Thinking Pink with a Raspberry Souffle

Pink is in the air as we anxiously await the arrival of a new baby girl in our family! This will be the first child for my son and daughter-in-law, and we are beyond excited for them, and for us!

We can’t wait to meet her and to see what her sweet little face looks like!

I know I’m a little early, because the stork is not due to arrive until Sept 1st, but I’ve had pink on the brain with shower planning and shopping for a little girl.

So in honor of my soon to be baby granddaughter, I thought I’d post something pink!

I’ve also been on a quest to lighten up our desserts around here, and so a souffle seemed the way to go since I was lucky enough to come across some beautiful raspberries. I looked on the Internet for some recipes and this was the one that I chose, I altered it slightly by using a little less sugar in the egg whites, and then finishing it off by pouring a little raspberry liqueur right down the center.

This dessert takes no time at all if you use your food processor to puree your berries, but remember that raspberries have lots of seeds, so you have to strain it really good. Gently fold your puree into your stiff white peaks and bake, that’s it! To be honest, the puree was so good the hubby tried it on some ice cream and loved it. I might do that more often!

This was almost too light for the hubby, I think he ended up eating three! Oh well, so much for portion control!

I found this onesie the other day, I couldn’t resist, isn’t it the cutest?

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  1. Aww..It’s so cute!

  2. Well, I love the raspberry souffle but I really love your baby news! What fun that will be. I’m sure you will keep us all posted!

  3. You are adorable! Congrats on the baby to be!

    The souffle looks perfect, too!

  4. How adorable! I can imagine how excited you are right now. Hope we can get to see the baby photo soon.

  5. Marie, I know how excited you are! I can’t wait to hear the good news…and it will be very soon as summer always flys by. All your pink desserts look so yummy!
    X0 Pat

  6. It is all so beautiful, but very hard for me to believe that you are a granny!!! Wow, you are amazing!!

  7. Congrats on your new grand-daughter!! Love the princess gown 🙂

    …and the light summery dessert.

  8. Lucky lucky lucky you (and son and daughter-in-law too of course) Forget the souffle (not really, it looks delish) the granddaughter is the biggy here. Fabulous news you gave us – I’m so happy for you. The onesie is tooo cute. I can see how you’re going to spending your spare change now.

  9. Awww, congratulations for the new addition in the family, I am sure the rest of the family is as excited as you are. That souffle looks delicious.

  10. Congrats on the little one! I love pink and that souffle look superb!

  11. Congrats on your new sweet little grandbaby to be! What a lucky little girl she will be! Love your pink souffle – it looks fabulous!

  12. Oh Marie how wonderful for your Son, Daughter-in-law, and the grandparents to be… A sweet little bundle of joy… I have 2 beautiful grand daughters (the youngest is with us on our adventure right now) and they bring so much joy into our hearts. Congrats and thanks for the yummy dessert…


  13. What wonderful gifts for your new little granddaughter when she comes! I’m betting she’s going to be spoiled by her Nonna. 😉

  14. Really cute, indeed! And nice souffle. I am about to get some raspberries, so your suggestion is quite timely.

  15. Wow, the raspberry souffle looks so yummie! Love the pink dress.

  16. yes indeed pretty in pink and anything with raspberry is always a winner in my book.

  17. Congratulations, Marie! A new addition to the family is a blessed event, indeed.
    I love your pink inspiration – that souffle looks almost cloudlike and the addition of the raspberry liqueur is a perfect kicker.
    Love that little onesie – what fun it is to shop for a little girl.

  18. Congrats! Love the dessert and the outfit.

  19. I have 2 grandaughters, it’s so much fun looking for clothes for them, Congratulations!! Your souffle is delightful!!

  20. Oh congrats on your new wonderful addition. Love the thinking pink – and adore anything with raspberries. What a pretty, delectable souffle!

  21. I love everything about this new post: the souffle looks heavenly, something that I have never had the courage to try. I love the whole idea of ‘pink’ and am so happy about your family’s little bundle’s arrival! Show us pix when the big day arrives! Thanks for sharing all of this! Roz

  22. I’ve never made a souffle because I keep telling myself, “I don’t have souffle cups. What a cheap excuse! Seeing your lovely souffles is making me want to run out and buy some right now. And congrats on the up-and-coming bambino! 😀

  23. What terrific news! Congratulations to your family. My best friend just found out she’s having a baby girl, too. I think this recipe would be a wonderful addition to her baby shower spread. — Jean

  24. How sweet. How wonderful to see a little girl on her way into the world.

    I just started seeing raspberries at the farmer’s markets, so it’s great to see the creative ideas for them rolling in.

  25. Congratulations Marie!! A welcoming joy soon to come to your son & daughter-in-law. Blessing to your entire family.



  26. Very excited for you Marie. Adorable pink post. The onesie is way too cute. And the souffle sounds divine. Do they have a name picked out?

  27. This is a very tempting dessert-Yum!
    Congrats on the new addition!
    I just became grandma to a new baby girl 3weeks ago-she’s adorable!
    Love this little outfit-I havn’t been able to find anything frilly like this out fit around here- did you find it locally or on the web?
    Love your blog!

  28. Gorgeous!