Lions and Tigers and Pizza, Oh My!

Dorothy from Wizard of OzYou might be wondering, what does The Wizard of Oz have to do with pizza? Well just keep reading and I’ll explain it all to you.. This past weekend was my granddaughter’s 4th birthday and a very special guest attended her party, it was Dorothy and she even brought her little dog Toto too!
ruby red slippers She came complete with her sequined studded ruby red slippers! My granddaughter is a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz, she can tell you the whole story from beginning to end, sing all the songs with much enthusiasm , so it was no surprise that she wanted that to be the theme of her birthday party.

Dorothy even brought along her ipod so she would have background music to sing some songs with her. My granddaughter dressed in full Dorothy garb was mesmerized! The expressions on her face were priceless!
mobile pizza truck Here’s where the pizza comes in. My son and DIL hired a company called The Pizza Via, which is a wood-fired mobile brick oven that came directly to their home, set up was right in their driveway where they hand made Neapolitan style pizzas for everyone at the party.

Even the names of the pizzas went along with The Wizard of Oz theme. We had,“I’m Melting”- Cheese Pizza, Ruby Red Slipper-oni- Pepperoni Pizza, The Munchkin Guild- Sausage Pizza, Wicked Witch of the Westo’s- Pesto Pizza, The Cowardly Lion’s- BBQ Chicken Pizza, The Wizard’s-Spicy Hot Italian Beef Pizza, Auntie Em’s- Margherita  Pizza, and a few others that were custom made.

pizza dough The balls of dough were pre- prepped and ready to go, which were made with Caputo “00” imported flour.

rolling pizza doughAlex Ciciora is the Head Chef who’s earned certificates in Neapolitan and classic Italian pizza. This guy knows how to throw dough!
prepping pizza Anticipation was brewing as the pizzas were being assembled with the freshest of ingredients.

wood fired ovenThe wood fire was at the perfect temperature, 1,000 – degrees, it was time to start cooking. Each pizza only takes a mere 90 seconds to cook up.
mobile pizza oven Chef Alex was quickly cranking them out one by one. The smell in the driveway was out of this world between the aroma of smoky wood and all that dough and sauce cooking together!

wood fired pizzasThe crust was perfect, delicate and crisp on the outside, tender on the inside. One of the pizzas I really liked was the pesto, prosciutto and olive pizza, so good!
Italian beef pizza But of course the Chicago style Italian beef and peppers pizza smothered with hot giardiniera was also a huge hit, us Chicagoans love our Italian beef!

cutting pizzaActually they all were a hit, it’s really hard to choose a favorite because each one was unique in it’s own way. I confess, we loved them all!
making salad They even made a “Tornado Tossed” Greek Salad for us with an amazing feta dressing.

Nutella pizzaAnd then came dessert! “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”- Banana Nutella Pizza, with toasted hazelnuts and white chocolate chips, need I say more?
lemon pizza But this pizza shown above was a real crowd pleaser because no one had ever tried anything like it before, it was called, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” – Lemon Pizza. Thinly sliced lemons baked on top of a crust dotted with butter, when it came out of the oven Chef Alex generously sprinkled powdered sugar all over it. He suggested we wait until it cooled down to eat it for optimal flavor, but no one could wait! We’re still talking about that lemon pizza!

Dark chocolate gelato along with the birthday girls cake ended our pizzeria feast!
 For those of you who live in the Chicagoland area I highly recommend The Pizza Via for your next party or event, it’s something out of the ordinary and your guests will love it! Chef Alex and his assistant were a wonderful, fun, hardworking team, they even made extra pizzas for everyone to take home. For a very unique party experience call Chef Alex at The Pizza Via!

 Our little Dorothy had a very memorable day!

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  1. Jayne Rossi-Elliott says:

    What an awesome idea for a party. The Wizard of Oz is still one of my all-time favorite movies! The pizzas look delicious! Looks like a fun day for your granddaughter! 🙂

  2. Christine D says:

    My husband is turning 60 in October and I BRIEFLY looked into have a food truck come and cater a party at our house. But when I started tallying up how much it would cost, how much I would have to prepare on my own, where to sit 50-some people (table and chair rental) and how I was going to do all this and STILL make it a surprise for him…well I bagged the idea and am having it at a restaurant. It’s such a great idea and I wish I could have made it work. So glad to hear your party was a hit!!

  3. I am huge WOZ fan but love the pizza truck idea! I am in the chicagoland area – will have to look into this for my daughters’s birthday party!

  4. This was such a great idea. I never heard of such a thing. The theme was absolutely fantastic for a little girl who love The Wizard of Oz. I bet she will be thinking of that party for years. I live in CA so not sure if there is something like that but will check into it. I’m sure the cost out here is pretty high but still a fantastic creative idea. The pizzas look sooooo good. Love the desert pizza idea.

  5. This would be the best birthday party ever! What a great idea! I hope she had a good day!

  6. Denise Lamb says:

    What a great party idea. I have seen them advertised here in the NY area.
    But never did look into the price. The neighbors must have been going
    crazy with all those wonderful aromas coming from the pizza truck.
    Will have to look into seeing how much this would cost here.

    Happy birthday to your Grandaughter.


  7. Sounds and looks like a fun time. Thanks

  8. How cute is this menu theme?

    These pizza trucks are all the rage in NJ, and they make some pretty amazing pies.
    Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! I love those red shoes! 🙂

  9. Oh My Gosh! Dorothy is wonderful and just to gild the lily Lemon Pizza.

  10. What a wonderful party for your granddaughter, Marie! She will always remember it!
    I’ve seen a similar wood fire pizza vehicle for hire in the Denver, Colorado area. I’ll have to keep it in mind for a future event! The lemon pizza looked so unique–I would love to taste that!

  11. Denise Brosch says:

    Oh what a glorious day. This is a birthday she will never forget! Awesome!

  12. Wow, that sure beats having a clown or going to Chuckie Cheese! What a terrific party and great array of pizzas. I never heard of a lemon pizza but you have me wanting to come out there and try it. Love the Dorothy costumes too. Reminds me of when my daughter was little and I dressed her up (and me) as Dorothy. I still have the red sequined shoes.

  13. Looks like my kind of party food, fresh hot pizza and gelato !! What more can we ask for. Hope you all had a good time. Dorothy looks very cute. I have filed this up for future party food idea. Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a positively marvelous party! I want Pizza Via in front of my house!

  15. Lillian Amplo says:

    Ciao Marie! Loved this idea! Too bad we’re in NJ! Our favorite summer pizza is a “Figgie Pizza” made with caramelized onions, goat cheese, figs (fresh or dried) baked then topped with baby arugala dressed with olive oil and balsamic…I drizzle some honey and a little balsamic glaze so it looks pretty. I promise you will be addicted.
    L’amore dalla mia cucina alla tua …Lilliana

  16. Wauw, all those different kinds of pizza’s look amazing! Especially the last ones make me feel like I HAVE to try making them one day. Sweet pizza’s just sound magical! I’m really glad your girl liked her birthday! 🙂

  17. Impressive way to do party. To make delicous pizza , just require mobile pizza oven hire and make the party unforgetable.