but like a casatta filling.
    The photos are spectacular as always:)

  35. If I were in the same physical space as you, I’d hold your hand and lead you to the computer, open up the page with this post and say: this is my friend, she is so creative, she makes some of the best food I’ve ever seen. She totally rocks! She is among the best.

  36. Nice step-by-step photos. Love the Romanesque filling, too.

  37. Marie I love this combination!! Just beautiful!
    I’m so glad you are one of my foodie make me so much more proud of my heritage!! 🙂
    Hugs to you!

  38. Hi Marie- I think your braid is gorgeous and BTW Rick was leaning over my shoulder as I pulled your post up and he said “Wow-perfect!” so we do think you’ve got braided perfection there 🙂

  39. You’ve made a delicious looking braid. The pictures look lovely and I can see the beautiful layers.

  40. Loving the filling and and everything about your braid:D

  41. Oh wow! What a delicious sounding filling!

  42. It looks great, Marie. And your filling idea is fabulous!

  43. OH yea! Most excellent idea for a filling. I’m loving your braid.

  44. I love the layers. And I’m so-ooo trying your ricotta/rum raisin combination in “round two” this weekend.

  45. Great job! Such a creative filling.