Sugar Sweet Cherry Tomatoes

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I heart cherry tomatoes, especially with the different combinations of color. The possibilities are endless on what you can do with them. Like little jewels to accessorize your food!

Fortunately for me, now is the time that I’m guaranteed a big bowl full every time I step into my garden!

I’ve been stuffing them with creamy goat cheese, one bite wonders busting with flavor! Warning… Be careful they’re like eating candy you can’t stop!
I constantly roast them on sheet pans, bathing the tiny tomatoes in olive oil and shaved garlic, then I tuck them away in my fridge for later use.
Like when I toss them into my scrambled eggs for breakfast along with lots of green onions and serve it on top of crusty Italian bread toast. Simple, but out of this world!
When you roast them the juice seeps from the tomatoes into the garlicky oil and it becomes the perfect sauce for your pasta, add shaved Parmesan cheese and fresh basil. It’s as close to perfection as you’re going to get!
Thanks again to my friend Linda for sending me the seeds to grow these adorable round zucchini, after I roasted them I stuffed my pasta into it’s perfect edible bowl!
Buon Appetito!


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  1. I love nothing more than when my tomatoes are ripe and I walk through tomato isle.The leafs smell I love too.And fresh tomato with salt and pepper I consider heavenly treat.Only one that grow their own know what I am talking about:)

  2. Tell me about it – I’m in sweet cherry tomato heaven right now. I’ve got to tell you, your first photo is spectacular! I wish I would have thought of doing that. Might have to borrow your idea 🙂


  3. Without a doubt my favorite veggie too. I did a ½ hour radio show about it last week and still I did not have enough time to cover all the tomato info I had. I love the little stuffed tomatoes!

  4. It’s at times like this that I miss my gardens terribly!I would always head to the garden and eat as many as I could find just like apples.

  5. I love the little sweet tomatoes, they burst in your mouth with so much flavor. I usually like to add salt to tomatoes but these don’t need any! I love roasting them and using as a tomato sauce. I gotta try them in my eggs!

  6. I’ve grown both cherry and grape tomatoes in the past and while very flavorful, the grapes are too must work to pick, and I was sure I’d planted a cherry tomato this year. But if I did it mutated into a full sized something so I’m missing out on the cherry’s. Looks like you’re making good use of yours and that stuffed zuke shot is awesome.

  7. I love my cherry tomatoes too! even though the squirrels have been stealing them! I love the smell and I use them almost every night in some way.
    I made your fish w/ tomatoes on the grill (posting tomorrow), which was fabulous! and today I have a tomato pie! You turned me on to canned cherry tomatoes for the winter! Love them!

  8. The cherry tomatoes are so friendly. They complement almost the veggies so well & we get tempting foods. Loved all the Cheery Tomatoes recipes. All look simply yummy.

  9. I love tomatoes too! Apparently as a kid that is all I ate…. I wish my tomatoes plants were as productive as yours…. Until now I only got about 5 tomatoes…

  10. My regular tomatoes did fine this year, but not my cherry tomatoes. looks like you have an abundance. I may have to come and steal some. Love the heart you made and so glad the zucchini seeds worked out well.

  11. That sounds so wonderful,and I am hungry now!:-) Would love to try all the ideas,but the one I just cannot resist to try,is goat cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes..Goat cheese is a taste of heaven,I believe!

  12. What great ideas! I’ve got some cherry tomatoes on the counter and goat cheese in the fridge, and can’t wait to put ’em together as you suggested. I also bought some round zucchini at the Farmers Market and had simply been sauteeing it, but now you’ve given me a new idea for how to cook it.

  13. I could definitely eat every meal at your house. I love everything you do — and I’m crazy about that lead photo. So clever!

  14. I had the opposite situation of Linda, as my cherry tomatoes did wonderfully but my plum tomatoes wilted from then heat.

    I love tomatoes and eggs amd I do like you do, Marie, and I fry up a few with my morning egg!

    I also love those round squash! Im going to have to look for that variety next year.

  15. Hey Marie, summer is flying by so fast, we need to stretch it out and enjoy the garden’s bounty. I have stuffed cherry tomatoes with mozzie, now I have to try goat cheese. xo,

  16. What a cute pic with the cherry heart! Great ideas! My plants will be bursting with mine soon!

  17. I love your tomatoes!!

  18. Yum! I also have a ton of tomatoes. I’ve been making a lot of my homemade pasta sauce, but the tomatoes and goat cheese sounds perfect!!

  19. It was so hot down here this year, that my cherry (Sweet 100’s) produced so fast, that now they are simply finished for the year. Thank goodness that I roasted them and smothered them with olive oil and basil for a super sauce in the middle of winter. I love your way of thinking and cooking! Those round zukes are too cool too!

  20. Love that little tomato heart!! One of my favorite treats in the winter is pulling out from the freezer, a ziplock bag full of roasted cherry tomatoes! I use them in sauce and on bruscetta…So, so good. Thanks for reminding me that I need to roast some for this winter. 🙂

  21. Well, now, this is ever so inspiring, Marie. My cherry tomatoes are late this year and just starting to ripen. Going out now to pick some…thanks for the great ideas!

  22. My tomatoes are slow and steady – here’s hoping August delivers. I adore roasting them and throwing them on – everything. Stuffing them with cheese is inspired – one-two bites and it beats candy. Those round zucchini are so adorable. I will be keeping my eyes out for seeds in Italy!

  23. The first picture is amazing!

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  24. My mouth is watering just looking at this post. I am sure you can eat the stuffed tomatoes like candy!! It looks delish.

  25. mmm my mouth is watering…do you know the name of the round zucchini…that looks so fun stuff with that yummy goodness.

  26. We moved this year, and this place has no garden space. So, for now, I will live vicariously through your garden! Those stuffed zucchini look wonderful. And the tomatoes are making my mouth water!

  27. Cherry tomatoes are little jewels, Marie! Yours are certainly abundant; mine are starting to come in now. There’s no time like summer for ‘maters! Love your heart. 🙂

  28. Rob Johnson says

    Sure do have a great mouthfeel to them!