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I’m sure everyone is out of their” Turkey Coma’s” by now, and have eaten their leftovers at least once! I know we have! I hope every ones dinners came out fantastic and you all got to enjoy your day with family and friends!! There will be no recipes on this post, because we all have our specialties that our family’s love, just a few pictures of the main characters.

This actually was the first time I didn’t stuff the bird ( believe me, I heard about it!!) But I wanted to do something different since my kids won’t let me put a modern twist on any of the old standbys. And besides it was a 24lb. bird and it would have took forever to cook!

So I just stuffed it with a bunch of fresh herbs, lemon, and whole garlic cloves. I also rubbed the outside with butter and herbs. I tried to make it look pretty by stuffing fresh sage under the breast skin,but that didn’t turn out as nice as I wanted it to. But at least the turkey had a lot of flavor!!!

One of the highlights in my family is of course, stuffed artichokes, a favorite for “special occasions” I searched for 3 days to find some decent ones, then I finally came across these beauties!! They were huge, un– blemished, with plenty of room to stuff them. I steamed them first to get them tender, then I baked them. They weren’t cheap, but they were worth every penny!

Our deserts consisted of pumpkin pie, lemon bars, chocolate cake, banana cake w/carmel frosting, and to top it off my daughter made some killer gingerbread lattes!!! The day was filled with family, food, games with my Granddaughter, movies for the guys, Shriek3 for B, and holding a new baby.
When it was all said and done, we had a ton of leftovers!!! so everyone got a nice care package when they left! Even my daughters dogs!!

Looking forward to reading all of your blogs!!!

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. HI Marie, I think your turkey looks great – I mean you’ve clearly got crispy skin over those sage leaves. That’s something I love but have yet to master. The sage lattice design has no trick to it other than patience. Last year I gave up about halfway through when I’d put a new sage leaf in and a previous one would slide out of place. Frustrating but once it’s done it’s pretty. Happy leftovers!

  2. Susan, I think it takes a lot of patience, because the sage did keep sliding out,I don’t think I went under the skin far enough anyway as far as the crispy skin, I didn’t cover it untill 2/3rds of the way done, then I just tented the breast,and it came out nice and crispy. Thanks for your visits!!!

  3. Marie – that was such a nice post. Your artichoke topped with lemon photo is fabulous!
    Happy thanksgiving!

  4. It all looks delicious!! That’s some selection of desserts:) – I’m jealous!! Sounds like a great family get together, such a pity we don’t celebrate it!!

  5. lori lynn, Thank you, and to you also!

    Thank you Lorraine!! I can just imagine X-mas and the great feast you will have!

  6. Hi Marie, I just had my Italian Thanksgiving last night and my turkey, while tender, had no crispy skin. So I’ve got to ask you about this tenting thing. Will it help skin get crispy? What do I do? This is only my second attempt at a full turkey dinner.

  7. Marie,
    Those artichokes look so delicious! I love them! Just like we make too!
    Thanks for the comment on my daring bakers focaccia. Did you ever think of working for the FBI? haha

  8. Those stuffed artichokes look really good!

  9. Maryann, Thanks, they were good, I could make a meal with just that!! Ha ha on the FBI comment!

    Thanks Kevin, They’re a lot of work, but worth it!!!

  10. Your dinner looks amazing! I love the sage under the turkey skin. And the artichokes. Thanks for your kind comments. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The artichokes look amazing. When I was in Greece they seemed to grow everywhere..even in the wild. I imagine it is the same in Italy as well.

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The artichokes look amazing. When I was in Greece they seemed to grow everywhere even in the wild. I imagine it is the same in Italy!

  13. Glamah, Thanks fellow Chi town blogger, looking forward to reading yours too!

    Valli,Thanks, and now on to the next food feast!!! Hope you’re enjoying your new computer!