Soups On!

meatball and gnocchi soupAs soon as the weather turns cold I’m instantly in a “soup mood”. Nothing says comfort food more to me than a big pot of soup simmering on the stove. I make sure I have my kitchen stocked with everything I need so when I get the urge to make some, I’m good to go. Recently I made three different soups, some oldies but goodies and some new.
meatball and gnocchi soup This recipe above is an old standby, it’s quick and it takes no time at all to make, but I’m always improvising depending on what I have in my fridge. This time I replaced the beans with mini Italian meatballs that I had tucked away and I substituted the pasta which I normally use, with some leftover kale gnocchi I made a while back. So now I’ll call it my Meatball and Gnocchi soup! For the greens this time I used kale, but spinach, escarole, or swiss chard would be just as good, plus you could even use a good store bought gnocchi, just use the basic recipe I linked to above for the base. It’s hearty and it screams comfort!

sausage and lentil soupMy next soup, Sausage and Lentil, is a huge family favorite. I put this recipe on my blog back in 2007 and nothing has changed except my photos, here’s the recipe.  Please don’t let the brown color turn you off, the flavors are out of this world! A bowl of this, some warm crusty bread and dinner is served! I like to garnish with a drizzle of olive oil and shaved parmesan.
sausage and lentil soup Italian sausage and lentils, a match made in heaven!

posole soupI recently made a pot of Chicken Posole something I’ve never made before but became obsessed with after having a bowl of it from Panera. One bite and I was smitten with these puffed up little corn things, so much so I walked up to the counter and asked what it was and they said, HOMINY. Am I the only person in the world who never ate hominy?? It tasted like little polenta balls. I love this stuff, where have you been all my life? Since I never made Chicken Posole before I got the recipe here. To make things easy I used store bought rotisserie chicken,  good boxed chicken broth and canned hominy, my new friend.
posole soup I will be making this over and over again!

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  1. I love your selections of soups, Marie. I love making and eating home made soups and stews. I often make mini meatballs out of ground turkey and add them to make the soup hearty and a complete meal. Your chicken posole soup looks fabulous– I will admit I never tried hominy, either! I’m going to try this recipe very soon. Thanks!

  2. They all sound wonderful. This is a perfect soup day. I’m making Brocoli & Cheddar soup today.

  3. Stacey snacks says:

    They all look delicious and I can’t wait to try the sausage and lentil soup for Mr. Henry he will love it! Xo

  4. I make soup at least once a week all year long. One of my favorites, corn chowder, is best when corn is in season, late July, August and early September. These all look great. I think I want to try the meatball and gnocchi soup first.

  5. I would love a bowl of any of those. It would be difficult to choose.

  6. These all sound great, but that sausage and lentil one really got me. Soup’s on! Yes indeed!

  7. Each one of these soups looks so enticing. I wish I could eat a bowl of each for lunch today, but for now I’ll have to file them in my “recipes to make as soon as humanly possible” folder, especially that meatball one.

  8. Oh Marie – time after time your posts just get me. The soups all look so great. It would be hard to choose just one, but since I’ve never eaten a soup like the last one, I would have to go for that first. I want them all, though. Your photos are just jumping off the page.

  9. That is so funny! We made soup in the crockpot this morning, because the temperatures have dipped here to the low 40’s…yikes! Fall is here. All of your soups look fabulous!

  10. Marie,
    I have to try your meatball soup. I’ve never made soup with meatballs in it.

  11. you really need to find the frozen posole( hominy), so much better than the canned stuff, also try to find frozen red chile puree ( bueno brand is best) too. your posole will come out so much better!

  12. These looks so good right now, Marie!

  13. Don’t know which one to start with – they all look fabulous!!

  14. Marie, as I sit here catching up on your posts, I can smell the aroma from the big pot of Italian wedding soup I have simmering on my cooktop. It’s definitely soup weather, and the three you have listed here all look outstanding. I haven’t had Italian sausage and lentil soup in a while, and I need to change that asap!