Pesto Fish Roll-Ups and a Clafoutis

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I try to make fish at least once a week, it’s quick, healthy and light. This fast preparation is great for mid week, it couldn’t be easier to make, and you’ll love the simple flavor combinations. Make sure you use fillets about 1/2 inch thick, you could use sole, flounder, tilapia, or as in this case I used a pacific cod.

Spread one side of each fillet with a generous amount of basil pesto. Sprinkle each with shredded carrot. Roll up starting on the short side. Secure with toothpicks. Place seam side down in a baking dish. Toss together plain panko bread crumbs, grated lemon peel, finely minced garlic, salt and pepper, and brown until crispy in a small saute pan that was drizzled with olive oil. Sprinkle crumb mixture on top of fish rolls and another quick drizzle of olive oil. Bake 375F oven for 20 to 25 minutes or till fish flakes easily with a fork.

This can be served along with rice, a pasta with lemon sauce, or just a nice green salad.

Now that you have dinner covered, how about a Pear, Apple and Fig Clafoutis for dessert? Simple to put together because the batter is made with your food processor, takes seconds to whizz up!

A clafoutis is basically a custard rustic style baked dessert that traditionally has cherries in it, but really any fruit or berry will do, I even put a few dried figs in mine and that worked well also.

In food processor add; 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cupsugar, 3T of ground almonds, a pinch of salt, 4 eggs, 1 1/2 cups of milk, (not skim) 1T vanilla, grated orange and lemon zest. Whizz everything together, then set bowl in frig while you’re cutting up some peeled and thinly sliced fruit of your choice, or whole berries.

Lightly butter a medium sized cast iron pan or bakewear of your choice. Pour 1/4 inch layer of batter in pan and place in a 350F oven until the batter sets. Pull out of oven, then layer all your fruit on top of that and pour remaining batter all over. Bake around 40 to 45 minutes. Dust with powdered sugar and serve immediately!

Enjoy and Buon Appetito!

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  1. I made the pesto fish roll-ups last night and they were absolutely delicious, Marie! We loved them. I used fresh dover sole fillets and they worked perfectly. Thank you for the recipe!

  2. Now don’t those fish roll-ups look great? I am a fan of sole and cod (not too much tilapia). Where are you buying your fish Marie? Any tips? Whole Foods in Chicago has not let us down.

  3. Mmm, the fish looks good especially for this time of the year (lent) but the clafoutis is what really caught my eye. I have always wanted to make a clafoutis and after seeing yours I think this is the recipe I want to follow. Thanks!

  4. Love fish too, always looking for new ideas on how to prepare! This looks really good!

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  5. carrot stuffing…a nice touch

  6. What a great meal for Fridays during Lent! I’ll be making this tonight. Yum!

  7. I love your fish recipe Marie! I often use pesto as a sauce but I never tried rolling the fillets after aslo stuffing them with carrots.

    I gave up desserts Monday through Saturday for Lent, so I can’t look at the clafoutis until Sunday 🙂

  8. What a perfect Lenten Friday dinner and dessert! Tomorrow’s dinner dilemma – solved!

    The fish roll-ups make perfect individual servings. I love that your clafoutis is made in the food processor. Sounds and looks fabulous!

  9. I’m saving room for dessert, Marie. I love clafoutis, and your combination with the pear, apple and fig sounds divine!

  10. I have fallen in love your food all over again!

  11. I love your mini cracked egg pizza Marie and what a pretty way to serve fish. I adore custard and your clafoutis is making me drool and it is only 10am here, happy Thursday, Kathy.

  12. I love the highlighted Spread, Sprinkle, Roll Up & Secure.. I’m now going to be chanting that for the rest of the night, it almost sounds like drop, duck, cover and roll. 🙂 A Californian for sure..

    I love rotolo style dishes like this, you have done some great rolls Marie.. this one is awesome too.
    I have not made clafouti in my cast iron skillet.. I’m exited to try it. Ciao and thanks for sharing the recipes!!

  13. I must remember to never come here hungry. The fish is gorgeous – and I will do – I make fish at least once a week – and this is packed with delicate flavors. And the clafoutis. Oh sigh. There goes my resolve to stop the sweets for awhile…

  14. looks delish!

  15. This meal rocks! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I will be recreating this menu for next week.
    I like the ease of the fish rollups….did you use flounder or sole?
    and a FIG clafoutis? What is it a special occasion?
    I only think of clafoutis in the summer with cherries or plums.
    There is hope for spring!

  17. I’m pretty sure that no fish has ever made me drool as much as that one. The panko crunch…the delicious pesto filling – can’t get better than that!

    The clafouti sounds great also…fabulous fruit combo!

  18. My family loves fish but this looks much more elegant and sophisticated than the fish I prepare. I’ve never tried clafoutis, but think I’ll just have to make it now. You relly should open a restaurant Marie!

  19. That little bit of crumb crunch makes all the difference. I love on it on veggies and pasta too!

  20. Marie, try and have fish twice a week and you’re Doc will hug you! Cod is a fab fish for this kind of roll-up.

  21. Wow that fish looks great – just in time for Lent Marie. And that clafoutis looks so wonderful with the unusual addition of the figs, apples and pears. Why do you have to live so far?

  22. Both of this would be incredible to have for dinner. And you make it seem so easy. I definitely have to give them a try. Many thanks…

  23. I am definitely going to make this fish, love fish and always looking for different, easy ways to make it.

  24. I’ve been trying for the once a week fish dish, too, and this looks easy and delicious. Love the shredded carrots alongside the basil.

  25. What a marvelous idea with fish… it. We had fish last night so I will have to skip a few days, otherwise this would have been on my plate for sure…..

    ….and I love the rustic clafoutis!!!!

  26. Omigosh! The fish roll-ups look amazing, Marie! I can’t wait to try them. And a clafouti too! A trifecta of my favorite fruits in one dessert! Very awesome! Beautiful photos too! Thanks!

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