Summer Bounty Zucchini Tart

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Delicate zucchini blossoms and thin ribbons of squash pressed into cheesey flavored ricotta highlight this summer bounty tart and it’s nothing short of perfection!Zucchini blossoms need to be showcased and this is the perfect canvas.
Thanks to convenient store bought puff pastry, it makes everything look so elegant when laid upon it and it tastes out of this world.
Crunchy, flaky, buttery!
Even if it sticks together because you might have left it out of the fridge too long and you couldn’t unfold it like you wanted to, ( cough cough),  it still looks pretty and no one would even have a clue that you had a problem.Here’s how you make it.

In a bowl mix 2 heaping cups of drained ricotta
1 egg
fresh snipped basil
3 different shredded cheeses, I used romano, mozzarella and an aged chedder. At least 1/4 cup each or even more to taste. My advice, taste mixture before you add the egg.
Salt and pepper
In a saute pan with olive oil and 1 clove of crushed garlic, saute ribbons of zucchini, yellow squash and your zucchini blossoms for a quick minute or two until slightly wilted.
Line a baking sheet with parchment and unfold your cold puff pastry sheet right on to it. Lightly roll it till seams are flat and sheet looks even all around. Take a pairing knife and make a 1/2 inch border all the way around being careful not to cut through. Take a fork and prick the pastry all within the border so air can get through.
Just spread the ricotta mixture, (you’ll have extra to do another one) within the border and then lay your sauteed squash on top and dot with a few cherry tomatoes and a little drizzle of olive oil.
I like to brush my edges with olive oil and a sprinkling of romano cheese.
Cook in a 350 degree oven until edges are dark golden and crispy and so is the bottom, at least 1/2 hour could be more. Ovens vary so just check it.
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  1. I really enjoy your recipes and so do my dinner guests and friends at my monthly pot luck brunches. I wish I had found your blog when you first started it. Keep on cooking and sharing your fabulous recipes. Your family must be really proud of you. Congrats!

  2. A nice thing about zucchini is that they are available year-round in many places, so this beautiful tart can be enjoyed more often! So pretty too!

  3. What a beautiful summer and Italian tart Maria! Who could resist this? Not me . . . it would be gone instantly!

  4. YUM!

  5. Bellissima…just like the chef!

  6. Gorgeous! But you knew I would say that!!!

  7. Just beautiful. This recipe deserves a trip to the farmer’s market for its own sake.

  8. Marie, you certainly have a way with vegetables. Your dishes are always so colorful and mouth-watering with your photos making a feast for the eyes. Magnifico!

  9. I agree with everyone above – it’s art. It deserves to be hung up on a wall as a most of your pictures. At this point I don’t care about taste, I eat it with my eyes – they all so bright, cheerful, alive..
    Thank you!

  10. This is truly a work of art Marie. It would almost be a shame to eat..I did say almost:D

  11. A work of edible art. Brilliant way to show off the blossoms!

  12. Marie, This looks Wonderful!!! It is also on my next week to make list!!! I love your recipes!! Everything has been delicious!! Keep up the amazing posts!!!! Thanks!!


  13. This is so beautiful. It looks like a piece of art and I’m sure tastes incredible. Did you use fresh made ricotta or store bought?

  14. Lovely, artistic creation. Ribbons of veggies are inspired! I have some eggplant, too, and maybe “ribboned”, they would do well. Well done.

    Keep writing…

  15. This is so pretty it looks like a painting.

  16. An absolute work of art, you’re right. The addition of the zucchini blossoms to this canvas is inspired!

  17. Could be perceived like an Impressionist painting 🙂 ! Absolutely beautiful and shall attempt to copy! Thanks!!

  18. I love savory tarts like this, Marie. Using a store bought puff pastry makes them so quick and easy to put together and such a delicious appetizer or main course.

  19. Definitely on my next weeks list! I made the eggplant sandwiches last week and they were awesome!

  20. Oh Marie – That is a beauty of a tart. I love the addition of the blossoms. You won’t believe it – (well, yes you will actually) but I’ve got a zucchini/ricotta/goat cheese tart in the oven at this moment.

  21. Brava! Another beautiful (and I know tasty) display!

  22. what an absolutely beautiful tart….wow


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