Standard Market, Westmont

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to tour the new Standard Market that opened up in
 Westmont, IL, a suburb of Chicago. The minute you walk in you’re greeted by colorful, fresh produce everywhere, you just know you’re going to have a good shopping adventure here.
I have to admit I’d been to Standard Market five times already before the tour and was very happy with all the goodies that I purchased, so much so that I went back for more! The building is huge, a contemporary farmhouse feel with various departments throughout. They pride themselves on providing many local products to their customers.
They recently opened up a coffee bar within the store that features Intelligentsia Coffee. I sampled it brewed from a Chemex, a very pure method of brewing.
If you don’t feel like cooking, take home some Chicken Vesuvio from the hot foods station, complete with potatoes and peas all for under ten dollars!
The wine, beer and cheese department contains over 500 wines, including 150 selections under $15. More than 150 cheeses and 150 beers from around the world, with a strong focus on American artisanal offerings.
I love the bakery, over thirty five varieties of artisan breads, everything made in house from scratch, the perfect place to pick up something for a special occasion or just to satisfy your sweet tooth.
 Don’t leave without grabbing the coconut cake, either a slice or the whole thing, with passion fruit on the side. To die for!
The deli offers chef inspired prepared foods as well as the classics, olives and high quality deli meats.
Samples from the butcher shop!
Their meat department is phenomenal, everything I tried so far I loved, this is where I got my tomahawk pork chops I featured in this post.
The fish market offers fresh whole fish and seafood that is flown in daily from around the world, already tried several things, I just love their salmon.  Fish is available whole or in fillets, all cut down on site, there’s even a sushi station.
This is some good coffee!
I’m so grateful to be able to buy good quality fresh pasta, all made in house. Check out the price! I’ve bought the lasagna sheets twice already and used them in my post on Little Lasangas.
Also there’s a wide variety of  homemade soups and sauces available, you won’t be finding
Campbell Soup here anywhere!
Standard Grill offers lunch and dinner daily.

If your in the chicagoland area I highly recommend a visit to Standard Market, a welcomed fresh approach to food shopping. Credit only, no cash!
Standard Market and Grill
333 East Ogden Avenue

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  1. I’ll be there soon!
    I’m sure Don & Kristy would love that place…

  2. This looks like a lovely market! I have been to a similar looking market (Central Market) in the Dallas, TX area. The fresh pasta looks so yummy!

  3. Wow. I think the next time I’m in the area I should beg my sister in law to take me there!

  4. Foodies LOVE new places to find extrodinary things to make for dinner.

    FYI love your farfalle pasta salad. Hope things are well. We should meet sometime soon. I live in Algonquin and my kids live in the city. You can point out an exceptional “Italian” restaurant.

    Mary Fioretti

  5. Marie – You’re lucky to have such great places to shop for food that offer such variety near you. I was just at Eataly today (with Claudia) but your Standard Market looks just as fantastic.

  6. Now, that’s a market!

  7. This looks like a wonderful market, Marie. There is nothing as good as Midwestern meat!

  8. Oh my – I think that is my idea of what heaven looks like.

  9. hi, I’m writing in regards to an older recipe. Puff Cookies
    I made them to your directions but they are so crumbly, can’t pick them up in one pc. Had to sprinkle on sugar. What could I have done wrong?

  10. Sorry about that, hmmm, did you use the right amount of butter? This is an old family recipe and I’ve made them for years, they melt in your mouth. I just roll them in a bowl of powdered sugar while still hot and then let them cool down completely.

  11. Haven’t been there yet, but LOVED the Standard Market video on 190North. Will have to make a stop by when I visit Chicago next.

  12. This is the best market ever! I dream about going back there when I come out to visit my daughter. The bakery, cheeses, meats, takeout…it’s all over the top.