Grilled Pork Loin with Tuscan Herbs

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We often cook a pork roast on the grill, I’ve made so many different versions of it but my favorite way is to slice it open and stuff it with herbs. I have to admit I never have been good at opening one up properly, I would usually have one side thicker than the other. It wasn’t until I saw this video that it finally clicked and I got it! Please go and check it out, it’s so easy to do and the end result will be a perfect spiral of herbs.

Speaking of herbs, I was inspired to make my own tuscan herb mix after recently reading Judy’s post on porchetta, she spoke about how the butchers at the Central Market in San Lorenzo Tuscany each have their own personal herbal mix that they use for their porchetta usually consisting of a blend of sage, rosemary and salt with some adding in black pepper and fennel. She had a link on her blog which showed her version, and as I was reading it she also linked to David Lebovitz who made his own version as well.


This is a terrific way to use up all your herbs, I happen to have a ton of sage growing and I never know what to do with it, I almost feel guilty just letting it go. I can’t explain how good this mix is I can’t wait to make more my stash is getting low and now I’ve become obsessed with it!
There’s no real recipe here, it’s impossible to be exact, but I took Davids advice using 3 parts sage to one part rosemary, 8 cloves of garlic and 1 tablespoon of salt, I also added lots of black pepper and crushed fennel seeds to mine. The hardest part is picking all the leaves off the rosemary and sage branches, it’s time consuming but I did it while I was watching TV and the time went by fast, after that it was a piece of cake! I placed everything into my food processor and pulsed it a few times being careful not to liquefy the mix, then spread it out on a large baking sheet to dry for 3 days.

All the flavors intensify, its the perfect complement to grilled or roasted meats and vegetables.
Figs always go well with pork so I decided to make a very quick Fig and Rosemary Spread using 1lb of dried mission figs** 2tbl of fresh chopped rosemary** zest of 1 orange**1 cup of orange juice**1tbl honey**1/2 cup water**salt and pepper. Place everything in a covered saucepan over medium heat, bring to a boil then simmer about 30 minutes until thick. Strain and reserve liquid, if needed add additional water to the fig liquid to total 3/4 cup. Put fig mixture into a food processor and process until smooth. Store the fig spread in an airtight container, refrigerated. Recipe from Savory Baking

So if you find yourself with leftover pork roast, change it up and make this panini! Crusty bread layered with herby pork, fig, spicy arugula and roasted red pepper, crispy and warm, oozing with fontina cheese! Need I say more??

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails I received for my blogiversay, I really appreciated each and every one!  
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  1. OK – after looking at your pictures I am starving! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to try this. I love cooking with pork.

  3. I am back here months later because I picked herbs to make my own mix. I started drying them, then thought to look and see I goofed – that you put them in the blender before drying. Oh well, wish me luck. The return visit was worth it, just to drool over that sandwich and the roast.

  4. You should enter the pork panini in a sandwich contest. It’s a cinch for 1st place!

  5. You have inspired me to try this! amazing!!

  6. Been so busy, haven’t been around, but what a wonderful recipe to drop back in on! Love the fig spread,especially as we are in the thick of fig season. Must try. Also happy blogaversary So glad you are here Marie!

  7. Oh my goodness, this so appeals to my inner carnivore…you had me at the first photos and herb recipe, then I scrolled down and saw THAT SANDWICH! I can’t keep up with all the bookmarks from your site!!! I’m so happy to have the herb recipe as I really was trying to figure out what to do with the end-of-season stuff spilling out of my herb pot. Another fantastic post!

  8. That excellent tutorial took a lot of the mystery out of slicing the pork roast. What a beautiful presentation, Marie. I imagine the flavors were wonderful. You really won me over with the panini. The photo says it all.

  9. What a great way to use fresh sage, which does seem to grow so abundantly. The combination with the figs sounds enticing!

  10. Everything you fix looks yummy! thanks so much for sharing!

  11. LOVE this idea on preserving herbs – and what a great gift for friends. Is there no end to your creativity ?

  12. My mouth is just watering! That panini looks delish with the fig spread! I’ve been thinking it was time to dry some of my herbs as they are about to flower and I can never use them all when they are fresh.

  13. Congrats, Everyone!!!! Amazing sandwich. Figs and pork, a must try for any great Italian food experience. I’m going to get one of them there panini grills now!

  14. Your pork roast looks delish and the fig spread, I would eat that by the spoonful! Congrats to all 4 lucky winners. xo,

  15. Fabulous…the sandwich looks really yummy too. Hooray for leftovers.

  16. The herbs add a complexity I love to a ncie pork roast. Also congratulations to the winners.

  17. Pork prepared with all thsi wonderfull fresh herbs cant’be other than delicious.And it looks liek that too;)

  18. I need to go watch that video. My boyfriend likes pork and whenever I make pork chops.. they are sooo dry! This roast would be perfect.

  19. Love this, Marie! It looks gorgeous. My favorite way to cook a pork loin, also. And Happy Blogiversary!

  20. Well, now, I just couldn’t be happier that your granddaughter picked me as one of your winners, Marie. You must thank her for me. This roast looks amazing and that fig spread is definitely happening here. Thanks again!

  21. Congratulatiosn to your 4 year blog anniversary winners, Marie!

    I always dry (or freeze) my fresh herbs and later on blend them when needed, but now I am encouraged to try to make a fresh and tasty blend right from the start!

    I love the fig spread and panini ideas — your roast pork looks fantastic!

  22. love how you dance from one recipe to another and they are all related. I am starting my Tuscan herb mix today! The The herb are the only thing the chipmunks don’t eat!

  23. I can’t grill, but I can stuff a pork loin! Your version looks seriously delicious!

  24. Congratulations to your winners. Now, back to drooling over that amazing sandwich! Wow.


  25. The stuffed loin looks delicious and thanks for the herb mix recipe.

  26. Now that’s a sandwich! I have yet to try a pork loin on the grill. This is next on my list!

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