Seared Scallops with Blood Orange Salsa

I’m still on my blood orange kick, I had four left, so I decided to try making a salsa with them. They’re still in season so go out and get some, they’re delicious, especially the darker ones!

We love scallops here, so I thought I’d just simply sear some up on my grill pan, and have the salsa with it. The flavors all blended beautifully, the sweet from the citrus, spicy cilantro, onion and jalapeno, were a perfect pair for the buttery rich scallops, but I’m sure some other fish would be just as good too.

You have to supreme the oranges by cutting out the segments, you want to make sure you get every bit, you just have to be a little patient, believe me, if I can do it any one can! Here’s a video that might help.

Place your segments in a bowl, add chopped red onion, chopped cilantro, as much jalapeno as you want, a little salt, and a splash of orange juice.

Note**** For the photo I got carried away with the juice, for the second plate I took a slotted spoon so I could drain the juice, and slathered it all over! You’re going to love this!!
Buon Appetito!

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  1. Marie this looks so wonderful! I love all the flavor elements.. it must smell just as nice as it looks and tastes!

  2. Well I’m a day late and a dollar short. I made scallops last night and your Salsa would have been the perfect touch. I just did the usual scampi. ~ Robyn

  3. So pretty too. I bought some blood oranges the other day.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Never mind restaurant fare, I want to dine at your house!

  5. This is really my type of meal, it’s vibrant (I am a visual person), love scallops, and just look really appetizing.

  6. Never had blood oranges, maybe the name scared me off. But your pictures look pretty and I love scallops. another thing I never make is scallops. I must get more adventurous!

  7. How gorgeous is this dish? Seriously, it makes me happy just looking at it. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  8. That salsa look like a big bowl of sunshine! What a perfect accompaniment for scallops. I just picked up a few blood oranges. Looks like I’ll have to get a few more and make this dish!

  9. Tell me you served this on Valentine’s is such a sexy meal, wow!!!

  10. What a beautiful dish…the colors are wonderful and so are the flavors.

    Your heart shaped pizza down below looks tasty too!

  11. This salsa sounds and looks amazing and I bet it was great with the scallops. Blood orange salsa is a brilliant idea 🙂

  12. Absolutely wonderful & looking just as great!!

  13. What a pretty combo of flavors .. 🙂

  14. This looks wonderful. Citrus and scallops are a great combination, and blood oranges are such a tasty citrus!

  15. Blood oranges have been on sale so I stock up!! I can’t wait to make this recipe! It looks so elegant and tasty!

  16. Your food is always so gorgeous to look at, and I bet this tastes as good as it looks! I just saw some blood oranges at the store. I love how you can just whip up something so gorgeous like this. Love the grill marks on the scallops! YUM!

  17. Ooh, that is two scallop recipes I’ve read in a row. Yours sound fabulous Marie. Love the color!

  18. Wow Marie this sounds so yummy… Everything I like from the scallops to the jalapenos… Thanks


  19. This looks absolutely amazing. I love scallops and citrus and we still have blood oranges in the stores.

  20. You are absolutely killing me here. We just don’t see blood oranges in your average supermarket here in London 🙁 You need to get them at specialist (read: expensive) markets… Love the sound of the salsa and the pictures are spetacular!

  21. It looks great. Almost too pretty to eat.

  22. Oh with lent right around the corner I will make this.

  23. Looking good!! When you gonna start making Raw food?? Please, please, please hahahaha

  24. This looks so nice! I love the colors!

  25. Never had blood oranges, saw them in the market today though, I love scallops, but hubbys doesn’t, how would this be with another type of seafood, the colors are amazing!

  26. Bellissima!! That looks divine, Marie. Yet another dish bookmarked for our enjoyment!

  27. We adore scallops and the idea with the blood oranges is fabulous. Blood oranges aren’t available at my market but we were in the big city the other day and I picked up a few blood oranges (along with some scallops) Wish I had had this recipe because it would have been our dinner. Fabulous photo. I was surprised at how thick the skin is on a blood oranges compared to a naval orange as an example. Their color looks like rich red wine.

  28. I am wishing I liked Scallops because this looks so good and we do have blood oranges!!! Thank goodness my husband does and I can make this for him. It’s so beautiful!

  29. Nice Blend, The sweetness!

  30. Just want to dive straight in.

  31. Gorgeous, light and healthy. I want some.

  32. Beautiful looking salsa! I love the color of the blood orange!

  33. Blood oranges in winter just brighten things up, don’t they, Marie?
    I think the first thing you do with a dish that pretty is taste it with your eyes — bella!

  34. What a gorgous way to serve scallops!! You are so creative !!

  35. Just beautiful – what an interesting combination.

  36. Hi Marie
    This looks like a restuarant dish! So creative and colorful. I can almsot taste it.

  37. marie – just checking up on all i’ve missed since i’ve been away and your recipes look fantastic. i hope blood oranges are still in season when i get back. the pizza was gorgeous too – what a great idea for st. v. day.

  38. The color is beautiful!

  39. Marie, you got the grill marks down perfectly. Citrus and scallops are a natural pairing, I’m in a happy place now.

  40. Oh Marie, you pushed all the right buttons with this. I LOVE scallops but they’re so so expensive here 🙁

  41. I am officially depressed. I want to make this dish, but I live in a culinary wasteland. Not a blood orange within 100 miles. I might just have to sell my house and move just so I can make this. 😉

  42. Anonymous says:

    Made this for my husband who really cannot eat anything with any “heat”, so I swapped out onions/peppers for diced radishes. Kept the vibrant color and added a little crunch! Very pretty and tasty too!