Chocolate Ricotta Tart

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First of all I’d like to wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate I thought I’d share something sweet with you today. This is a tart made with rich dark chocolate, ricotta, rum, grated orange rind and walnuts, it’s absolutely wonderful! Just put on a pot of coffee or your favorite espresso and you’re all set!

I was fortunate to be the winner of this awesome bar of rich dark Jacques Torres chocolate over by my friend Pat’s blog, Mille Fiori Favoriti. Pat has lived in New York City her entire life. If you want to visit NYC I highly recommend you check out her blog, she’ll make you want to pack your bags ASAP!


Jacques Torres known as “Mr Chocolate” is ranked as one of the top pastry chefs of the world, so I knew I was in for a real treat! The second I opened up the bar and unraveled the paper the smell was so intoxicating! Oh, and there’s a reason why it’s called a Big Daddy Bar, this thing was huge!

I saw this poster in a chocolate shop and thought it was very appropriate for this post.

Here’s the recipe!


The filling consists of, 4 1/2 oz of semisweet dark chocolate, broken into pieces, 1 cup ricotta cheese, 1/3 cup confectioners sugar, 2 tbsp dark rum, finely grated rind of half an orange, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts.


If you’re adventurous you can make your own double pie crust or just buy a good quality one like I did.


Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of hot water. Mix together the ricotta, confectioners sugar, grated orange rind, rum, vanilla and walnuts, mixing evenly. Roll out dough to fit into a 9″ tart pan with removable bottom. Spoon the ricotta mixture evenly into the pastry, it will be thick, don’t worry. Roll the remaining dough and cut into strips to form a lattice top. Place on a baking sheet in a preheated 350F oven for 35-40 minutes, until firm and golden.


Recipe adapted from Frame by Frame Italian


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  1. Happy belated Mothers Day my friend.

  2. No eggs Kirsten, I emailed you.

  3. I’m glad pat sent me over here. You have a super blog and I’ll be back for some of your fab recipes. The tart looks and sounds delicious. It must have been fun meeting up with pat. The restaurant sounds super.

  4. this looks amazing! But I’m wondering if you left out eggs? I want to make this version but so many of the other tarts I see like this have eggs. Please let me know. Thanks!

  5. Hi Marie – happy belated Mother’s Day. Your tart looks fabulous, as always!

  6. Marie,what a lovely blog, congratulations !

  7. Oh, my, Marie, this looks absolutely delectable! Chocolate, ricotta AND rum?!? Oh, yes.

  8. Just discovered your wonderful blog. You have so many great ideas. I’ll be back to peruse the archives over and over!

  9. omygoodness…how delicious does that look..awesome..!
    first time here..gorgeous space you have with lovely recipe collection..
    love your cliks..
    glad to follow u..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  10. Wow Marie – You never disappoint. Not only did you not disappoint, you have me salivating for a slice.

  11. Lovde riccota and mascarpone!

  12. This tart is enticing, Marie. Ricotta is manna from heaven, and adding chocolate to it takes it over the top. What a luscious dessert!

  13. Chocolate (the good kind) AND ricotta? I know what I am bringing to my mother’s next Sunday!I may even make it before Sunday and make another one to bring!

  14. This sounds amazing.

  15. Ooooo this looks amazing! Where did you find the recipe?! And I sure hope you got to try some of that chocolate by itself!
    ~Nancy Lewis~

  16. What a fabulous tart! Would love to make it soon.

  17. Marie, I’m with Pat on this one – who better than you to turn that chocolate bar into a scrumptious dessert. It looks amazing. xo,

  18. Marie, Jacques Torres would be so happy you used his wonderful chocolate to make this delicious tart! I was so happy you won my give away as I knew you’d make something very special with it!

  19. Congratulations on winning such a prize. There is so much you can do with chocolate!

  20. This looks sinfully delicious, Marie.Congrats for winning that luscious chocolate bar. I can’t wait to try this beautiful dessert.

    I hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day.

  21. I love Jacques Torres….his shops are beautiful and his chocolate is scrumptious!
    This tart is beautiful, like you.
    Happy Mother’s Day Marie!

  22. sounds wonderful and a must try! I make a ricotta pie similar but without the chocolate…..great idea! Have a nice Sunday!!

  23. Wow… I am really glad I found your blog! I will follow it! When I get a little time, I am going to look through your old posts.
    Un abbraccio !!

  24. Looks really yummy and very Italian. Will check out the blog for sure! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  25. Oh, boy! This is trouble. Two of my favorite things all baked into one.

    I ain’t no baker, but might actually try this one.

    Happy Mom’s Day!

  26. Torres is the king of chocolate. Your tart looks very tasty, Im not big on ricotta but this would change my mind..

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