Playing with Portobello’s

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Large portobellos are so meaty and satisfying, it’s the perfect vehicle for pasta topped stuffing. 
Tiny star pasta called stelline, tossed with garlic, red, yellow and orange peppers, fresh herbs and  cheese of your choice. For a nice light lunch or dinner, it’s delicious served with a salad, or you can have it as a side dish to accompany your favorite protein, either way you’ll love it, and it looks pretty too!
The topping could be made in advance then arranged on the mushrooms at the last minute.

  In a small  pan drizzled with olive oil add minced garlic, finely diced red, yellow and orange diced peppers. Stir in fresh herbs like basil and parsley and your favorite shredded cheese, I used romano and asiago. Toss in your precooked tiny pasta.
The mushrooms I slightly precooked in a 425 degree oven until they started to wilt a little.
Top each mushroom with the pasta mixture, then place under the broiler for up to 5 minutes or until the topping is golden or mushrooms are warmed through. 

Portobellos also make a fantastic meatless lasagna, stack three high and fill each cap with a layer of marinara then top with a mixture made up of of ricotta, grated romano, mozzarella, asiago, basil and parsley.
 Prepare mushrooms as above.
Spoon more marinara over the top and bake for around 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven or just until warmed through.

Buon Appetito! 

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  1. I love stuffed portabellos….and I likeplaying with them too! yUM!

  2. Are you serious? You are the only one I know who would come up with such simple yet scrumptious dishes. Pasta stuffed portobellos? For sure I am doing this. I’m serious when I say you should write a cookbook. Just remember I’m the one who told you to do it, so then I’d get one for free, right?

  3. I am patiently waiting for your cookbook, Marie. These sound molto delizioso. Yum! xo

  4. I hate to tell commenter Terri this, but I’ve been asking your for years to write a cookbook, fact I think it was just a few months after you began your blog that I found you and told you that you should write a cookbook! 🙂

    I love portobello mushrooms and buy them often. I love the lasagna stack you made with them! I’m going to try that very soon..thanks!

  5. Marie – You’re the best. I agree with all the other commenters – your cookbook would be a runaway hit.

  6. Pasta stuffed mushrooms! I would never have thought but that’s a great idea. Of course the meatless lasagna looks fabulous!

  7. Oh YUM!! I have sent a link to this post to my Vegan sister. We are BOTH going to love it.

    p.s. Yes, please DO a cookbook???

  8. MMmm my husband loves mushrooms! I’ll try to make this dish for him one day.

  9. Portobellos are the best toys ever. Stuffing them with pasta just may be my lunch. It’s 0 degrees F (which is 12 degrees warmer than yesterday) and your blog has just warmed even my little toe. Happy.

  10. Using tiny stars even? Wow! Genius. So I guess it’s too early to pre-order, huh?

  11. What a fantastic idea!

  12. comment#2 from me:

    YES a cookbook!

  13. The lasagne is a great idea for people trying to cut their starches. You are brilliant.

    Your pasta filled ones (for those who say “Screw the anti-carb crowd”) are equally pretty and just as brilliant an idea.

    I like to use portobellos as hamburger buns since SPP and I are trying to cut the gluten and rice flour buns are useless. They’re like giant stuffed mushrooms!

  14. I love little stelline, Marie, especially stuffed into a portobello. Love the big stack, too. Now I’m hungry!

  15. What a beautiful dish! I love mushrooms and this is a wonderful change from traditional lasagna. Bookmarked. Thanks, Marie.

  16. A girl’s gotta play.

  17. Oh my gosh, but both of these portobello mushroom recipes look crazy cheesy delicious! Thank you for sharing! Gotta make these for sure! Grazie!


  18. This looks magnificent. My husband and I will really love it. My daughter will not eat mushrooms but we will for her.


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