Portobello Baked Fries with Red Pepper Aoli

About a month ago I went to a restaurant with my girlfriends, we ordered portobello fries for an appetizer and we haven’t stopped talking about them ever since! Trust me, if you’re a mushroom lover you will go batty over these, they’re so addicting you can’t stop eating them!
 Meaty portobellos with the perfect crunch all the way around enhanced even better with the dipping sauce served along side it.
Two of my friends already tried to recreate them at home using panko crumbs and frying them, I decided not to fry mine so I could eat more without guilt, here’s my version.
Go get some nice, large, firm portobellos, wipe them down and scoop out the gills, now slice them up.
Crack a few eggs in a bowl, whisk and set aside.
For my breading I used equal parts of unseasoned good quality breadcrumbs, polenta, and grated romano cheese. I added snipped fresh chives, salt, pepper and a little granulated garlic.
Dip each portobello slice into the egg mixture first then into the breading.
Have your oven at 425 degrees, place parchment paper on a baking sheet and drizzle it with olive oil, then place your breaded slices on top and drizzle with more olive oil. Bake until crunchy and golden, flipping once.
The sauce I made was so simple! Take a jar of roasted red peppers, drain and pat dry. Place them in a food processor with one small garlic clove, salt and pepper. Process until smooth keeping a few tiny lumps. Now toss it all into some real mayonnaise, start out small until you get the right creamy consistency. I added snipped chives to mine.  A match made in heaven!
The polenta provides a nice coating that really sticks to the portobellos, by adding the breadcrumbs you’ll get even more crunch, and the romano cheese just gives you tons of flavor.
 Now get ready to dip!

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  1. These sound absolutely delicious! I am going to make them as an appetizer Saturday night. Can you tell me about how long they take to get brown? Thanks!

  2. Oh I’ve got to try these Marie – the mushrooms look easy enough to make and the dipping sauce sounds perfect with it. I wonder if you could get that crunch making them on the grill?

  3. I’ve always loved mushrooms as a little girl. They are so delicious! The corn meal gives these “fries” that crunch. What a delicious app to serve!

  4. Depends how dark golden you like them Penny, around 10 mins per side, but keep in mind everyone’s oven is different so just check your first batch.

  5. These look amazing! What a great idea! I recently had avocado fries, and they were so good!

  6. those fries look outrageously delicious! i love portobellos — definitely going to make these!

  7. This looks so good, and the dipping sauce! I love roasted peppers. Have to give this a try. xo

  8. This looks like a delicious appetizer or side dish, Marie! I love all kinds of mushrooms, and this will be a nice change of pace over stuffing the large portobellos, like I usually do.

  9. These look awesome Marie. When you say polenta, do you mean dry polenta sized cornmeal or the wet cooked polenta?

  10. That would be dry polenta, right from the bag, tiny cornmeal, sorry should have been more specific!

  11. casalba says:

    Nobody does vegetables like you!

    P.S. I booked an appointment at the optician’s!!!! (I should add, just in case someone didn’t read your last post – I’m referring to my note about the font size.)

  12. An Italian woman after my own heart! So glad I found your blog. The recipes look absolutely delish. Can’t wait to try these mushroom fries. Yum.

    Feel free to browse my Italian inspired blog, as well.



  13. Love the story of how you came across the recipe and look forward to try this out. Thank you and love the oven method too xoxo

  14. Love it your mushroom really look so delicious .

  15. Hello,

    I just wanted to say I am a HUGE fan of this blog, thank you for sharing your recipes with us!


  16. This looks really good Marie, especially with the aioli.

  17. Me encantan tus recetas, son originales y deliciosas…

  18. Oh gosh do those look good! Can’t wait to try polenta as a breading! Great idea Marie.

  19. This looks so good. If I leave the gills on, will it be a problem?


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