There’s a new dining spot in town and it’s called Bakersfield! Located in Westmont,Il. and created by the same folks that recently launched Standard Market, which happens to be directly across the street.
Recently I was invited to attend their soft opening.
Upon arrival I noticed the outdoor patio complete with a fire pit, fire place and a long communal table on one end. The day we were there it was cool and rainy out but soon it will be a great space to meet up with friends and dine al’fresco.
 Inside the restaurant the feeling is very contemporary and casual, with plenty of light and a welcoming bar area.
The kitchen is an open concept which I love, there’s something about seeing the hustle and bustle that goes on in there. Close and upfront seating is available where you can see the chefs in action preparing your food, I might have to get a seat there next time!
A beautiful floor to ceiling glass wine room situated in the main dining room.
The menu has something for everyone, meat lovers, fish lovers, vegetarians and those who just want to indulge!
We were a party of four and started by ordering three appetizers, the first one being the Housemade Guacamole, very fresh, with lots of lime and cilantro flavor throughout.
Next, we ordered the Crispy Thai Shrimp with a mango slaw that had just the right amount of heat, loved it!
Seared Beef and Goat Cheese on sushi rice, I could have made a meal out of that alone, so good!
I came with some serious meat eaters that day, in fact this family member of mine loves steak, she ordered the 72 HR Marinated Wood-Fired Cajun Ribeye. Her exact quote was, “I’m a real steak person and this is one of the best steaks I’ve had!” My husband had the same thing so of course I tasted it and it was like buttah! My only recommendation would be just a little more heat in your cajun spice.

Check out that Loaded Baked Potato! We shuttered at the thought of the calories and WW points!

The ribs were fall off the bone finger licking good!
Me, I ordered the Knuckle Sandwich, a buttery toasty roll stuffed with Maine lobster.
I’m glad everyone else was too busy eating because I didn’t want to share it with anyone! I will order this again.
I was a little disappointed when dessert time came around because as we were eating our dinners we kept seeing this very tempting Double Nut Brownie concoction going around and diners next to us told us we had to get it along with the Tres Leches Cake, unfortunately they ran out of both and the only dessert left was the Fried Oreos with vanilla custard, chocolate sauce and ice cream.
Now honestly, I didn’t think that would be something I would ever order… Boy was I wrong!

Open for business now, visit Bakersfield for some exceptional food!

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  1. Those are some big potatoes! Beautiful space and the food looks great!

  2. When I saw Bakersfield, I thought you were in California.
    Sounds like a fun place. Oy Fried Oreos!! My brother would be in heaven…

  3. Oh man, you scared me! I thought you were talking about Bakersfield, California. I was going to tell you to keep driving and don’t stop haha.

  4. You didn’t share like a nice girl Marie. I might have been tempted not to either, with a lobster roll like that. But those ribs and that steak look mighty delicious too. Fried oreos? Oh my does that look decadent. I think I gained weight just staring at it.

  5. If I ever am out that way again I’ll have to try to get a reservation at Bakersfield, Marie. Everything looked fantastic!

  6. I never craved meat so much as when I glanced at the steak and those ribs. Love the fun look of the blog! And now – Bakersfield is added to my list.

  7. The restaurant sounds great. Your photos are wonderful in the not ideal lighting of a restaurant.

  8. When I saw this I thought you were in Bakersfield, CA. It is a great place to live even if it is a little on the warm (hot) side in the summer! Should you ever be coming through please stop and give me a call! I will definitely stop in at the restaurant should I be in the area. The menu sounds wonderful!