Sunday Morning

Potatoes and Eggs with Onions, We grew up on this stuff, my husband still craves it and once and a while I’ll make it for him. Great for a lazy Sunday morning or a lunch with a salad.

I guess you could call it a frittata, but we just call it potatoes and eggs. Four simple ingredients blended together make a wondrous combination!
Thick sliced red onion
Pre-cooked red potatoes
Romano cheese

Saute your potatoes and onions in olive oil, add a very generous amount of romano cheese to your beaten eggs then pour over all and cook til set. Sprinkle with fresh flat leaf parsley.

Or you might want something like this! Toasted Italian bread, ( I love that smell) slathered with fresh basil pesto, now go ahead and add a thick slice of a nice juicy summer tomato and then top it with an egg.

Whatever you decide, it’s all good.

Happy Sunday morning!

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  1. what a great way to use up leftover potatoes! your eggs are beautiful!

  2. I grew up with potatoes & eggs, and I was feeling nostalgic, until I saw the pic of the sandwich. The beautiful tomato and the fried egg on top made me hungry!

  3. Looks great! I love the smell of toasting Italian bread!

  4. I am just about to make breakfast and I don’t know which one to try first! Both look delicious!

  5. I often make potatoes with eggs but never potatoes and eggs – perfect idea! I love that fried egg with the Italian bread too – what a lovely combination of summer ingredients. Happy Sunday morning!

  6. Oh, that looks so good this morning! And, I agree…nothing like bread toasting. Some people wake with the small of coffee? Its the bread, for me! 😉

  7. Hi Marie – happy Sunday morning to you!
    Love the pic with the Trib.

  8. I was just going to have yogurt and fruit for breakfast but that will never do after seeing photos of these delicious items. Eggs, here I come.

  9. Good a.m.!
    It’s almost noon and I have not had my Sunday eggs yet….this looks great!

  10. YUM! I’m glad I already ate when I saw this post! My husband cooks breakfast every weekend and he makes the best frittata’s! Our favorite ingredient is asparagus.

  11. Oh, I love this, Marie! Eggs and potatoes are our favorite breakfast around here. I often add different veggies, but now I’m just going to add the red onion. That just looks luscious. The tomato stack too!!! You’ve got my mouth watering again!

  12. Mighty fine looking breakfast dishes.

  13. I think you know my position on potatoes and eggs.

    A happy Sunday morning indeed!

    (And the toast don’t look too shabby neither.)

  14. Yay! I’m your newest follower and I am so glad I found your blog. Your recipes and pictures are amazing! Looking forward to seeing more recipes to come!

  15. Simple is often the best. I have been researching Italian cuisine lately beyond spaghetti and meatballs. They had locavore cooking down long before it became fashionable.

  16. An omelet like this is often enjoyed for dinner by Greeks…yummo!

  17. The omelet looks good, but I am a sucker for a fried egg on toast!

  18. This is totally my kind of breakfast! I make stuff like this all the time.

  19. YES! That’s exactly what it’s called. Eggs and potatoes. I had plenty of friends who loved their egg and potato sandwiches. I had a coworker who always likedit with peppers too. She had someone run to the deli to get her a sandwich and she said she wanted “egg, pepper, and potato” and the sandwich fetcher said, “What is that sandwich called?” She said, “Eggs and peppers and potatoes!”

  20. eggs never looked so good!

  21. potatoes and eggs and onions is also the typical lebanese egg dish, mostly eaten for lunch here. Love the second shot of that egg topped toast with pesto: luscious!

  22. This summer in Spain I discovered that my Sunday morning brunch which I’d always called frittata…just like you said…is a national dish called tortilla..

  23. Had this for breakfast this morning and it was dang delicious! Thanks, Marie!