Warm Up To Some Nutella Hot Chocolate!

Today is one of the coldest days we’ve had here in 8 years! It’s frigid, slippery outside, with accidents everywhere. I decided to stay in, curl up with a new cookbook I recieved as a gift, and to warm me up! A mug of Nutella hot cocoa, with some homemade marshmallows!

This is the view I see standing in my sun room looking out, icicles everywhere!
I have 5 windows and they all look like this, a curtain of ice!!

Now, for the Nutella hot chocolate, just remember that for every cup of milk you warm up, add about 3 heaping tablespoons of Nutella.

Slowly simmer your milk and then stir in the Nutella till it dissolves. A decadent treat for a cold and blustery day! Ahhhh, I feel warmed up already!

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  1. The Nutella looks great…the icicles not so much…but that cookbook really caught my eye. Tell us more about that.


  2. This is the kind of thing that makes me hit myself upside the head. Why did we never think of this hot chocolate before? Of course! Nutella and milk! LOL
    Keep warm, my friend. It’s cold here too minus the icicles. Did you really make homemade marshmallows??!!! Write me.
    Big hug! xox

  3. Every house holds I know will always have peanut butter, not me… peanut butter comes second after Nutella. Your idea to warm up the nutella is superb!

  4. Oooooh Marie… I’m all out of Nutella $%^&!!!!…. it’s bone chilling here in NY too! This may force to head out for a Nutella fix 😉


  5. My kids love Nutella. They will love this. It is chilly here in Nj too.

  6. Wow, now that’s an icy curtain! We are huge Nutella fans in this house. My kids would love this. What a clever recipe! YUM!

  7. Those icicles are lethal weapons, not to mention the beverage!

  8. A few people doing posts on “Nutella Hot Chocolate” today..:-)

    Wow that must be absolutely freezing over there..those icicles, brrrrr they have made me cold just looking at them!

  9. Now Marie, that’s how hot chocolate is done!

  10. My husband loves Nutella. Better keep this recipe hidden from him! I see you’re in Chicago – my brother and his family live there. Sorry about the weather thing.

  11. What a terrific way to use Nutella. This will be a big hit with some of my Italian friends. Can’t wait to try it.

  12. Oh Marie! It looks like I have missed some wonderful posts and dishes since my absence from this world of blogging. I miss you all. The hot nutella chocolate looks scrumptious… well if it weren’t over 80° here!!!

  13. oh Marie if only I had seen this before I went to Tahoe,Nutella sounds like the perfect hot chocolate drink, your cookbook does look interesting and you have bigger icicles than Tahoe right now. brrrrh. hugs, Kathy.

  14. Oh, this sounds like the best hot cocoa ever! It’s cold here as well (not Chicago cold, but cold for my thinned-out blood!) so I am picking up some Nutella next time I’m at the store and making this!

  15. Sounds like you made the right decision on staying in today, my goodness, we’ve been watching your weather, not fit for man nor beast!

    I remember living in Boston when we were kids and we had icicles like that hanging off of our two story house and we’ed try to break them off through the upstairs bathroom window and bring them inside and watch them melt in the bathtub, of course mom wasn’t watching… :0

    Ya know, I don’t know where I’ve been, but I’ve never heard of this kind of hot choc., but my hubby has…hmmmm I need to try it.

    Stay warm Marie—

  16. We love Nutella! My hubby and I usually put both Peanut butter and nutella on a sandwich- kind of like a ‘grown up’ reeses cup! I love to make homemade marshmallows, too! It sounds wonderful.

  17. Not to downplay the nutella hot chocolate, but I am just shocked and amazed by that icicle photo. We’ve had our snow too but not icicles like those (at least not at my place). Keep warm! (And if I had all your snow I’d be outside building an igloo…just keep the hot cocoa comin’). 😉

  18. I’ve often said this, that these snow pictures are a treat for us, but for you guys that have to live there it is very different. The hot chocolate looks so yummee and I will buy Nutella just for that…..

  19. My first thought when I saw the icicles was “gee, not too well insulated.” Then you said it was the sunroom and I thought, “Okay.”
    I guess I’ve lived with this kind of stuff for far too long!

    The hot chocolate looks great.

