Turkey Day Leftover Solution!

If you’re still wondering what to do with some of your leftovers from Thanksgiving, why not make some soup! Today I took the last of my turkey leftovers and made a pot of Creamy Turkey and Rice soup.

I saved the breast carcass, put it in a pot with some water, celery, onions, carrot, and a splash of white wine. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and thyme, then simmered it for about an hour and a half.

When my stock was finished I strained it of all the veggies, picked the meat off the bone, and also added in some breast meat I had put away in a container. Then in another pot, I sauteed in butter, some celery, carrots, onions, and crimini mushrooms, mixed in 1/2 cup of flour, let that cook till it was all blended, then ladle, by ladle I whisked in the stock and after it thickened up, I threw in some cooked brown rice, and then finished it off with a little half and half for color. Garnish with some parsley.

The salad was just pears, arugula, red onion, blue cheese and walnuts, tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.

It was perfect for a cold and snowy day we had here today! Yes, it snowed a little already! Yuck!

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  1. Your soup looks mighty good. Nothing like a nice hot bowl of hearty soup on a wintry Chicago day.

  2. Of course this is the perfect way to enjoy those leftovers:D Next to family, and what to be thankful for turkey leftovers are what Thanksgiving is all about:D

  3. I like your version of turkey soup. And yes, we got our first snow here in New York too.

  4. For me, the best part of roasting a turkey is making soup with the leftovers! It looks great!

  5. “JUST” pears, walnuts, blue cheese and arugula?
    Hah! you’re funny.
    If you said “just” iceberg lettuce, then I would say ok.
    That’s a nice salad and a beautiful soup.
    Glad this holiday is once a year!

  6. Soup is the perfect way to use up the last of the turkey. And I love the salad with it. Yum.

  7. I love Thanksgiving leftovers. Your soup looks amazing, and considering what a dismal day it is today, I could go for some right now.

  8. Delish!

  9. Hi Marie – I made soup too, last night, turkey and barley. I used almost the same ingredients as you (barley instead of rice), and it looks similar to yours!
    What a hoot!

  10. Oh wow,I’ll have to cook a turkey so that I can have leftovers just for this morish soup!!!! Just the right thing to warm up a cold tum!!!!

  11. Soup and salad…sounds like dinner’s complete!

  12. This looks just perfect! I didn’t host Thanksgiving this year, but your soup makes me want to make a Thanksgiving dinner just so that I’ll have some leftovers I can use to make this soup! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. Leftovers? What leftovers?

    Though I might need to make another turkey just for this soup.

  14. You are good! My turkey carcass tends to sit in the freezer for three months before I bother to cook it up for soup. I’m usually too burnt out from Thanksgiving to think about simmering a pot of stock for a while.

  15. My mom always made a turkey barley soup with the leftovers, Marie. I made a veggie version with baby bella mushrooms and grilled tofu that was scrumptious. We had snow flurries and sleet in the valley on Sunday, and I thought the same thing: What a perfect day to stay in and make a big pot of soup! We must be on the same wavelength. 😉

  16. Love the idea of adding crimini mushrooms to the soup. It looks really good.

  17. I’m loving all of these turkey leftover recipes. There really is no reason to get tired of turkey with recipes like this. I also want some of that other dish from the picture – potatoes?

  18. I love making soup with all the Thanksgiving leftovers… This year we left all the leftovers at my daughters so I am cooking another Thanksgiving meal for just me & hubby… that way we’ll have the leftovers…LOL LOL
    Have a great night…


  19. I too put a turkey carcass to the pot, making a broth to finish off later…. well I’m glad I waited for yours to appear. This looks so good, I’ll be making it soon 😉

  20. Turkey soup is my favorite thing to do with the leftover carcass. I throw in the veggies leftover from the crudities platter and make a nice broth, let it sit overnight in the frig, skim off all the fat the next day and strain, and then add new veggies and noodles. It’s sooo good! 🙂

  21. I love your soup, this is the kind of soup week need on the east coast in the winter!

  22. Your Turkey soup looks good Marie, I love soup on a cold day too, no snow here in San Fran but it was definitely cold out there.

  23. Perfect for today. I cant get used to frozen car doors yet.And the salad you served alongside it sounded perfect to. I want to come over to your house one day and eat.

  24. mmmm! Marie delicious! I love it! and I love snow, please send me a little!!! here so hot!!! xxGloria

  25. Yes, that is creamy! I always complain how cold it is here on cape cod, but you’re in Chicago, I’m sure it’s waaaaay colder there.

  26. Hi Marie-
    I made a similar soup myself. I just love they way you write your recipes on this blog, you are a real cook and don’t need a long drawn out recipe to make something great. That salad looked delicious as well. I’m going to have to see if I can find some arugula in my one horse town.

  27. That’s pretty much exactly what I’m making tonight for dinner..I just picked up the mushrooms about 2 hours ago…So odd how that happens in the blog world.

    We’ll be having Fontina Flatbread to go with it–though we should be healthy like you and have a wonderful salad.

  28. Great creative tip for leftovers!!Thanks!!

  29. Soup is always a wonderful way to quickly use up leftovers. I also like making Roasted Vegetable Soup by running my extra roasted veggies in a food processor and adding a little chicken stock.

  30. The last of my turkey will be going into this soup. I love adding wine – it adds a new layer of flavor to soups.

  31. Oh yum! What a wonderfully delicious soup that must be! I made a similar salad for Thanksgiving.. I love salads like that!

  32. Thanks for this recipe. I thought it looked delish in your picture. Tried it for dinner tonight and as my husband said “this recipe is a keeper”.

  33. I love the day after soup thing I made a stratchiatella with the rich turky stock, sauteed chopped crimini, spinach, garlic and finished it by adding beaten egg and parm into the boiling broth!