Savory Vegetable Ricotta Pie’s

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I’ve made many things using ricotta on this blog, obviously we love it here, and I always have some in my frig! Ricotta is such a versatile cheese that works very well in sweet, and savory dishes alike! It bakes wonderful with any kind of veggie or herb that you put with it. I often make these pies for a light dinner, lunch, or brunch.

You can bake them with a crust, or without. Below I used a 10″ pie pan, and above I used a 10″ spring form pan. Basically the ingredients are the same. About 1lb. of ricotta, 1/2 lb or less, of your favorite shredded cheese, here I used a mixture of provolone, asiago, and mozzerella. 1 cup of grated parm or romano, 3 beaten eggs, garlic and onion. After that, you can add in whatever veggies you want!

You can use shredded zucchini which has been squeezed of its moisture, frozen spinach that has been thawed and squeezed of all water, chopped artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, various pesto’s and herbs for flavorings. You can get very creative with all your favorite flavors!

Just start out sauteing your onion and garlic in olive oil, then add your veggies. Have your eggs and all your cheese whipped up together in a separate bowl, and then combine it all together. I bake them at 350F, till golden and firm in the middle, not wet. It could take 30 to 50 min’s. It depends how good you get the moisture out of everything, the ricotta included. Cool them down a bit before you cut into them, so everything stays together.
Serve them with a salad or some fruit, for a complete meal thats light, satisfying and full of flavor! You’ll find that the leftovers are just as good as the day you made it!!
Buon Appetito!!!

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  1. Those savoury ricotta pies look good and sound nice and tasty! I like the sounds of those fillings.

  2. The first to comment on a post? Unheard of!

    Marie, I just bought a huge container of fresh ricotta. I was planning on my making my favorite cheesecake, but I like your vegetable pie better.
    I made a quiche last nt, so will do this on the weekend (I like the springform pan way).

  3. THis looks fantastic! I love the versatility. Can’t wait to try it on company.

  4. YUMO! again you have made me hungry… I love your recipes and so glad I stumbled onto your blog a while back…Can’t wait to try this one…


  5. That looks so good and sounds so simple!!! I can’t wait to try this!

  6. This sounds absolutely delicious!

  7. These pies look wonderful, Marie! We make them sometimes on Good Friday. The zucchini is my favorite!

  8. Wow, Marie, you always make the best dishes! I LOVE this! Like you, I also adore ricotta; yet I’ve never done this! You can bet I will though. I’m especially thrilled that you can make it without a crust so my littlest eater can enjoy it, too! I have a thing for shaved cheese, and your opening photo makes me want to reach right through the screen and nab a piece! YUM, YUM, YUM!

  9. Yum! I love quiche-type recipes. Yes, I rarely make them. I’m starring this one.

  10. Marie, I always enjoy coming over to your blog. I have a little something for you on my blog;)


  11. I have never been a huge quiche fan because they seem like they’re all eggs, but this one only has three eggs in it! Sounds cheesy and delicious!

  12. Ahh … Ricotta … There’s something about that smooth cheese that just makes me feel good inside. I love it. And this dish looks great. You know I love a one dish meal. Thanks!

  13. This puts quiches to shame, lovely ingredients in the filling. Us Greeks love using Myzithra (like ricotta) for baked cheese pies and I just so happen to making some today.

  14. Marie, this looks so good this morning especially since I had no clue what to make for dinner and happen to have ricotta in the frig.. thanks for the inspiration 😉

  15. sounds fabulous! I wonder if I could use half ricotta and half cottage cheese to cut the calories a bit. hmm… an experiment to try!

  16. This is a great idea! I love to bake a lot of pies in the fall and winter and I will be trying ricotta cheese with them 🙂

  17. what a lovely pie… 🙂

  18. This is just the kind of thing I need for making over the holidays. I love the idea that it makes great leftovers and it would be good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  19. I have to admit I’m a little obsessive about Elijah’s diet. I’ve learned that with a little effort kids can learn to love their veggies, so dinner is often a veg loaded quiche or pie. I’ve never made a ricotta pie so this isn’t just bookmarked, it’s on the menu this weekend. Thank you.

  20. Marie, just when I think that you can’t possibly top your last dish, you come out with something that makes me think “oooh! I might just like that even better!” I have a bunch of ricotta left over from a lasagna-making marathon, and I can’t wait to use it in a ricotta pie!

  21. Love it Marie, looks absolutley dekish and I’m a ricotta fiend too:) Well done to Tony for completing his marathon, I really admire people who do this as they put so much time and effort into training etc, I can’t run from here to the door:) and I wouldn’t mind but I could do with a couple of laps around the block:)

  22. Totally Drooling! Looks so pretty !

  23. Those pies look delicious and seem really easy to make. I’m going to try making one soon.

  24. Oh mann that lloks awesome. Guess what Im making tionight? Marscapone cheese. Wish me luck.

  25. These pies look so comforting and homey! The top pic with the cheese melted on top looks wonderful Marie! My kids would eat these every morning for breakfast!

