Pizza "Amore!"

Times are tough right now, people are thinking twice before they go out and spend a fortune on a meal, why not stay in, rent a movie, and make a heart shaped pizza for the ones you love! (or yourself).

It’s so easy to do, make or buy the pizza dough of your choice, get it to room temperature, roll it and shape it into a heart. Just make sure the center of the heart is deep enough so it stays into the shape, and also try to make a point at the bottom, mine kept springing back a little. Prick it with a fork, and preheat the dough in a very hot oven for 5 minutes, so the shape stays put. I had my oven at 550F.

Now add the toppings of your choice! On my pizza here I put sliced tomatoes, Caramelized red onions, artichoke hearts, pancetta, and a mixture of mozzarella and provolone cheese.
Of course there’s a million different variations you can come up with, just let your imagination run wild!!

Buon Appetito!
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  1. Marie, this is my favorite post.
    You know how I “heart” pizza!
    I love yours.
    Happy Valentine’s day!

  2. The pizza not only looks amazing – but cute, at the same time! I love the idea of heart-shaped pizza and your topping selection sounds delicious.

  3. Oh that is pizza my heart ….
    Delicious topping.

  4. Love Love Love that pizza… What a great idea…Hope your Valentines day is the greatest

    (((HUGS & KISSES)))

  5. I love it!! I have never thought about making it look like a heart- how cute! And your toppings are perfect!

  6. I bet your family feels VERY loved by you Marie! That is one beautiful Pizza!
    Happy Valentines day to you.. Hugs and kisses!!!!!

  7. This is a lovely idea for Valentine’s. You are so creative.

  8. What a HEARTY good idea Marie…absolutely moreish pizza! Happy Valentines Day to you too…xoxoxo

  9. I heart that pizza! My stomach is rumbling…

  10. Ps. ‘When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore’ by Dean Martin, is stuck in my head now!

  11. Proud Italian Cook.

    My Heart goes out for you and the pizza.

    Love Ya


  12. That is a brilliant idea!

  13. It is only someone with a kind heart like you that will think of something for those who are not so fortunate to go out on Valentine’s Day!Great looking pizza!!!I love the artichokes!!!

  14. Yum. I love pizza, too, and the artichokes make it a winner. I order a slice of artichoke, red pepper, spinach pizza for lunch at my favorite pizzeria whenever I visit there. We’re eating in tonight, too. The limited menus and rushed service on Valentine’s Day are a huge turn off, not to mention inflated prices in this economy. Great idea!

  15. Now that is cute! How adorable. I just love this. Nice job.

  16. That’s funny – I thought about making something similar, but went with a simple pasta dish instead. Staying in definitely has its advantages. 😉

  17. I wish I would have seen this yesterday, would have been great to make for the kids for lunch today!
    Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  18. That’s one very festive and delicious looking pizza, Marie.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family.

  19. Fab as always!
    Buon San Valentino Marie!

  20. Looks delicious! I always wanted to get a heart shaped pizza from Lou Malnati’s on valentine’s day but I guess I should probably make my own instead of paying $30 to have one flown down to me.

  21. Can’t beat homemade pizza, always fresh and with your favorite toppings nad cost effictive! And a good shape for Valentine’s day.

  22. LOL…you know Dino would sing for a heart-shaped pizza…love it, luv ya…grazie.

  23. Romantic Pizza. Love it! As I always say, you have got the best ideas!

    Happy Valentine’s Day Marie!

  24. Oh. My. Gosh. This is THE most beautiful pizza ever. The heart shape is sooooo sweet, and the toppings are terrific. My hubby would love this for his meal tonight, and love me for making it! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! (Man, now I’m hungry for pizza!)

  25. I posted pizza yesterday too! Great minds think alike. Yours looks amazing! Happy V-day to you!

  26. Great idea!

  27. Brava, Marie, Brava! Perfect for Valentines day and looks so delicious! Wonderful!
    Happy Valentines to you and the hubby! 🙂

  28. Happy Valentine’s Day, Marie! Your pizza looks great – love the artichoke HEARTS 🙂 We went out but it wasn’t spectacular. Staying home with pizza and a movie would have been a better idea.

  29. Happy Valentine’s Day Marie!

    I’m all for making pizza at home and topping it with all our favorites. I love the heart shape of yours! 🙂

  30. I like the heart shaped pizza!

  31. That pizza looks so good- it’s a great idea for a movie night at home- which is actually what I’d prefer to going out on V day.
    I send you a huge hug xoxox

  32. How cute is that? I have been making pizzas at home for quite a while now, the great thing is having toppings of choice for family members, usually I make personal size ones. Happy Belated Valentines Day!

  33. I can’t believe how perfectly that turned out! Sounds like a great combination of toppings, too. In honor of keeping Valentine’s day cheap we did Thai food at one of the places on Western, and it was packed! I guess lots of people planned less expensive meals this year.

  34. Hi Marie, how wonderful but I missed this “Pizza Amore” for Valentines, so I will save it for “just because” days. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines with your loved ones. Kathy.

  35. That turned out terrific, Marie. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  36. oh my mouth is watering! We had heart shaped pizza for supper last night, too. Not as creative as yours Just pepperoni, italian sausage and lots of onion. Hope your Valentine’s Day was extra special. ~ Robyn

  37. Oh how sweet! I love the heart shape.

  38. Ti amo pizza! And I love your darling heart shaped one too!

  39. Ok this is the most adorable thing…I love it. And it looks so unbelievably yummy too.

    We treated ourselves to french bread pizza for Vday…it was perfect! No need for a fancy dinner! 😉

  40. Such a great idea…I love this!

  41. That pizza looks delicious. How romantic!

  42. What a pretty pizza, Marie. I almost made a heart-shaped one Friday, which is pizza night in our home, but opted for the old rectangle instead. Love must have been on our wavelength! 😉

  43. Looks great, on Valentines Day we had lobster tails and for dessert some store bought banana gelato with nutella drizzled on it –last night I made a similar pizza to yours, minus the heart shape-is the key to a great crust a super high oven temp?? I usually do it at 450!

  44. Great idea . I love your choice of toppings.

  45. Well, shoot. I missed this for Valentine’s Day. But I think I’ll make it to show my family that I love them on any old day! It looks delicious, and is just so much fun.

  46. Awww, that brings back memories. There was a restaurant in my hometown that served heart-shaped pizzas every V’Day. Yours looks simply fabulous!

  47. I just can not get enough of your blog. Everything wlooks absolutely wonderful. This is so delicious! I love the toppings!

  48. This looks so delicious!

  49. Wonderful Heart! I could taste the onions, Crunchy Crust!!

  50. Marie you are an artist. My favorite times with CS are staying in making pizzas.

  51. I no Valentines Day is over but I worked all weekend and didn’t get to see this, I just might make it for my sweetheart anyway, grreeat idea!!

  52. I love this idea:D

  53. Hi, I was wondering if you had posted a recipe for the pizza dough, I would be happy to try it. I’m a big fan of Italian foods and pizza is my favorite!