Grilled Meatballs Stuffed with Fontina and Some Exciting News!

grilled meatballsThis past weekend the weather finally felt like spring so it was time to clean the grill and fire it up for the first time since winter.
Fontina stuffed meatball I decided I was going to try grilling meatballs, I’ve been wanting to try it, something different. I mixed them up the way I always make them minus the breadcrumbs. I cubed up some Fontina cheese and placed a hunk right in the middle. For my grilled meatballs I used ground turkey because that’s what I had, but you could use any ground meat mixture that you like. Just make sure your grill is nice and clean, rub some oil on the grates and because I used ground turkey I sprayed my meatballs beforehand with olive oil. I had no fancy gadgets I just plopped them right onto the grill, but here’s the thing, don’t get anxious and start moving them, let them form a crust on the bottom. For extra precaution I checked the bottom using a sharp edged spatula before I flipped them over.

I have a gas grill and I put all my burners on low. I made a roasted tomato and garlic sauce to serve with my meatballs, a great combination that enhanced all the flavors of the entire dish. We loved how they tasted! The slightly smokey flavor the grill added was a plus along with the nice crispy outer crust that formed. Moist and flavorful inside with gooey Fontina cheese oozing out. This would be great for a party, you could even make them as kabobs!

 And now for my exciting news! I wrote an ebook/cookbook! I can hardly believe it myself but I really did! Within a couple of days I will be releasing it here on my blog. So please come back and read all about it, I can’t wait to share it with you!

Ironically, and I didn’t even plan it this way, both my favorite meatball recipe and the sauce I made here will be featured in my ebook. So feel free to use your own  special meatball recipe along with your favorite sauce, but I really encourage you to make some meatballs on the grill next time next time you fire yours up, I promise you will love them!

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Thank you all for your support!