Party Sides!

These salads are great side dishes for parties, they can be made ahead of time, served cold or at room temperature. Have you ever tried pearl couscous? Larger than regular couscous, they look like tiny little pasta pearls. Just cook according to directions , and cool down by rinsing with cold water.
Place in a bowl and toss with a fresh lemon and olive oil dressing. Here I added red onion, chopped cucumber, kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, fresh chopped parsley and basil. Salt & Pepper.

This carrot salad is a combination of finely chopped red onion, chopped parsley, garbanzo beans, and pine nuts, tossed in a red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing. The carrot strips were done with a vegetable peeler, this is raw not cooked. Salt & Pepper.

For this broccoli salad you’ll want to blanch the broccoli florets for about 3 minutes in boiling water, then cool down in ice water and drain. Add chopped red onion, kalamata olives, diced red pepper, and crumbled feta, add salt, pepper, and a little granulated garlic. Toss in some olive oil.
If you want, you could add lemon, but it tastes good with out it too.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends and food!
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  1. Great salads, Marie… Have a “HAPPY EASTER”



  2. Wow, these side dishes are each making me hungry. Which to choose first? Your photographs always come through so beautiful and mouthwatering too. PS – You are welcome to join “le matte” anytime you want. The only requirement is to speak Italian. But if you don’t I’ll make you an honorary member.

  3. PS I had that pearl couscous once in Sardinia but I didn’t know it was couscous. They call it “fregola” there.

  4. Sides to me is the best part — of eating and cooking! They’re such fun and an opportunity to be creative. I’ve done couscous and broccoli in various versions so I was particularly intrigued with the technique you used for the carrot salad which I may be trying one day.

  5. These all are such perfect choices for the holiday. I love the vibrant flavors and the colors are so pleasing to the eyes:)

  6. These sides are so beautiful!!! The colors are so bright and cheerful, and they sound delicious – all of my favorite flavors! Your party-goers are lucky 🙂

    By the way, I responded to your comment the other day, but in case you didn’t see it, I want to thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful Easter!!!

  7. Your pictures are so clear, I am going to go get a fork! That broccoli salad looks good, I think I will try it.

  8. Happy Easter, Sweety! xox

  9. No one needs to have a main with sides like these.

  10. They all look delicious and gorgeous! Take a peek at one of my couscous salads done with apricots:

    Happy Easter!!

  11. These salads are great, I’m going to try them. Nice pics.

  12. Salads like these usually wind up being my favorite part of the meal. And I am going to try this broccoli salad this week. Looks like it will make the perfect lunch for work. Thanks!

  13. These look refreshing and beautiful!

    Buona Pasqua!

  14. Beautiful spring salads! Will definitely use them. Love the colors and the different mixes. You’re family is very lucky! Happy Easter!

  15. Hi Marie – I wanted to tell you I served a version of your carrots with gremolata at Passover, will post that soon, and to wish you a very Happy Easter.

  16. They all sound wonderful. I’m not sure which to make first!


  17. THANK GOD.
    For Holidays and that I know you.See you soon for easter dinner Happy Easter every bunny.

    Love UJ

  18. Hello Marie, Happy Easter, these salads are perfect. Colourful, delicious and good for you too. my friends are going to love these. Kathy.

  19. All three of these dishes looks so fresh, vibrant and lovely! Thanks for sharing them.

    Buona Pasqua!

  20. Beautiful sides Marie!
    I made a couscous this week too!
    (maybe I will wait to post it!).
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  21. Marie, I just love that carrot salad! I mean, they all look great but that carrot salad looks so refreshing for summer – and no cooking! Best part when the weather is hot. I’m going to make that for sure.

  22. Nice salads dear Marie and have a Happy a Easter!!! Gloria

  23. So nice and healthy. I hope you and your family had a Happy Easter.

  24. side dishes? no no no! they take center stage on the table for me! so delicious and fresh and vibrant! yum!

  25. All 3 salads look delicious. now I just need to decide which one to try first.

  26. Happy Easter – Buona Pasqua!!!

  27. All these sides look wonderful for the spring and summer Marie, when I try to eat lighter!

    Hope you and ytour family had a very HAPPY EASTER!

  28. That carrot salad looks lovely!

  29. Your salads are absolutely gorgeous, Marie! I can almost taste them, they look so fresh and inviting.

  30. What a divine group of salads. Is pearl couscous the same as Israeli couscous? I have a package but haven’t gotten around to using it yet. The lemon slices look beautiful around the side of the couscous.

  31. These are all such appealing salads.Lovely!!
    Hope you had a hippity hoppity happy Easter!

  32. Marie, you have a knack for making veggies into “saltimbocca” or jump up & out!

  33. Great salad ideas. I love pearl couscous.

  34. Yumm! I love veggies and these sides look so colorful and healthy! I hope you had a fabulous Easter! Ciao..

  35. Hope you had a great Pasqua Marie… your pictures are so vibrant! love them.

  36. I love italian food. this is just a great post. thanks a lot.

  37. You’ve got me hooked, Marie. I want to make every single one of your recipes.

  38. Not sure if you see comments for older postings, but, wanted to share I made your broccoli salad this past weekend (paired with your stuffed acorn squash – minus the sausage – both were delicious!!!) Especially the salad – blanching the broccoli was a marvelous idea and pairing it with the saltiness of kalamata olives and the sunflower seeds I threw in made it so tasty – in fact my fiance ate 2 bowls!!)