Eggplant Patties and Hot Weather Desserts

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The extreme heat we’ve been having here has called for lighter meals, lots of veggies, salads, and fruit desserts.
So if you’ve gathered up a few eggplant from your garden or farmers market and are still thinking about what to do with them, consider making these eggplant patties.
You can eat them like a burger with a bun or without, either way they’re chock full of flavor in every bite!
They couldn’t be easier to make all you have to do is dice up 2 or 3 eggplants and place them on a baking sheet along with 2 minced garlic cloves, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast in a 425 degree oven until soft with a little color, then let it cool down.
Place in a bowl the cooled down eggplant, grated romano cheese, 1/2 diced red pepper, 1/2 diced onion, 1/2 cup of fresh or defrosted frozen corn, fresh basil, parsley, 2 eggs and a handful of breadcrumbs. My advice is to taste the mixture before adding the eggs so you can adjust all ingredients to your desired tastes, I never measure romano, I just sprinkle it in by the handfuls.
Stir everything together, form patties and place on a silpat or parchment and drizzle the top with olive oil, bake at 425 until golden, turning over once.
These are so good you’ll want to make them again and again!
As far as desserts go, we have been obsessed with this grape salad, we had it at a party and it was a big hit, people go crazy for it, it disappears before your eyes! It’s so refreshing and cold, perfect for a hot summer day.
The most time consuming thing about making this is picking the grapes off the vines.
Use a mixture of green and red seedless grapes, make sure they’re really cold,  I had a bag of each. In a bowl add 1 heaping cup of full fat Greek yogurt, squirt some honey in to it and sweeten it up. Now add 1 heaping 1/4 cup of softened cream cheese with a teaspoon of vanilla and stir everything together and then fold in your cold grapes. You can make this the night before but when you’re ready to serve add a sprinkling of brown sugar and toasted walnuts for garnish.
Please make this for your next party, you’re guests will love it!
Melons, I could seriously eat everyday, so refreshing! Try making
cantaloupe ribbons they look so pretty on a platter with dollops of honey yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, sprigs of fresh mint and garnished with crunchy Marcona almonds.Cut a melon in half, scoop out the seeds, cut into wedges, trim off the rind then slice each wedge with a mandoline into ribbons. Do not use an overly ripe melon, the ribbons will be too watery, a little firmer is better.
Enjoy the last days of summer, before you know it we’ll be making big pots of hot soup!


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  1. Eggplant patties are so good! I love your website! Thank you!!!!

  2. We made these last night with Sicilian eggplant and had to make some substitutions and additions. Didn’t have pepper so didn’t put any in but added some garlic and some pepperoncino. Also, used a little ricotta instead of romano. They were delicious. I was worried about how they would hold together and bake but they were great. Will make them again for sure.

  3. The eggplant patties are fantastic. My husband loved them.

  4. Just made the patties with a couple of eggplant that were about to give their last breath. I personally ate 6 of ’em myself, with some homemade salsa. Heaven. Thank you for giving me an idea with sooooooo much flavor and sooooooooo few calories!!

  5. Been away for a while and glad to see you’re still bravissima. Baci! Nicoletta

  6. OMG so psyched to have found your site your goin on my sidebar what an inspiration can’t wait to try the eggplant patties oh so psyched.
    RaNae from Ewe Creek Cottage

  7. Sorry anonymous, I would only use the grapes

  8. Do you think the grape salad recipe would work well with another fruit instead of grapes? If so, what would you suggest? (I’m thinking maybe peaches?)
    Thank you! Can’t wait to make the eggplant patties!

  9. Those eggplant patties look like fun. They would be great as an appetizer or a light meal.

  10. I love this recipe for eggplant, Marie. I bet a little spoonful of tzatziki sauce would be delicious on the patties. Yum, yum I can almost taste it. And what fun to serve something new like the grape salad. I know I will love the flavors and the crunch of walnuts.

  11. Just made the eggplant patties and grape dessert tonight. Both are delicious! Thanks!!

  12. These eggplant patties sound and look delicious, Marie, and I love the summery grape salad – can’t wait to give it a try! Don’t you just love summer cookin’?

  13. Yum yum yummmm!!! Everything looks so good! I have made patties before with broccoli and cauliflower but never eggplant. I will definitely need to try! Thanks for posting 🙂

  14. I have never seen eggplants patties like this! They look super good, will try, we have a glut of eggplants in our garden this year. The salads look delicious too.

  15. ohhh my goosh! that looks so tasty! I have to try it! I love eggplant 🙂

  16. What a great idea! And they look gorgeous. I love eggplant but it’s such a mess to cook. This looks fun and easy.

  17. Sheesh! Cannot believe I have loved and used eggplant forever, but have never made patties using them! This shall be put in for a permanent bookmark and used soonest! Thank you!!

  18. I made the eggplant patties right after i read post. Very, very, good!

  19. Leave it to you to come up with a great idea for eggplant. Patties! I love these.
    Grape salad and cantaloupe ribbons ain’t too shabby either 🙂

  20. savagebert, well I don’t know the calorie count but they’re not fried, they’re baked. I would say they are a lot less calories then a beef hamburger, nothing in them but veggies!

  21. savagebert says

    WOW, Love the idea of these, but have any idea how many calories, fat, etc. goes with them. I could/Would love to try these but would be afraid of how high it might be!

  22. I want it all! Love the patties and the 2 fruit salads. I’m bookmarking this post.

  23. Funny thing, Marie, my family never served eggplant, no matter how many delicious Italian recipes contain it! I just love it and can’t wait to try these wonderful patties. And that grape salad, I’m all over that one and all for myself . . . no sharing! 🙂 My son said that it has been getting a wee bit cooler in Chi-town. You deserve a temperature break! I’m visiting in October for four days and I intend to take in a lot more than I did last July when it was 104 degrees. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  24. The eggplant patties look delicious, and I absolutely love the melon strips! Thye look so pretty and easy to serve — so does the grape salad.

  25. As always, everything looks so delish and the food jumps right off the screen at you, unfortunately not into my mouth! I love the idea of the grape salad. That has to be refreshing. xo

  26. I’m going to do those eggplant patties tomorrow. Bite your tongue about hot soup – my summer hasn’t started yet!

  27. Very nice! It’s a good thing I am way more than walking distance away, otherwise, I’d be there in a second to get a taste.

  28. The aubergine patties look AMAZING – bet they’re full of flavour! And so colourful too 🙂

  29. Can’t wait to try your eggplant patties. Everything you post is not only delicious, but looks like it belongs in a painting.

  30. What a delicious and healthy way to eat eggplant. I’ve forwarded it to my BIL, who’s the big eggplant lover in our family. For me, I can’t wait to try the cantaloupe ribbons. So pretty!

  31. We’re still getting plenty of eggplant from the garden and looking for different ways to prepare them, so I love this creative idea and will give it a try for sure.

  32. I love the look of those desserts. We’re slowly coming out of Winter here in Australia & I am really looking forward to entertaining & not having to bake in an already hot house! 🙂


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