Next Day Turkey Soup with Corzetti Pasta

turkey soup with corzetti pasta I made this quick soup for lunch today using my leftovers from turkey day. I didn’t boil the carcass like I should have for a couple of hours because it got tossed ( I know, I know), instead I just used one leg and one wing that I had saved and it still was mighty good!

I make this type of soup often in the winter, beans with greens, with or without pasta, sometimes chicken, sometimes not, turkey in this case, and other vegetables I want to use up.

turkey soup with corzetti pasta I recently made some Corzetti, which are thin rounds of pasta which is embossed and stamped with a design (more on that in a future post). I had one bag left in my freezer so I added that to my soup but you could certainly add some nice shells or even broken up lasagna sheets, basically any favorite pasta of your choice, it’s all good. With in an hour my soup was on the table and warming me up!

Turkey soup with Beans, Greens and Pasta
  • 1 turkey leg and 1 wing leftover and cooked from Thanksgiving
  • 1 extra large leek, cleaned and sliced
  • chopped kale, a few handfuls
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 2 cans, cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
  • 3 slices of chopped precooked bacon, optional
  • water and broth, enough to cover turkey parts plus a little more
  • 2 parmesan rinds to flavor broth
  • ½ lb of cooked pasta, tossed in a tiny bit of olive oil and set aside separately
  • parsley, red pepper flakes and thyme
  • salt and pepper to taste, plus grated cheese
  1. In a large pot add turkey leg and wing and enough broth to cover plus a little more. Add in parmesan rinds.
  2. Cook turkey meat for around 40 minutes then remove leg and wing, take the meat off and then place shredded meat back into the pot.
  3. In a saute pan add leeks, or onions, garlic and kale until slightly wilted, then add to large pot.
  4. Add rinsed beans and chopped cooked bacon.
  5. Add seasonings and cook for 20 more miinutes, remove rinds.
  6. Ladle into bowls then add your cooked pasta and additional cheese.
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  1. Your soup sounds delicious.

    We made a big pot of soup also today.
    We put the two carcass’ in two slow cookers
    last night after dinner and put them on low.

    Awoke this morning to a wonderful aroma.

    Egen we added leeks, carrots, white turnip,
    celery, parsnip, onion and leftover corn and
    a can of tomatoes.
    Ditalini will be added just before we sit down.

    I think the soup and the panini that we had for
    lunch are my dayghters favorite use of leftovers.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  2. I will be making my turkey soup broth tomorrow from oyr turkey carcass., and I will skim and freeze it till next week. We are having a house guest next weekend and I think he’ll enjoy a nice bowl of home made soup for dinner. I like your idea of adding corzetti, Marie! They look so pretty swimming in the broth. I have to purchase one of those pasta stamps someday.

  3. Che bella zuppa! The soup sounds wonderful and looks beautiful – and you know how much i adore corzetti! I hope you and yours had an absolutely fabulous Thanksgiving!

  4. Why I have never made turkey soup? The corzetti are so beautiful.
    I make a turkey pie every year with the leftovers, and sandwiches of course!
    Enjoy your family weekend! xo

  5. Marie – Turkey soup is the perfect antidote to all that rich food from Thanksgiving. I made a huge pot too, but alas, didn’t get around to making corzetti. I have a brand new corzetti press that needs to be put to work. They do look lovely.

  6. Just the recipe I’m looking for. I’m going to make turkey stock today and this soup looks fantastic, Marie. Snow is in the forecast and it is definitely soup weather.

  7. I’ve been looking for a way to get rid of my turkey without throwing it out, and this recipe is perfect. I will definitely be trying this– thanks for sharing!


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