Grazing on a Sunday Afternoon!

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Hope all of you had a great Memorial Day weekend, we opted for a nice antipasto bar instead of grilling, you know, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The weather here in Chicagoland was picture perfect on Sunday, a great day to sit out in the fresh air.

No fuss, everything made ahead of time, and all could be eaten at room temperature. Assorted olives, cheeses, salami, some good Italian bread, marinated artichokes, peperonata, zucchini parpadelle, green beans and pesto potato salad, orzo pasta salad, grilled eggplant with a smear of Boursin cheese then rolled up, and Stacey Snacks stuffed tomatoes with ricotta. Note* (hers looked better she had panko on top, I didn’t have any at the time).

Oh, did I mention the pitchers of frozen Margarita’s were awesome too! I couldn’t resist taking a few sips before I shot the photo!

Buon Appetito Everyone!

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Your feast looks delicious!

  2. Very, very nice. Any guest would feel so welcome with some wonderful treats!!

  3. Note to self: try not to read this blog when you’re hungry. Save it until after dinner!

    What great photos!

  4. That’s a nice way to entertain and leaves you free to enjoy your guests instead of fussing over a hot grill.

  5. What a perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon! It all looks wonderful!

  6. Ah! La dolce vita!

  7. What was in the eggplant?Looked good

  8. Everything looks fabulous! If you get a chance, can you please tell what everything is? It’s all so tasty looking.

  9. Your anti pesto always look good and delicious.

  10. A perfect way to enjoy the holiday! My daughter is headed in your direction tomorrow… she decided Chicagoland is the town for her, so her car is packed and ready ~*sigh*~ nice to hear the weather is good for her arrival.

  11. Simple but delicious, it belies all the preparation you put into it. I love this type of food.

  12. My favorite kind of eating…a little of this and a little of that, especially when it’s an Italian antipasto with grilled vegetables. I also featured grilled vegetables this weekend.

  13. Love your dishes, looks delish!

  14. That’s the way to go, Marie!

  15. Leave it to you, Marie, to prepare the perfect summer holiday meal. Those eggplant roll-ups really got to me. Gotta have some.

    Hope you had a grand weekend.

  16. wow wish I could join in ;p
    hi how have u been? long time no see

  17. Beautiful, Marie! That’s my kind of eating, too. 😉

  18. This looks so amazingly delicious! Perfect!

  19. This is so my kinda meal!!! Love it, love it!!!!

  20. Marie, everything looks so good! Can I hang out with you? I”ve made those ricotta filled tomatoes, too, from the Pioneer Woman. They’re great. By the way – my second son has decided to go to school in Chicago, too! I’m going to have two sons there. Love your city.

  21. that’s my kind of meal! Everything looks delicious and I love that it can all be made in advance.

  22. What a nice feast without grilling!

  23. Thanks, Marie for reading my blog. You are a real Italian Diva it seems. I would love a cannoli about now!

  24. Now I am in the mood for pesto green beans with potatoes (how about some pasta thrown in?).
    I am starving just looking at this antipasto…..and you know how much I love margheritas!

  25. Switch out some wine for the margaritas and this may be my perfect “last meal.” Yum!

  26. I would much rather graze with you and your feast than what i had, I think if I ate any more macaroni sald and potato sald I’d OD on mayonnaise!! Everything looks fantastic!

  27. Oh my goodness! Why didn’t you invite me? ;-P

  28. Great Post. Looks like my kinda weekend. My daughter loves Boursin! I’m going to have try that eggplant thing! Great idea!

  29. I’m not good at putting together platters such as these but I’m anxious to learn more. You and Stacy have given me inspiration. What a feast. Lucky guests too.

  30. Those antipasto look absolutely fabulous!!!

  31. Oh my — this is the best food Marie! I could live on antipasto!

  32. Great idea for a party, particularly for those of us who can’t grill. I love classic Italian antipasto foods.

    The margaritas look awesome too!

  33. Looks like THE PERFECT Memorial Day feast! The pictures are gorgeous!!!

  34. Grazing at it’s finest for sure Marie!! I love the eggplant involtini. I need to make those!

  35. That eggplant is making me salivate!

  36. Looks just perfect!

  37. It all looks delicious. You’ve got another fan of the eggplant here – I’ll have to substitute the boursin though.

  38. Oh my gosh! This looks wonderful, and I love your serving tray! I just served antipasto this weekend (one of the guests was my sister from Vernon Hills, IL!!), but your spread puts mine to shame! I love what you’ve done here! Bookmarked! 🙂

  39. If we lived closer I would stop in to boirrow a cup of sugar and not leave.

  40. and if I lived closer too, I know where to come for a tasty meal or too!!!

  41. That was a great idea for the hoilday.

  42. This is my idea of a perfect dinner – love it!

  43. delicious! and that’s just the photos… the real deal must have been even better.

  44. A bottle of wine and just the antipasto plate would suffice for me. I’m zeroing however on those roasted peppers!