Figs, Sweet and Savory

The other day I came across a small container of the most beautiful fresh figs, you could just smell their sweetness! I knew I had to make something special with them. We’re huge fig fans here and my hubby loves a good custard pie, so when I saw this recipe while searching the Internet, I knew instantly it would be a match made in heaven!

My version I tweaked a little, I didn’t have an 8″ tart pan so I used my 9″ one, I also wanted to lighten it up a bit so I used half and half instead of heavy cream, and 2% milk instead of whole milk. It took longer to bake but I just kept checking it til the custard didn’t wiggle anymore and was completely set. I also doubled the custard amount because my pan was larger, but ended up with some left over. The result was outstanding, and the hubby was a very happy man!

This is a great appetizer to get your sweet and salty fix. We love the taste of fig with warm brie cheese, in fact we often buy a jar of this wonderful fig spread that Whole Foods carries and put it over a wedge of brie that’s been warmed up a little. It’s so good!! These little one bite wonders give you that same flavor but with the added bonus of proscuitto! Your eyes will roll as you taste the combination! I’m not kidding!!

All you have to do is quarter your figs, stick a skewer through them, place a small cube of brie on the side and then wrap with a strip of proscuitto. They’re fragile, so I used my inside grill pan, but you can certainly do them outside if you have a smaller hole grill pan on top of your grates.
Just cook for a couple of minutes to crisp up the proscuitto and melt the cheese a bit.
Only use sweet, juicy ripe figs they are the key to both recipes!!
Buon Appetito!
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  1. Oh gosh, what a fantastic due you share with us today! this is amazing. I’m a huge fig fan as well, but seldom get to cook with them because I can’t help myself from eating them!! I believe one time I ate 15 figs in one sitting… yeah, that’s not very good for your tummy 🙁

  2. Oh my.. I’m drooling!! These figs wrapped in brie and prosciutto look so amazing!! I haven’t seen figs here yet but I am bookmarking this. And your pie.. yumm! I love custard.. the fig takes it out of this world! Very beautiful!

    I wish I could get figs in November.. I’m already making my Thanksgiving dinner menu. 🙂

    Hugs to you!!

  3. If you were to present me with these two “meals” i would not know which to pick first…..outstanding!!

  4. This is incredible Marie, I just found a tray of delicious figs too and was wondering what to do with them and as if by magic your sumptuous post appears haha. My fave sweet IS custard tart. thank you, oh my, you can now find me in the kitchen 🙂 :-). happy days, Kathy.

  5. A wonderful duo of dishes from start to finish:D

  6. What are you trying to do to me?

    That app is beautiful.
    I found fresh figs in my supermarket this week and I jumped for joy!
    I am posting my salad on Thursday.
    I will try your prosciutto wrapped figgies on Saturday.
    Thank you for getting my blood pressure going today!

  7. We are also figs fans, Marie! My tree’s figs ripen in August and I’ll try this recipe then. It looks incredible!

  8. Once again, beautiful, Marie! We love that fig spread too, with prosciutto. Isn’t it the best combination? I wish I could find nice figs here. It’s almost impossible. They look so good in your photos!

  9. Last summer I discovered the joy of fresh figs for the first time. Previously I only ever tried dried and wasn’t fond of them.

    Now I’m a fig convert. Now that I’m seeing them in the stores, I want them all of the time. I’m always looking out for new recipes. Thanks for this. The prosciutto, fig, and cheese combo is always a winner.

  10. I am now on the hunt for fresh figs to make that stunning custard fig tart of yours, Marie. Bellisimo!

  11. that tart looks amazing.

  12. You are an Italian cooking Queen Marie. Look what you did to them beautiful figs! WOW…

  13. I love the way you use figs–the fig with brie and wrapped in prosciutto is genius!!And the custard tart is gorgeous!!!

  14. Your pictures are amazing! I love the way the figs are laid on that tart… it looks ssssssoooo good!

  15. That appetizer is priceless – such a great combination of sweet and salty – and the dessert – well perfection comes to mind.

  16. The perfect post – sweet and savory – cause you never know what you’ll be in the mood for. Although I keep going back to the prosciutto, fig and brie….

  17. OK, both recipes are copied where I will not forget/lose them. I love figs, so when I head to Whole Foods, this is on my list. I’m tired of my boring old appetizers. These should do the trick. Brilliant!

  18. Figs are one of my favorite things, and these dishes both look soo good!

  19. I love figs…and the way that you prepared them is just fantastic…love them both and would like to try them both as well…yummie!

  20. I think I know the fig spread you mentioned. It comes in a cute jar and it’s made in Croatia? Anyway, I had some this morning on some really good whole grain bread that I toasted, spread with a little cream cheese and the fig spread. I love the stuff.

    Your pie looks so good! Your husband is a lucky man!

  21. Oh I am in Heaven!! Which means Stacey must be way over the top, lol!! Fabulous posts!

  22. My parents have a fig tree and last year I started looking for recipes using fresh figs. I had a really hard time because most of the recipes called for dried ones. THank you so much for giving me TWO I can use once they are ready for picking. I’m so excited!

  23. Wish I was in Chicago and at your doorstep 🙂 I love fresh figs, and that custard looks mouth-watering!

  24. Fabulous fig recipes today! Grazie! Roz (bella)

  25. of course he’s a happy man! He has a wonderful cook who makes him all these delicious recipes! I HAVE to try the fig/brei/prosciutto bites… they look amazing!

  26. Oh I remember sitting on the back porch steps with my nonna picking fresh figs off the tree in the backyard and just munching on them for hours it seemed. I adore figs, they bring back such wonderful memories for me!

  27. Fabulous Marie!
    I was looking at our fig tree here today, still a ways away, but I want to try your ideas soon.

  28. Very nice. Cant wait until the figs in my garden are ripe. only a few weeks more then I guess i will try this!

  29. wow figs! i adore them pitty they are so short in season

  30. I adore figs. Both look delicious.

  31. I also bought a box of figs and have been hunting for recipes. My favorite so far is topping halved figs with goat cheese, broiling them until the cheese starts to melt, and then serving them with a balsamic reduction.

  32. Catching up on your blog this evening. Wow never heard of “Chicken Under a Brick”, but get this my hubby has. Go figure, he’s seen it on the cooking shows. Well, we’re trying it!!

    It all looks so tasty and good, not a big ‘fig’ fan though, but I’d try anything of yours my friend!!


  33. Those look wonderful. I have to try it. Also have been wanting to try Devils on Horseback — have you?

  34. Two great ways to enjoy figs! I am going to have to keep an eye out for them in the stores.

  35. What a delicious idea! I made a cold version of this with burrata but this sound so much better, I will have to try again.

  36. Our local Costco had a big container of fig for sale today, so we will be grilling some tomorrow with fontina cheese (my husband prefers that to brie) and proscuitto! Can’t wait! 🙂

  37. Love the fig appetizer, great to share.

  38. Why oh why could I not be living next to you? 🙂

  39. Bravo!! Both look amazing. I love figs will definitely have to try these!

  40. Love figsd and what did with them. I have to look out for them.