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I know many of you are Chocoholics out there, and rightly so, but if you want something equally as decadent and a little different than the norm, try this sinfully delicious Limoncello Tiramisu!! This is definitely for very special occasions, when you want to Wow your certain someone, friends or family with a special dessert. The one I made was meant to be shared by two, because of its size. But you can certainly make smaller, individual ones. The main characters consist of pound cake that is drenched in Limoncello, a homemade lemon curd, all layered with Mascarpone and whipped cream!! Need I say more??

In a pan place the juice and zest of 3 lemons seeds and all, you’re going to strain it. 1 Tbl. short of a whole stick of butter, 6oz. of sugar, and 3 whole eggs. Whisk everything on med low just till bubbles start to show. Strain with a fine mesh strainer.

Next, take your pound cake and cut it to fit the size of your glass, I used a biscuit cutter.

Now take your bottle of Limoncello, and drench your pound cake pieces, you could use either a homemade, or a good quality store bought one. Just use a basic pound cake recipe if you make it, you want to be sure to taste the Limoncello.

Make sure it’s soaked!!
Finally, start whipping up a small carton of heavy cream, when you have stiff peaks, add a small container of room temperature Mascarpone, beat together just till incorporated.

Assemble it by layering all the components together in a pretty glass, and topping it off with some lemon peel.

Words cannot describe how amazing this is!

Note** You can also layer this in a glass 9×12 pan, or a glass loaf pan instead of individual portions.
ย It’s also beautiful placed into a trifle bowl, you’ll will definitely hear lots of ooohs and aaahs when you bring it out of the frig. It makes for a great presentation and what’s really nice is that you can make it the night before.
Just be sure to double everything if youโ€™re using the trifle bowl. A good store bought pound cake is fine, I used 2 for this, slice it into 3rdโ€™s lengthwise, cut strips to go around the edge of the bowl, and bigger pieces to layer up the middle.
limoncello tiramisu






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  1. I cant wait to make this for NYEVE…going to make in martini glasses…When you say drench the pound cake…can you explain that…till spongy? thx..SR

  2. I really appreciate your interpretation of this tantalizing Limoncello Tiramisu. I may just be tempted to share your creation on my upcoming post very soon ;o)

    Flavourful wishes,

  3. I can’t wait to try this! I love lemoncello. You didn’t mention adding any sugar to the whipped cream, is that correct, just straight cream and cheese?

  4. What a nice twist on tiramisu. I will try it this weekend with my homemade limoncello.

  5. Hi Diana, I bet you were a big hit with your boyfriend last night! The Godfather and tiramisu! Oh, what a night! So glad you liked it!

  6. ๐Ÿ™‚ I made this last night for my boyfriend, because I was showing him the Godfather for the first time, and I wanted some good italian food. This was amazing!

  7. Wow, this looks FANTASTIC!!! I’m going to make it for my next dinner, thanks for the idea and ciao!

  8. Love you web site ! Pictures are great and made my mouth water

  9. This looks amazing! My husband’s favorite dessert is tiramisu and we have not 1 but 2 bottles of this delicious libation at home. I will definitely be adding this to my ‘to make’ list. Thanks and congrats on your win!

  10. Hey Marie…CONGRATULATIONS! GOOD FOR YOU…Enjoy the prize. This is a beautiful dessert!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You won!!!! I’m so happy for you & I know you will enjoy the prize.

    Tanti baci,

  12. Wonderful use of Limoncello!

  13. Nice blog.Worth stopping by to read.

  14. This is BEAUTIFUL!

  15. Oooo…I love this unique version of Tiramisu. It looks so refreshing.

  16. Oh, my God, indeed! I think I lost touch with reality there for a minute! Man, does that look and sound OUT of this world.

  17. Thank you all for leaving such nice comments!! I appreciate every single one, and always look forward to reading them!

  18. Maravilloso, Marie, looks delicious mmm. que rico, so yummy Gloria

  19. OMG divine!!!! even better than the normal one, can almost taste the lemon!

  20. What a beautiful dessert. I love your pound cake cut-outs. Lemon sweets might be better than chocolate!(almost)

  21. No, you need not say more. I would definitely prefer this as I am not a chocolate fan.

  22. All I can say is WOW!! I’m heading to the liquor store tomorrow!!!

    Thanks for the recipe!!!!


  23. Marie – you always seem to make desserts that I would enjoy preparing. Not too complicated, but with loads of pizzazz. This one is especially fantastic! I look forward to making it. Thanks.

  24. Looks fantastic Marie,
    I’d be so happy eating spoonfuls of that dessert. I love lemon. Great pics!

  25. Oh gosh this looks good! Can’t wait to get to the famers market saturday and get my lemons to make limoncello!

  26. oh fab pics btw!! I’m still drooling:)

  27. O MY GOD!!!!!!! I have died and gone to heaven!!:)

  28. Beautiful presentation of a scrumptious dessert!

  29. That looks amazing! Great presentation! Bookmarked to try. I already had Peters limoncello tiramisu bookmarked as well. I really like the idea of a lemony tiramisu.

  30. This is reminiscent of one of my faves Lemon Meringue Pie. My lemon meringue loving friends would love this of course…me too of course ๐Ÿ˜€ I have Citron, a lemon liqueur that I purchased on the island of Naxos, which would have to substitute for the limoncello ๐Ÿ˜€
    Perfecto !!!!

  31. Oh that looks so good!A nice alternative to all that choclate. And it brings some sunshine into this cold, dreary, freezing Feb.Hope you and the the Mr. have a Happy Valentines day.

  32. You won’t believe this but I just made a Lemoncello tiramasu! That’s something! Oh sister, we do think and cook alike ๐Ÿ™‚
    The nice matters award looks great on your site.

  33. OK, I’m going to the liquor store after I drop off the kids (classy, I know!) I love it & can’t wait to try it!. I’ll have it linked to my site soon.

    xoxox Amy

  34. Wow tiralisu with lemoncello.
    I have a bottle of lemoncello in my freezer. I keep it there then it is realy cold when you wnat to drink it ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Bravo Maria! I made this in the summer for the natives in Greece and they love it!

    Your individual serving of it is tres elegante.

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