Lazy Weekend Breakfast!

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Don’t you just love a lazy Sunday morning? You know, the kind of morning you don’t have to be anywhere, or do anything. The kind of morning where you wake up and the smell of coffee is in the air, you grab your big cup, pour some, and then go over and start reading the Sunday paper.

An hour or two later you start getting hungry, but you want something different, something special, well this is it!! Eggs in Purgatory, Uovo in Purgatorio, or just plain Eggs cooked in a Chunky Marinara Sauce. Whatever you call it, I call it DELICIOUS!

For 4 eggs I used one 14OZ can of whole, crushed, or in this case, I used an Italian brand of canned cherry tomatoes. Saute in olive oil, 1 clove of crushed garlic, 1/2 of an onion, red pepper flakes(optional). Simmer until tomatoes cook down, I had to pierce my little tomatoes to help it along. Finish by throwing in some fresh chopped basil.

Now carefully crack your eggs on top of your cooked sauce, let the eggs poach slowly, covering them slightly to cook the yolks to your likeness.

At this point, you’ll want to toast up some good Italian bread, I stuck mine under the broiler for a few minutes.

When every things done, place your egg right on top of your toasted crusty bread, grab another cup of coffee and enjoy!!

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  1. This is wonderful. You made breakfast for us! So delicious with the toasted bread. Your photos look great too, Marie 🙂

  2. ohmygoodness that looks so so good!! i’m definitely having this breakfast tomorrow! thanks!

  3. My grand-mother used to make these when I came home from school in the afternoon. I was so ‘coccolata’ (spoilt) !

  4. Oh my gosh…I need some right now!

  5. Oh how I wish I had this for breakfast today!

  6. Looks delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner — and so much better than a diner or Denny’s!

  7. oh my lord, this looks heavenly. I know what I’m having for breakfast THIS Sunday!

  8. This looks good enough to eat as dinner, never mind breakfast. Reminds me of something I used to make years ago but it had chicken livers in it too.

  9. What a wonderful Sunday breakfast!

    I make a version of this using salsa as the base, and I grate a little jack cheese on top. I serve it with avacado slices and toast on the side.

  10. This is a childhood memory….we use to call it “eier in die gaatjie” which loosely translated means egg in the hole!!! I cannot wait till breakfast though. so my family is having this for supper!!!

  11. That just looks divine!

  12. That looks simply amazing. I never think to make anything but pancakes and waffles for special breakfast. Will have to give this a shot!!

  13. Simply amazing and delicious. I’ll be making this on the week end after my hike. Definitely!

  14. Oh my! Now thats diffrent and wonderful. I always like a grilled tomato with my B fast, but this rocks!

  15. What an amazing breakfast! I love this! Yum!

  16. This looks amazing and I think i’ll have two a servings please!

  17. What a wonderful idea for breakfast.

  18. I love those kind of mornings, and those eggs look fabulous!

  19. What a great idea. This would be good for a light dinner too. A slice of proscuitto under the bread wouldn’t be bad either.

  20. Wow, that is unique, never thought of making eggs that way. But it does look good! UJ would be all over that.

  21. Pour me another cup of coffee, Marie, I am so coming over to your house for breakfast, bathrobe and all! 🙂

  22. Hello Marie, Happy Spring. As it is Mothers day in England this Sunday (I get to have two Mothers days now UK and USA). The kids have sent gifts and cards but wont be here in person so I think it only fair that Vanni makes “Uovo in Purgatorio” for me, dont you agree. if not I will be making this for myself for sure, looks delicious. Kathy.

  23. Looks so good and like it would make a great dinner or late supper, too!

  24. That looks like a really tasty breakfast!

  25. I haven’t seen this in years.
    My friend’s Sicilian grandmother always made this on the weekends for breakfast.
    She also called it “eggs in purgatory!”. I would like some now, it’s Saturday, is that ok?
    Please come over and make me some!

  26. Now all I need is for you to come make this … I’ll make the coffee.
    Happy Spring!

  27. Mmmm… This looks perfect! It has everything that we love. My big eaters are out of town this weekend, so I’ll have to earmark this for next weekend. Just my daughter & I…. it’s too quiet! However, I am enjoying the break from the kitchen.

    Have a great weekend,

  28. This is my kind of breakfast!

  29. This is so delicious, and it was my Dad favorite dinner, yes dinner.
    ha ha I have to cook this dish soon 🙂

  30. I love using roasted tomatoes for breakfast. It gives such a great flavor.

  31. Sounds like a perfect start to any day to me:D

  32. that looks AMAZING Marie!

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  34. My husband and I, here in Austria, had this delicious breakfast last sunday. It was a perfect start!

    Happy spring!

  35. What could be more beautiful and delicious at the same time. This is the perfect lazy Sunday morning sleep in breakfast.

  36. this looks divine…mmmmmm

  37. Oh, this looks sooo good. What a great way to prepare eggs. I have some homemade marinara in the freezer that will be perfect.

  38. This looks delish. One glance at those golden yolks and you had me!

  39. Love your blog and I know I’m going to LOVE these eggs! Rock on Italian cooks 🙂

  40. breakfast, lunch or dinner
    this is a wonderful dish

    i make it on occasion and it’s truly comfort food.

  41. this looks really great. I think I would make it for dinner

  42. Totally late to the game, but I have been craving this lately, and your picture reminded me that I need to make it ASAP.

  43. Just discovered your blog today. I went back to the first post and am working my way up to the current one. I’ve bookmarked a few recipes, but had to stop and comment on this one.

    I used to make tomato & eggs on toast for a quick, easy dinner. I always used regular canned tomatoes. Have seen the cherry ones and now I have a great excuse to try a can.

    Also … love how you use roasted tomatoes in a lot of your dishes!

  44. Hi Cindy and Welcome! The canned cherry tomatoes are fabulous you’re going to love them! Thanks for stopping by and spending some time here. Happy cooking!

  45. Growing up, this was tomatoes and eggs. I cook them often using whatever tomato product I have on hand. I really like Giada De Laurentiis’ version with mashed potato cakes. Yum.