Grill Up A Romaine Salad!

Want a different take on your salad? Try it grilled! This was new to me, having never done this before, but something I wanted to try for a while. My inspiration came after I saw Lori Lynn grill up some escarole wrapped in prosciutto!

I put a little different twist on mine by using romaine lettuce that was washed and completely dried, I cut it straight down the middle, brushed it with olive oil, salt and black pepper, then sprinkled grated Parmesan all over the top. Next, placed it cut side down on a hot clean grill just for a few minutes until grill marks appear. Carefully move to a platter and let cool.
The dressing was made fresh with a handful of parsley and basil that I snipped from my garden, a zest of one lemon and all the juice, some salt and pepper and finished by drizzling in some good olive oil.

This was surprisingly good, the hubby loved it and so did I, and the grilled tomatoes on the side made it even better! Next time you throw a steak, chicken or chop on your grill think of this as a side.


Hubby’s green thumb is proving true, everything is lush and green in our garden. The tomato plants are bushy and tall with little tomato’s starting to come out all over. Peppers are arriving as well as tiny zucchini and eggplant, as you can see the broccoli is coming along and so is my Swiss chard. I can’t wait to cook with all of this! We’ve already had salads with some greens we planted, and some onions. I’m happy to say I don’t have to buy any herbs from the store, I now can walk out and get my own!! Woo Hoo!

Buon Appetito!
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  1. Oh it looks wonderful and lush…so great when you can go out and get your own..wonderful!! 🙂

  2. I love this Marie look really awesome!!!xGloria

  3. That’s beautiful and I haven’t had lunch yet so it looked especially yummy!

  4. Great idea…grill romaine lettuce…give a special touch to the salad…looks really yummie. Great garden pictures…

  5. I love what you are growing in your garden! I didn’t even think to plant swiss chard…it’s what we use for the family’s ravioli filling. Your garden is so green, Marie! It’s so rewarding isn’t it? ~ Roz

  6. I’ve always wanted to try grilling lettuce. Your hubs and mine have matching green thumbs. I’ve got an abundance of fresh herbs and our tomatoes are about 2 weeks away from being greedily eaten by us. Isn’t it wonderful that you can just walk outside and cut what you need? About that swiss chard– love it almost as much as spinach. Yummy!

  7. I’ve always wanted to try grilled Romaine – this looks delicious. Your garden is beautiful and isn’t it just so much fun to go out and pick your own veggies and herbs! I’ve been enjoying spinach and radishes so far from my garden and tomatoes and zucchini are on the way!

  8. Never would have thought of grilled romaine – but I guess it’s not that far from grilled radicchio. I love the food styling too, with those skewers of tomatoes. And your garden is THRIVING! way to go hubby. Isn’t it great to walk to the backyard and pick your own herbs and produce?

  9. What a wonderful idea! We are getting masses of lettuce through our farm share right now, so I will definitely give this a try.

  10. How beautiful and how quickly everything has grown!
    I loved grilled greens.. I will have to try this!

  11. I have made this salad a couple times – always a hit. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. Yoi’ll have your own veggies to grill soon, in the meantime the grilled Caesar salad is an excellent choice.

  13. That garden looks amazing!! I tried growing tomato plants last year and failed miserably. Our weather here in Calgary, Alberta is a little unpredictable 🙂

  14. I love grilled romaine! Yours looks so scumptious and beautiful. Why not grill it all? And the garden – isn’t it fun. You have more than me – but I do love going out to snip my herbs. And have had some baby lettuces and arugula for dinner. You inspire me to replant!

  15. This is something I’ve been thinking of trying for a long time, and boy does your version ever look delicious!

  16. Wow, what a great idea! I have quite a bit in my fridge actually, and was wondering what to do before it started to turn. The garden looks amazing- bravo to hubby!

  17. Marie, I love grilled Romaine lettuce. I’ve grilled it a few times this (first time) and I’ve been playing with dressings but yeah…it rocks!

