Caprese Omelet

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At the moment, this is my current favorite omelet. Maybe it’s because tomatoes have been tasting so good lately, or maybe it’s because the basil I used was freshly picked from my garden, or is it because it just screams summer!

Perfect for the weekend when everything slows down a bit and you get to linger over your second or third cup of coffee.
Be sure to pop some crusty Italian bread in your toaster. Have I told you I love the smell of toast?

This is so easy to prepare, it will take you just a few minutes.
Ingredients are:
Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half
Fresh Mozzarella, torn
Fresh Basil
In a pan saute your cut tomatoes in a drizzle of olive oil and butter, make sure tomatoes are cut side up when finished. Next, throw in your torn basil and then pour your egg mixture over the top and now place your fresh mozzarella randomly around. I mixed my eggs with water, salt and pepper. Let it cook on medium until it sets, in the meantime, I put my broiler on but put my pan on a lower rack so just the heat from the broiler sets the top.
This omelet is not meant to be thick but rather thin, like a pizza.
Buon Appetito!

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. I can see why it’s become your favorite. I’m ready to break out the skillet and make this right now. But I think I need some fresh mozzarella first.

  2. Geez, Marie. Once again, you rock it!

  3. Caprese anything totally screams summer to me! I love this omelet.

  4. Marie I always get excited when you post a new recipe! I am growing cherry tomatoes this summer, along with a few other types, and I look forward to making thsi with my homegrown tomatoes in a few months.

  5. Your omelet looks delicious – I love the combination of tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil. I also love that it looks like a pizza!

  6. This omelet looks sooo delicious!

  7. Lovely, as always.

    My cherry tomato plants are just in the ground, and so I’ll have to wait awhile.

  8. You definitely do not need an excuse to make this your favorite ommelet….it looks absolutely gorgeous!!

  9. This does scream summer:D

  10. to die for i am sure!

  11. I bet the tomatoes provide a wonderful burst of flavor. Great omelet.

  12. What a lovely omelet, Marie: simply satisfying with those cherry tomatoes and fresh basil (which definitely tastes better picked from the garden!).
    I had to chuckle when you said you love the smell of toast; so do I, it is such a comfort and always entices.

  13. The grape tomatoes from the store have actually been so sweet this past month, I have been making this every Sunday. I foresee 12 more Sundays of this frittata/omelette in my future!

  14. Really, a perfect combination!

  15. Beautiful dish, great photograph. Omelets are such a fast dish to make in the summer when you don’t feel like standing next to a stove for too long. Great summer dish

  16. Such a lovely, fresh idea, Marie. So Italian! I do believe that caprese is one of the best combination of flavors ever. Nice!

  17. Delish!!! Do this all the time, my favorite too!!! Love the freah basil idea.


  18. It looks lovely so fresh!
    I like that it is thin.
    I also like how you set the mood – weekend, slow-down, smell of toast, linger over coffee…

  19. or maybe because it has fresh mozzarella…what’s better than that?

  20. Even though I am never dying to eat eggs, I would love it for the reasons you mention; plus who can turn down fresh mozzarella in its gooey melted state?

  21. Basil and eggs are a great combination. Throwing in some tomatoes just makes it that much better.

    I love your grilled polenta too!

  22. Anonymous says

    Ciao! I tried to find from Your blog but no results, probably my own mistake, therefore may I ask how You make your pizza doughs. Yes it`s off-topic question, but dare to ask though. 🙂
    Greets from Estonia, Mari

  23. These are my favorite flavor combinations! Clean, simple and oh so tasty. Yum!

  24. Oh yummy~ some of the most simplest recipes seem to be the tastiest! I will try this! Stop in soon!

  25. Eggs and tomatoes — enough said! But fresh mozarella and basil sound extra wonderful! I am having this for brunch tomorrow!!! Thanx!

  26. Mari, Please email me and I’ll send you the recipe.

  27. This is a beautiful omelet.. I love hot cherry tomatoes!! O.K., I have to know were you got that large pan. Is it a paella pan? It’s wonderful!!! 🙂