Sombrero Shaped Pasta Multi Colored and Stuffed

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sombrero shaped pasta

Sometimes you just want to switch it up and try something different, that was the case with these sombreroni, they’re a sombrero shaped, multi colored pasta that I discovered while wandering into a specialty pasta shop, something I have never attempted to make.


sombrero shaped pasta

As soon as I picked up the bag I knew I was buying it, true artisan quality, made in Puglia Italy and the rainbow colors are made from all natural ingredients like beetroot, paprika, spinach and tumeric.


sombrero shaped pasta

Basically you treat these just like ravioli, you can stuff the hats with your favorite fillings, the round disks will then be placed on the bottom to seal everything inside.

sombrero shaped pasta

Both the hats and disks get boiled together for only 4 minutes, then scooped out gently, drained and rinsed with cold water to stop the cooking.

sombrero shaped pasta

Place the drained pasta onto a clean kitchen towel, let them dry a bit and then they’re ready to stuff. I used ricotta, basil, parsley, pecorino, mozzarella and an egg for my filling, but the possibilities are endless, just use your favorite ravioli filling.

You’re going to flip the hat over, pointy tip side down and stuff it to the top with your filling, then place the round disk on the bottom to seal it up, then flip it over gently and place it right side up into your baking dish with some sauce to cover the bottom.

I used a marinara sauce and mixed in a little cream for a tomato cream version but plain marinara or even a white bechamel would work just as well.

sombrero shaped pasta

At this point when your baking dish is filled it’s time to cover it completely with foil and place into a preheated 350 degree F oven for 30 to 40 minutes.

You might want to pull it out after 25 minutes and add a little sauce on the tips of the hats to help soften it. Other than that that’s all there is to it!

sombrero shaped pasta

Serve them in a little pool of sauce, drizzle a little on the cooked hats and add a sprinkling of grated cheese all over.

I’m happy to say that they kept their shape, the color was still vibrant and didn’t fade and not a bit of the filling seeped out!

sombrero shaped pasta

A fun presentation when you want to change it up a bit and wow your guests, they’re so delicious and unique.

I hope you seek them out and put your own special twist on them!

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  1. So cute.

    Maybe you would be the one to answer this question, I notice some Italian recipes call for pecorino and some for parmesan. Can you tell me when to use each one or does it make a difference? Thanks for any info you have.


    • Hi M. Pecorino is a lot sharper and parmesan is more nutty, buttery and milder. It’s really all personal preference, I use pecorino in almost everything because I like that bolder taste but then again I’m in love with Parmigiano Riggiano as well, you can’t beat it in a good risotto, salads , soups, I could go on and on with both! Taste and you decide, there’s no right or wrong

  2. Oh my goodness, these are so cute, Marie. I normally shy away from colored pastas, because I am afraid they use chemical dyes. But if these are all natural, I’m going to hunt them down and make them. What a pretty presentation they make!

  3. Loretta Donatelli says

    hi Marie, can you say where you bought the sombrero pasta? Wouldn’t know where to start looking for them otherwise…
    thanks, Loretta

    • Loretta, I bought it at a specialty pasta shop but I saw it on Amazon so you can get it there

  4. Loretta Donatelli says

    hi Marie, thanks for your suggestion about finding the pasta on Amazon , however, I find the shopping experience to be as fun as the cooking experience – that’s why i try to buy in person rather than on line. I’m sure many others feel the same way. Hense the question – can you suggest where one can buy the specialty pasta (sombrero, specifically) in person? IF you can’t say, I totally understand…

    • Loretta, I have no idea where you live but I wandered into a pasta specialty shop while on a weekend getaway to Galena Il. The name of the store is Pasta Perfetta, I’m sure you could order from them as well, hope this helps..

  5. Brilliant, each one a capo lavoro! Thank you so much for the inspiration.