Balsamic, Reduced to Perfection!

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A long time ago I tried reducing down a bottle of balsamic vinegar, everything was going good, I was about 35 minutes into it, stirring constantly and watching it slowly thicken up, I turned away for a brief minute and when I came back it was at the point of no return, completely caramelized and stuck to my pan plus I was left with a horrible smell of burnt vinegar lingering in my house, that was the last time I did that! Since then I’ve been buying bottled balsamic glaze already reduced and ready for me to use on the spur of the moment. You’ll always find a bottle or two stocked in my pantry.

Recently I was asked if I wanted to do a product review for Mandarano Balsamic Glaze & Sauce, the company produces and bottles entirely out of Modena, Italy using authentic regional grapes along with an award winning 400-year old family recipe, of course I said yes, and I’m so glad I did! The intense thick, rich, sweet yet sour flavor that comes through enhances everything you use it on, and I mean everything! I would highly recommend it!
Check out their website they’re running a promo, with an additional discount at checkout using the letters,PIC

Wonderful on meats of all kinds, vegetables, grilled and roasted (to die for!) I love roasting those mini red, yellow and orange peppers in olive oil and then to finish them off I gently drizzle balsamic glaze all over and toss, add some crumbled goat cheese and it becomes a beautiful side dish, what flavor!

Go easy and taste as you go, you don’t need to use so much. Try it on potatoes, eggs, caprese salads, cheese, fruits, I could go on and on, and because its already in a squeeze bottle its a convenient way to garnish your plates just like the Chefs do!

I like to use my glaze as a finishing sauce as I did in this chicken recipe. I marinated the chicken breasts in a zip lock bag for a couple of hours using an everyday balsamic vinegar that I have, ( I would never use my glaze to marinate) along with olive oil and some crushed garlic.
Grill up your chicken and when its done place fresh mozzarella on top along with basil leaves and either a garden fresh tomato slice, or as I did, a roasted red pepper. Garnish and drizzle with that rich and dreamy balsamic glaze! Perfection in each bite!

Like I mentioned above balsamic glaze enhances fruit, think strawberries, pears and apples etc. If you peeked into my fridge right now you would see 3 containers of grilled stone fruits, apricots, peaches and plums. I grill them ahead of time and use them for all sorts of things, like this quick salad above. Simply toss some greens with your favorite vinaigrette, add crumbled goat cheese, ( check out the one below) toasted walnuts and top it with a grilled peach drizzled with balsamic glaze, so simple but it tastes like a million dollars!

OK, my other new obsession, ( thanks to my friend Mary-Alice) is honey goat cheese, have you tried it? Oh my, it’s out of this world! Where have I been? She got it from Costco and I’ve since bought it there and I recently discovered Trader Joes has it, a different brand but it tastes exactly the same. If you don’t shop at any of those stores check out your local cheesemonger I’m sure they know all about it, but FYI, my Whole Foods didn’t carry it either.

It’s creamy, tangy and slightly sweet with a touch of honey, its the perfect balance, everyone that has tried it falls in love at first bite, if you love goat cheese, you’ll love this!

Have a nice weekend and Buon Appetito!

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  1. The honey goat cheese is my new favorite thing when I make a breakfast sandwich. Instead of butter on a toasted muffin, I use the honey goat cheese instead. Then I layer with a fried egg (gotta love that runny yolk!), sliced tomato, basil, and balsamic vinegar. De-lish!

  2. Loved every bite and so easy to make,glaze adds that touch of class. With the salad I par baked 1/2 a nashi pear and it was delicious with a touch of glaze.

  3. I love this balsamic glaze. It elevates a simple salad of romaine hearts, green apple slices and a little Bleu cheese crumble to a whole new level when drizzled with this glaze.

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  5. It looks really delicious. I need to try it soon!