  18. Awesome idea to grill a romaine lettuce! can’t wait to try it!

  19. This all looks so yummy. What a great idea with romaine lettuce – is one of the few types I can eat these days.

    I hope your garden continues in its luscious state. I too love being able to walk out and pick fresh herbs. Even now, in the middle of my Winter months, the herbs are doing well. Many more are panned for Summer, and all will be used.

    Enjoy the bounty from your garden, and the wonderful joy we get from cooking,

    Michelle in Wellington, NZ

  20. I envy that garden or yours and the salad makes me want to grill something soon!!! Luckily we have an indoor grill, because the weather here is a bit on the cold side!!!

  21. Great idea to grill the romaine, Marie. Served with a little homemade Caesar dressing, yum! The little grilled tomatoes are the perfect accompaniment.

    Lovely garden too.

  22. I am loving the grilled salads I have seen in a few posts, but your dressing sounds just light and lovely. I think I am moving into a larger place soon with some yard so I am really eager to get gardening. Congrats on yours!

  23. I love making salad this way. There really is something about grilling that brings a whole new dimension to lettuce. I once did a grilled romaine with a pancetta dressing. Now that’s a way to make to salad taste good. 😉

  24. Marie your garden is looking fabulous! Isn’t it great to just walk out and snip some fresh herbs. I love the grilled salad idea!

  25. Okay this salad will be added into my weekend menu, I love the simplicity … and your hubby’s garden rocks! I love having fresh herbs just a few steps away from the kitchen 🙂

  26. Your garden looks so bountiful Marie! What wonderful produce to have in your won backtyard.

    I’ve grilled escarole but have yet to try romaine –it looks delicious! My favorite veggie to grill is eggplant –I just love how it condenses and absorbs the flavor of the marinade I use which is usually balsamic vinegar based.

  27. Your garden is certainly looking perky and pretty, Marie! Isn’t it a good feeling to go out there, look around, see what’s ready and pick it to make a meal? Your hubby’s green thumb is working, that’s for sure.

    And your grilled romaine looks fabulous! Have you tried doing that with raddichio? yum … 😉

  28. Yummmm looks good to me, I’ll have to try this too! Always ready for a new BBQ idea!


  29. I also was taken with Lori Lynn’s escarole and made it for a Father’s Day celebration. I’ll have to try your version at the next BBQ.

  30. You make everything look sso darn good! I love every salad you post. We’re getting ready to pick our first green peppers, we’re so excited!

  31. casalba says:

    Really great call as a side for a steak – maybe even done on the same griddle.

  32. Lovely Marie- wow hubs must be green up to the elbows 😉 the garden looks terrific!

  33. I can’t believe this. My BIL in Atlanta just told us about this last week. He’s a huge grill guy and said it was delicious! Great minds…. 🙂

  34. Works really well with Little Gem lettuces, too – especially topped with some taleggio… 😉

  35. grilling a whole romaine? sounds awesome! how do you eat it though? With a fork and knife, or dive into it like a sandwich? I’d love it topped with some fresh feta or goat cheese…mmm….

  36. Happy independence to you and the family!

  37. Hi Marie – your grilled romaine looks fabulous! Love how you dressed it up, and thanks for mentioning me, how sweet of you!

    Wishing you a wonderful Fourth! I bet you’re cooking up a storm. Hope you have some nice weather in Chi-town today!

  38. I am going to have to try grilling romaine!

  39. I think I tried grilling romaine once a while ago… I can’t remember if I liked it or not. I will have to give it a try again. I love that you grilled the tomatoes too!

    Your garden looks great! I am only growing herbs and 2 tomatoes plants this year. My yard doesn’t have much sun and I am tormented by a hungry rascal ground hog ;(

  40. A grilled salad is such a great idea. Yours looks so delicious! We’ve done grilled tomatoes, corn and peppers, but I hadn’t thought of grilling a head of lettuce. What a great way to add a new flavor and texture to lettuce!

  41. Now this I have to try!

  42. I love your blog – I read cook books all the time and love to cook and share food with family and friends, your blog is my favorite and on my bucket list is to take a cooking class in Italy – I was in Croatia last summer and stayed in someone’s home and cooked with them it was the best experience! Love all the veggies you use.
    Alane Meyer