Summer in the City!

Recently we had family visiting us from Florida, we decided to spend the day in the city acting like tourists. We walked up and down Michigan Ave. ending at Millennium Park. The sky’s were blue and the weather was perfect, we lucked out with no extreme heat that day!

Along the way we even saw Marilyn, all 26ft. of her in her most famous pose.
Very awesome!

Visited the Observatory in the John Hancock building. I might be partial but I have to say Chicago is such a beautiful city!

Looking down the Chicago River and gazing up at Trump Chicago

Al Fresco dining was everywhere

Horse drawn carriage rides

People watching and taking in the sights

There’s always some kind of running event going on in the city of Chicago but Girls on the Run was special to me this year because my granddaughter and her best friend participated in their first 5K.
Here they are warming up before the run.

Girls on the Run is a life changing experience for girls ages 8 to 13, their goal is to encourage positive, emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development. Here’s the metal she received.

You didn’t think I’d leave without showing you some of the food we’ve been partaking in now did you? Not in one day of course.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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  1. Chicago looks beautiful. I need to visit again…I’ve been there only once for a couple of days and that was 20 years ago! Too bad, i could have hitched a ride with those relatives from FL. 🙂

  2. I want to go to all those places and eat some of that delicious food you photographed!

  3. Mu brother goes regurarly ontrips to Chicago.And ther esi serbian bookstore bubamara which I send him to for books.Poor guy they are so expansive
    Going of topic now wanted to say have seen lot of tourist pics from there and food looks good too;)

  4. I’ve got to plan a trip to your city, Marie. It looks fabulous, and the food, wow, that burger looks incredible. xo

  5. Brava and Brave! Go girls!

  6. I loved visiting Chicago this past spring, Marie, and meeting you was one of the highlights! Hope to visit again one day soon!

  7. Ha! Marie!

    I just posted about being a tourist in my town.
    Don, Kristy and the kids have been here for a week.
    And I ended the post the exact same way you did!

    Love your Chicago pics, of course!

  8. One of these days Chicago will become my kind of town to visit. Not sure when, but it will happen. It’s fun to play tourist in a city where we feel blessed to live. As for the food– so, um, over a period of what time? It all looks so good!

  9. How wonderful to see your granddaughter run a 5K! Girls on the Run looks like a fantastic organization and a great reason to visit the City! Amazing food, Marie…What fun!

  10. My son moved from SC to Chicago after graduation and I have tons of Italian relatives there as well. So I have lots of great reasons to visit your beautiful city . . . and it really is beautiful. This past July, even tho very hot, my son took me on the riverboat tour which I posted about last month. I have got to cruise thru your blog to find out your favorite eateries….what a foodie town it is!!!

  11. Chicago looks amazing, I really want to go there! Take me on a tour? 😉

  12. i’m originally from the s.f. bay area, but i’m with you- chicago is such a beautiful city! i’m transplanted to the midwest + we often take weekend trips there to get my city fix. i never tire of all the chi-town landmarks + discovering new places to eat! i’m also going to look into girls on the run for my daughter! thanks for sharing the link + congrats on the anniversary of your blog 🙂