Roasted Tomato Shrimp

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This is one dish I make often, I always seem to have shrimp either in my freezer or fresh, sometimes I toss in spaghetti, or if we’re not in a spaghetti mood I might make some couscous on the side to serve with it, but one of our favorite ways to eat this is by putting the whole pan right in the middle of the table surrounded by other little small bites and appetizers.

What you have here is the intensely concentrated flavor of tomatoes that have been roasted with shaved garlic, olive oil and thyme. The tomato’s of choice are either grape or the Campari variety on the vine, or a mixture of both.

Roasting your tomatoes ahead of time can place this dish on your table in less than 15 minutes.

For a pound of shrimp coat your pan with a generous drizzle of olive oil, add to your pan 4 cloves of shaved garlic, saute til golden, add shrimp and a good splash of white wine. When the shrimp turns pink and is almost cooked through add in your roasted tomatoes and toss. Garnish with chopped parsley and fresh basil.

Buon Appetito!

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  1. Jean, I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Anonymous says

    My daughter and I made the dish together and loved the easy way the reciept came together. Thank you for sharing this wonderful dish.

  3. I absolutly love roasting tomatoes, especially small grape/cherry ones. I love the way they just pop when you bite into them. This dish, with couscous on the side, sounds so lovely… especially if it would start acting a bit more like warm spring out there!

  4. WOW! I love quick diners like this. Keep posting simple dishes liek this one and i will be your biggest stalker…ahem…fan!

  5. I like the idea of putting the pan in the middle of the table.

    Hey, I love that fork!

  6. Very nice light eating.

  7. What an elegant dish.

  8. A fab & colourful dish!!
    This dish feels like summer!

  9. Really, I feel like such a floozy -I see this fabulous dinner and I am ready to abandon my own. Gorgeously delicious.

  10. I think shrimp are my favorite food, Marie. I could live on them alone. This looks gorgeous!

  11. You set such a lovely table, Marie, and your photos are pure “food porn!” 😉

  12. Great pictures. It looks delicious.

  13. i love shrimp and this dish looks perfect

  14. Absolutely delicious!

  15. I think is one of your prettiest pics! And rather deceiving, because it looks so sophisticated, but can be whipped up in no time. I’m putting this one in my recipe file. I’m looking for things that come together quickly for summertime.

  16. Shrimp is my quick “go to” ingredient. I love yours with the roasted tomatoes. What a perfect meal with your lovely side appetizers! The presentation is just gorgeous!

  17. Now I have to buy some shrimp! This dish looks and sounds delicious! Thanks!

  18. My mouth is so watering, Marie. Reminds me a little of shrimp saganaki. I love this version and will definitely put it in the rotation. Thanks!

  19. GORGEOUS! We had a shrimp & tomatoe pasta over the weekend with a very similar profile. Thinking nextime we’ll ditch the pasta and go with this version. Yum!

  20. That photo is beautiful and your are showing a perfect standby, day in and out!

  21. healthy, satisfying, and beautiful. thanks.

  22. Campari tomatoers are a welcome reminder of summer flavours this time of year. They would add so much robust flavour to this dish.

  23. I am a freezer shrimp girl too.
    I always have 2 bags waiting for me when I get home! (sounds interesting!).

  24. With or without pasta, those shrimp look so succulent and delicious! Perfect for those warmer spring evenings!

  25. A simple, but delicious dish as usual, and beautiful photography to boot.

  26. man that looks good! Can I ask about the accompaniments? Looks like mixed olives and is it sundried toms or chilli in the glass?, bread, wine, mozzarella and grilled capsicum in one dish and then some hard cheese? All looks delicious!!

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