  6. Thanks for the inspiration, this looks so good!

  7. This looks delish – I plan to try this recipe tonight!

  8. That sounds so good! My favorite Italian is all of it- especially any thing with gravy!! Sandy

  9. Balsamic glaze is so good!

  10. I love to use my balsalmic glaze too! So delicious!

  11. Great products, Marie. That beautiful glaze is an easy way to take a dish to a whole new level. Their website is beautiful and has many tempting recipes. I haven’t seen the goat cheese but will look at Costco on my next visit. Can’t wait to try your grilled fruit salad. Love this post!

  12. The balsamic glaze sounds like a treat to have around and to try on different dishes.

    I get a delicious goat cheese with pecans and berry and it is delicious so I understand your love of the honey goat cheese.

  13. Hi Marie,

    I am in rapture (along with everyone else) about all of the ingredients here. Thanks for the lovely tip about the grilled fruit too…what a great idea! I love fruit in my salad and can’t wait to find some of the honey goat cheese to pair it with. I love grilling pineapple in the summer, so maybe a tropical twist….? Lovely post!

  14. I shall look check out their website – I do reduce balsamic – but oy vey – not in the summer. Love goat cheese with honey and buy that at least once a month! And those photos – I don’t suppose you give photography lessons? They are just alive!

  15. I will be looking for the glaze and making another trip to Costco! I love the look of the chicken, pepper, basil, and cheese dish that you shared…I must try to recreate it!

  16. Oh my goodness… sounds sooooo good. I wish I had a sample of it right now!

  17. Oh boy do I ever know what you mean about looking away for a minute. I tried to make pomegranate syrup once and it was almost syrup one second and a solid burnt mass the next. I had to keep running boiling hot water in the pot to dissolve it. What a mess! Thanks for the great suggestions for using the balsamic syrup. I am going to order it right now.

  18. I had this glaze on fish last summer while on vacation in Rome, it was so good! I still dream about it.

  19. I’m a huge fan of balsamic reductions. I put it on everything. Your chicken with the roasted pepper on top looks so lovely.

  20. Well, you know I like everything that comes out of your kitchen so I’ll have to check out both of these products.

    I often drizzle honey and freshly ground black pepper on cheese and also fruit. I love the combo!

  21. I’ve made a balsamic reduction before and it is a pain! I will be trying both the cheese and that fantastic glaze.

  22. Just ordered my glaze, thanks for saving me some $ PIC. xo

  23. I love I love..all of stuff you used here.It takes time to make good balsamic vinegar and we should use it wisely.Goatcheese I make myself.
    And yes balsamic vinegar with starwberiies is another perfect combination:)

  24. Marie – I know what you mean about reducing balsamic – it can burn in an instant. I’ll have to give both of those products a try and I love the photo of the chicken with the pepper – it just springs out at you.

  25. omygoodness! That chicken looks amazing with that pepper on top. I haven’t had much success with reducing balsamic vinegar so I’m excited to find that you can buy it like that. I, also, need to find some of that honey goat cheese. I don’t have access to Trader Joe’s or Costco so I’m hoping someone else will carry it around here. That has to be fantastic!

  26. I love balsamic reduction! On cheese especially. Too hot to cook tonight, so we went out!

  27. I really wanted to make my own balsamic glaze, but I wondered how hard that would be. Terrific ways of using this, Marie. As for the goat cheese, I am so bummed. So far, I haven’t been able to bond with the flavor of goat cheese. I’m missing out, I’ve been told. For some reason, my taste buds react with a sour/moldy flavor. However, I’m not going to give up. My family loves goat cheese, so I’ll pick some up next and I will try. I refuse to give up!

  28. These products sound so good and your dishes look fantastic as always. I love goat cheese, too, with a little drizzle of honey. Are you keeping cool with this heatwave? xo

  29. Both of these products sound fantastic, Marie! I’ve used a balsamic glaze before but this one looks nice and syrupy in yout photos..I’ll check their web site promotion.

    I’ve yet to try the honey goat cheese — hope my local Costco has it! Yum!

    We have a heat wave today — I’m ready for winter!

  30. I just recently found a balsamic glaze at a specialty market and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! And I must try that chicken recipe. Thanks

  31. ty for recommending this balsamic glaze…gotta get one soon! what store should i go to?

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