Easy Entertaining with Brunch

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For Easter I decided to do a brunch, something different than the norm, it turned out to be a very relaxed form of entertaining, I can’t wait to do it again! Food was served buffet style and we all ended up eating in my sun room with all the windows open, it was a beautiful spring day.

The menu consisted of mini pasta and cheese frittatas, artichoke frittata, pea and edamame crostini, fig stuffed french toast and Belgium waffles made to order. There was fresh fruit, strawberry and yogurt parfaits, orange juice, coffee and champagne punch.

One of the highlights of our brunch was this Italian Sausage Bread that I got over at
Food Blogga, it’s actually Susan’s mother-in-laws famous recipe. My family makes something very similar to this but we call it bastone, and always used a special cheese called tuma, ( which isn’t always easy to find) and our dough was way more complicated. This appealed to me because she used pizza dough and fresh mozzarella for the cheese.

All the ingredients, which consist of hot Italian sausage, pepperoni, eggs, fresh mozzarella, parmesan cheese and parsley are precooked stove top in one pan and then it all gets folded into the dough. It was so quick and easy to do and such a hit! I will be making this throughout the year.

Don’t be afraid to use hot Italian sausage, the dough and the egg soak up a lot of the heat and what you’re left with is the perfect amount of spicyness. The only thing different I did was that I used thin sliced pepperoni instead of chunks, which I didn’t have. I just snipped mine with a scissor and it was just fine. The flavors blended together are out of this world!

Go on over to Susan’s blog to get the famous recipe and all the step by step instructions.

A word of advice: Cut a slice of this and pop it in the toaster for your morning breakfast!

For “something sweet” I made a glazed lemon pound cake, cinnamon rolls and a fresh strawberry quick bread.
If you haven’t ever hosted a brunch in your home I would highly recommend it, I’m looking forward to doing it again!
Buon Appetito!
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  2. Nice. That sausage bread sounds amazing.

  3. Yay! The sausage bread lives on! My MIL is going to be so tickled when she sees this, Marie. Thank you! Absolutely everything you made looks fabulous. I wish I was there!

  4. Love the look of the Italian sausage bread….I’m sitting here trying to convince Giz that we should make it.

  5. I love your brunch idea also–an add that to a beautiful spring morning and it’s perfect. Your food looks wonderful!

  6. It all looks so good, Marie! That champagne punch looks so pretty.

  7. Sounds like a lovely party Marie!
    I would love a slice of that sausage bread right now, to go with my coffee!
    P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  8. Bellissimo blog e buonissime ricette !

  9. I think a lot of people, myself included, were looking for a different spin on the usual Easter dinner this year, and this looks outstanding! That sausage bread and the lemon pound cake look delicious. Great idea!

  10. Something good is cooking over here!!! LOL

    Catching up on your blog my friend… Yum, that french toast dish to die for, and that sausage bread, wowzaaaaa!! I do a cheese and broccoli bread. 😉


  11. I could run the risk of eating that entire loaf of sausage bread. Must go check out the recipe. The cakes look great too!

  12. I love having a brunch….so many possibilities….again, I only saw this post today, 4 days later.
    I am behind on my google reader!

  13. I love sausage, and this bread is loaded!

  14. Okay, let’s get a few things out:

    You know that I think the world of you and am completely in love with your food right? But here’s the thing, this blog is not good for my waist line. Everything I see, I bookmark and suddenly want to make and eat ASAP! The worse part is that because I don’t get to visit every time you post, I end up visiting when there are quite a few posts… help me please! 🙂

  15. I love brunches, Marie, and your table looks wonderful. Please, pour me a mimosa! Wasn’t it a treat to have such warm weather for Easter?

  16. I love brunch running over into lunch running over into supper. Whenever I have a party for one of my children, the adults get a brunch. There will be quite a few new additions to my brunch table this year, thx to you!!! Wow!

  17. I so love brunch & yours looks like quite the fabulous one!!

    MMMMMMMMMM,..that sausages, cheese bread looks wonderful & so does all of the rest of these fine dishes,…MMMMMMMMM,…all the way!

  18. That sounds like an incredible brunch!

  19. Wow, Marie. I know how much cooking you must have done for your brunch. It all looks so beautiful and sounds divine. So impressive!

  20. Wow! That was some brunch. Everything looks very inviting.

  21. Easy sausage-cheese bread is a staple here. In fact…. maybe tonight! The entire brunch looks grand. I love all the frittatas – much easier than making eggs-to-order and I am loving the crostini.Perfect for spring. I’d crash your party if I didn’t have to get on a plane.

  22. Your family is so lucky – your brunch looks gorgeous! Enjoying your delicious food in your sun room sounds like a perfect way to celebrate Easter 🙂

  23. Wow what a feast!!!!

  24. What an incredible menu! I still have that pea/edamame puree on my list of things to try. I saw the sausage bread recipe on Susan’s blog too and it sounds delicious, I especially love the idea of the eggs folded in there. Glad you had a wonderful Easter!

  25. Wow, that’s an incredible brunch menu! I definitely still have that pea/edamame puree on my list of things to make. I saw the sausage bread recipe on Susan’s blog too, it sounds amazing! Hope you had a wonderful holiday 🙂

  26. I love brunches! This sausage bread looks absolutely yummy!

  27. I love brunch, and your goodies look terrific. I grew up eating something similar to that sausage bread, and seeing the pictures brought it all back to me. It’s going on midnight here, and I’m craving that bread now! Your other items sound wonderful, too, especially those frittatas. A glass of fresh OJ sounds so refreshing, too. YUM!

  28. Easter is the perfect day for a brunch like yours, Marie! I love the sausage bread.
    Did you ever have “lard bread”? It’s a favorite spicy/savory bread treat here in Brooklyn.

  29. What a beautiful food spread!!

    The sausage bread looks amazing. I think my friends would like this.

  30. Brunch sounds like a lot of fun and would definitely mix things up a bit from the norm. All of these dishes look delicious! Love the carb overload.

  31. I don’t like hosting brunches because I hate getting up early! I would love to be invited to a brunch like yours though! My my my! Yummy stuff and I would go for a big slice of every one of these!

  32. I look forward to Easter lamb dinner each year, but this year I really tried to push for brunch! Its just so much fun and you prove that by showing such elegant and delicious recipes for the occasion! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Ooooh that Italian sausage bread looks so good! I am definitely gonna have to try that one!

  34. I love the brunch idea and your menu looks fabulous. I am going ga-ga over that sausage and cheese bread and have got to try it. How I wish I were your neighbor.

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