CHEESECAKE POPS! ( Daring Bakers)

This happened to be a very timely challenge for me, because yesterday my daughter and I hosted a personal shower for my neice. I thought “what a great idea, I’ll make these for the shower!” Considering I had a bunch of other things to cook and bake for the shower, this might not have been such a good idea! Doing something new and unfamiliar, then dipping and decorating them, and of course taking pictures! Well you know what I mean!!
Thursday night I baked the cheesecake which by the way, took me 65 min. to bake. My oven is only 2 years old and very accurate, so I set the timer for the 35 to 45 min. that the recipe called for, but it just didn’t set. Other than that, I had no problems at all!

Here is the perfectly set and cooled cheesecake!

This months challenge of these DECADENT Cheesecake Pops, was hosted by two ladies, Elle, of Feeding my Enthusiasms and Deborah, at Taste and Tell. Go over to their blogs to check out the whole recipe. I have to admit these little pops were quite a hit at the shower, I got alot of “Ooooh’s” and “Ahhhh’s” A big thanks to them both!

As far as the melting of the chocolate, I did mine in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds, it turned out nice and glossy and stuck to the frozen cheesecake balls perfectly.

I decided to decorate the lolipop stick with pipe cleaners, they were super easy to bend around, and I liked the color it added. Great for a Girlie shower!!

I got a little carried away with what I decorated them with. Here is what I used:

Mini chocolate chips



Chopped pecans

Crushed Oreo cookies

Plain chocolate

Crushed Skors toffee bar

Crushed Biscotti ( of course I had to get something Italian in there!)

These one bite wonders are perfect for any party, trust me, they’re worth it!!

Please check out some of the other Daring Bakers amazing Cheesecake Pops here.

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  1. Oh how beautiful!!! I love the decorations. Just perfect for a shower!

  2. They look fabulous Marie!! Your pipe cleaner idea ROCKS!! So vibrant and eye catching.. It was a fun challenge. I received an order to make these for a bridal shower after taking them to my daughters school. 🙂

  3. Wow. How artistic. I love your decorations. I’m sure they went over really well. What a cool Aunt you are.

  4. The pipe cleaner sticks make me think of a merry go round. How adorable! Great job on these!

  5. Very creative with the pipe cleaners and such a wonderful dessert to offer for a shower!

  6. Beautiful job Marie! I love the pipe cleaner decos and what a great looking treat for a shower! 🙂

  7. Getting carried away works for you, my friend! What a gorgeous presentation!!! I should have gotten carried away too…. I’m such an underachiever.

    Great job! I bet your niece was proud.

    xoxox Amy

  8. These look like so much fun! Great pipe cleaner idea.

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  9. I love your cheesecake pops. They look so cute with the colored pipe cleaners around the sticks and all of those toppings, yumm! I particularly like the biscotti ones, sounds delicious.

  10. Love them Marie! They all look so cute!

  11. Marie, your pops look fantastic! I love the colorful spirals on the sticks! What a great ideaa!!!!

  12. These look just gorgeous!

  13. As the lucky mother of the niece who got to attend the shower and chow down on several of these little cheesecake pops, I have to say they tasted even better than they look. what a cute and inventive idea. Way to go, Marie!

  14. I love the pipe cleaner decorations…very stylish! Great job on this challenge!

  15. the decorations do give it that extra something. like you said would be perfect for a shower … or maybe even girlie kiddie birthday party.

  16. Wow so pretty! The pipe cleaners are too cool! perfect for a shower!

  17. Great looking pops! I bet they were a hit at your party!

  18. So nice I like soooo! xxx Gloria

  19. These look fab Marie, I love cheesecake:) The colours are fab, you’re niece is one lucky lady:)

  20. So beautiful. And your cheesecake turned out perfectly! Love the photos, love everything. So so so darling, the pops. Your niece must’ve been one happy woman.

  21. Marie, these are just gorgeous! Love the pipe cleaner idea…and all those topping are great, too.

  22. I bet they were the hit of the party – cute idea!

  23. They were probably enjoyed by one and all at the shower. Very colourful and festive too:D

  24. WOW Marie…what a swell idea to use pipe cleaners! Your pops look ever so pretty & colourful…LOVELY!!! Biscotti it had to be & I would have ‘grabbed’ that one…YUM!!

  25. Ok- I think I gained 10 pounds just from the dessert ALONE!!!! Not so good when I have a dress to fit into in 2 weeks!!! Thanks again for the shower and all the “non=- low carb food!!!

  26. Beautiful, Marie! They are so pretty and festive! I love all of the different toppings you used.

  27. I never thought I’d be so envious of pipe cleaners!

  28. Gosh with all these posts on cheesecake pops, I am soooooo craving cheesecake! Yours look like a little party. All dressed and ready for Mardi Gras or something.

  29. wow! you made so manY! your cheesecake pops are so yummy looking! I just joined daring bakers and ill be starting next month! yeay!

  30. They look delicious and so festive. You did a really great job with this challenge!

  31. They look great! I love the cute colors and all the toppings. 🙂

  32. I just completed this challenge too! Your pops look great with the pipe cleaners around them, very colourful.

  33. You did real good 🙂 That first photo is the bomb!

  34. Your are so right these pops are perfect for a party. They look amazing and the pipe cleaners are a wonderful idea that adds a pop of springy color to the pops!

  35. I love your decorations!

  36. pipe cleaners are a fantastic idea for decorating the sticks. What a very smart cookie you are!

  37. Cool decorations! I love your pops!

  38. Pipe cleaners! I love it! Nice job on the pops!

  39. I am with everyone else about the pipe cleaners – very cool. It made me smile to know your challenge went so smoothly for such a lovely occasion! Your cheesecake screamed, “I’m perfect!”. Beautiful! Now, If I ever have a shower…I know who to call. 🙂 1(800) GoMarie!

  40. Lovely and very festive!

  41. Your pops look amazing! Great decorations!

  42. I look at this and the first song that comes to mind is: “Lets twist again, like we did last summer.”

  43. Meraviglioso. I colori del pop bastoni uscì così bene. Grande lavoro!

  44. Thnaks Marie! These look so wonderful to serve as dessert for a party! With showers, graduations, communions, etc coming up it’s a great recipe to save.

    I was going to give you an award, but I see you already have it, 😉 so I’ll share it with another blog. I do love yours!

    Hugs, Pat

  45. Too cool Marie! I bet the gals at the shower loved them!

  46. Oh, YUM!!! Do those ever look good! Certainly a lot of WOW factor in your pops!

  47. I love your pops! They look so festive! Great toppings too.

  48. Oh yum! they look so good! I bet they were a huge hit at the shower!

  49. SO cute! Perfect for a shower. I never even thought of pipe cleaners but they worked great!

  50. Marie, this is the 3rd cheesecake pop post I’ve seen today…. I never knew they existed. I wish I still didn’t know as I’m sure I could “pop” a few of them without thinking twice!:)

  51. ehi, great blog!
    I love DB challenge, it allowe me know other cute blogs and exercise my english too making new friends, all in one!

  52. Wonderful! They look so cute! My daughter really like the way you decorated the sticks too!

  53. One thing I love about baking desserts, here in Sicily, is that everything I make is something new for my family and friends. These pops will be a real crowd pleaser!! Thanks for the ideas and great blog!

  54. I love the way you decorated your pop sticks… and your crumbled biscotti dippers. Great job!