  20. I love chocolate, I love hazelnut; Nutella, not so much. I would love to know more about that cookbook, too. Your icicles might qualify for stalactites! 🙂

  21. I need some now to get me going. Those are some firece icicles. Could kill someone!

  22. This is really a wonderful, decadent drink. We serve a variation of this at our coffee shop here in Chicago.

    We call it a Hot Chocotella. Very popular!

    – Lee
    The Coffee Studio
    5628 N Clark St (Andersonville)

  23. That looks wonderful, but I have to admit that I tend to eat Nutella straight out of the jar!

    Those icicles look like lethal weapons. We are getting your cold air here in Jersey today, but not quite as bad… 🙂

  24. Nutella is the best! I wish I had a big cup of this!! It looks so rich and good!

  25. Quite apart from the recipe – it was the mention of the “sun room” that made me smile!!! (It’s freezing here too.) Sally xxx

  26. This recipe sounds wonderful, I am definitely going to make this over the weekend!
    Talk about weapons of mass destruction.. those icicles look scary, I have never seen any so big! But they make a beautiful picture Marie!! Sending you a warm hug!!

  27. I don’t know why I never thought of this. It’s brilliant! I have some Nutella in my fridge that’s just waiting to be made into hot chocolate.

    I’ve been wanting to make actual hot chocolate with chocolate rather than cocoa for a while now, particularly as the weather just begs for it this time of year. Now I’ve been inspired even beyond that. Thank you thank you!

  28. Hi Marie

    That’s a perfect use for Nutella -YUMMY! It’s very cold here in NY too –going to be 10 degrees tonight…brrrr.

    Is that cookbook about the NYC Carmine’s restaurant? I’m curious too!

    Stay warm!

  29. Three….heaping….tablespoons…I like that. Now I’m going sit by the fireplace and fire up a hot chocolate!

  30. New to me, I am on my way!!

  31. The part I missed the most about moving away from Reno was the icicles. They were never as beautiful as these though.
    Love the Nutella hot chocolate. My daughter would go wild for this and easy enough that she can whip some up! Although it was 85 degrees here today, I’m stopping for some Nutella. :)There is hot chocolate in my very near future.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  32. That looks like the view outside of my window too :D! I think we must be neighbors ;)…I sure wish we were, I’d come over religiously for a hot cuppa the nutella hot chocolate and some tasty traditional Italian food!

  33. i really need a cuppa…its so chilling…

    love the snow icicles though 😛

  34. Love the icicle shot! Probably only because I haven’t seen any in years.

  35. I never would have thought to use Nutella to make hot chocolate, I bet it’s delicious…..it’s 19 degrees here tonight in Atlanta and we are freezing…no ice..just cold…I am thinking that I’m glad I am not in Chicago…stay warm!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Here in Buffalo, that sounds like the most perfect treat——definitely going to make it today for my grandchildren [and myself, of course]Marilyn

  37. Great minds! I posted Nutella hot chocolate on Wednesday too, but I did the Italian thick version…AND announced World Nutella Day 2009! Woohoo!

  38. Keep warm Marie!
    I love your icicles photo, I miss that here in SoCal. They are beautiful

  39. Oh, Nutella. How do I love thee! You really are a woman after my own heart, Marie 🙂

  40. I LOVE my homemade marshmallows–in fact, I think I’m going to make a new batch this weekend. And that cocoa looks awesome!

  41. My daughter just moved to Chicago and can’t believe the weather. Amazing icicles and kind of scary too.

    I always have Nutella in the cupboard. What a great idea to use it for hot chocolate.

  42. Marie, those icicles are crazy! I’ve never seen anything like it! Your hot chocolate would be the perfect treat for such a cold day!

  43. Mmmmmmmm WANT SOME NOW…..:)

  44. Wow, Marie! Those icicles look lethal. Would you believe my daughter just asked me pick up some Nutella at the store today? We were going to eat it with our crepes. But this sounds so good, we’ll definitely try it.

  45. must try this!!

  46. That nutella mug looks so inviting Marie…& those icicles are so pretty…but brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Am glad you have so much creativity to keep your family warm!

  47. Love that! Looks like a great idea for after a long day on the slopes! Can’t wait to try it.

  48. I love the pics of the icicles, as I live in the tropic they look nice to me…the weather was too hot here today-I don’t like it-
    A nice surprise for you in my blog, please come see

  49. Marie, nutella is absolutely yummy the childs love them!!Nice idea Marie, look yummy! Gloria

  50. I’m making this tonight Marie!! Grazie