  26. Oh my…does this look like heaven on a plate…I SO wish I’d seen this recipe before I planned dinner! I’m new here and see I’m gonna have a lot of reading to do-and that’s a good thing!!!

  27. I did something similar in a springform pan for dinner last weekend. It’s a great way to use up leftover ricotta! Looks wonderful!

  28. Ahhh – so this looks good! Really good!


  29. I like the many uses you can give to ricotta!!

  30. I love these kind of pies, Marie! We heart ricotta here too 😉
    Big hug!
    Maryann xox

  31. What an absolutely gorgeous pie Marie. The pictures are stunning too. Love the ideas for veggies inside…droolicious!

  32. I have to admit, I never thought of using my springform pan. What an excellent idea. Our anniversary is tomorrow. Guess what we are having for brunch??

  33. This looks fantastic, I’ve never made anything like this. ‘m going to put this on the menu for next week!

  34. I knew it was worth buying that springform pan! Great stuff – as always.

  35. so yummy delicious . . . can I finger into it? lol!

  36. italian-syle quiche! fabulous!! damn i love ricotta.

  37. Looks so good! I bet it is great to keep on hand for quick meals.

  38. OMG I am so hungry and that looks amazing, I will take a small piece … my kitchen is in disarray and we have been eating “throw whatever together” 🙂

  39. I have a very fussy Italian hubby who is hard to please when it comes to cooking. But since his mother made such good-tasting ricotta pies he likes them. So I will have to try this recipe for sure.
    grazie per la condivisione di questa meravigliosa ricetta

  40. Both versions look equally wonderful. I make a lot of quiche but have never made one with ricotta. I gotta try that. Thanks for the inspiration Marie!

  41. Yummo, it looks too good to eat!!!

    Great detailed photo’s Marie.

    Happy weekend…


  42. You make it sound so simple. It looks delicous.

  43. I often make these ricotta ‘torta salata’ for lunches as they’re a big hit. I’ve never tried them with capsicum or sun-dried tomatoes, nor in a spring form pan.
    Have you ever put tuna in the mix then topped it with cooked asparagus spears and slices of tomato – nice change.

  44. Marie:
    I hope you don’t mind, but I used your picture of the butternut squash lasagna. Yours was just so much better than mine! I credited you of course, and if it’s any problem at all I will remove it post haste. I just loved the dish so much and I don’t think I would have inspired such devotion with my mediocre photos. Thanks.

  45. Yum O!! We love ricotta too! This looks delicious and I like the variety of choices for the filling.

    I actually have a recipe from Food & Wine Magazine on how to make fresh ricotta that I want to try one day — then we will probably eat it like ice cream…lol!

    Have a good week Marie! I’m making pizza today :-))

    Hugs, Pat

  46. I JUST FOUND YOUR SITE. FANTASTIC! Great recipes. I left you an award. Please visit me at

  47. I have my fork all that is missing is this pie coming fresh out of my oven. I love the fresh ricotta I can find at our local Italian just has a really nice consistency:D

  48. This is so beautiful! It looks so inviting! What a great recipe!

  49. Oh wow, this looks amazing!!! I cannot make a choice here…with or without crust???? I’ll have to try both!

  50. Thank you everyone for all your comments. I read each and every one of them! A big welcome to my new readers too, thanks for stopping by, and please come back! 🙂

  51. Oh I want some!! This looks delicious Marie!!

  52. What a great looking pie. Looks delicious!

  53. May I come live with you? I’m really neat and clean. 🙂

  54. Give me a veggie ricotta pie any day, Marie! Yours looks divine.

  55. one word to describe…..AWESOME!

  56. Marie:
    Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog and for sharing your fantastic recipe. I’m anxious to make it again. It really is just perfect! Thanks for being such a generous blogger!

  57. ricotta anything is very enticing to me. this looks and sounds like it would taste wonderful. but i do not make pastry. i guess i could buy a crust… but no way am i making one.

    anyway – the non crust version sounds perfect and i just might need to take the basic recipe and go from there.

    great to have this in the back of my mind…

  58. This really sounds fabulous. The flavors perfect….

  59. Hi Marie,
    Just a quick note to let you know I’m “borrowing” this fabulous recipe link for the National Pie Day post I’m doing for tomorrow. This is one of my favorite dishes and I am thrilled to share your recipe link.

    Thank you so much…

  60. Oh my. I found these through Elizabeth at Blog From OUR Kitchen and have bookmarked the recipe which looks INCREDIBLE. Thanks!

  61. Thanks so much for this recipe. My (chef) boyfriend had gotten an extra tub of ricotta cheese and we were looking for a way to use it up. This pie turned out absolutely perfectly – we used yellow and zucchini squash as well as red peppers (in addition to the garlic/onion) and a pre-made pie crust. Took just a little longer to cook as I mounded the filling pretty high. 🙂 Impressed the chef, nice.

  62. I’m not much of a cook, but I’m trying! I just found this recipe a few days ago and put one together tonight. Mine has red bell peppers and zucchini with the onions and garlic. Can’t wait to taste it! Thanks!

  63. KLP, Yours sounds delicious! Enjoy and have fun on your cooking journey!

  64. It was FABULOUS! Thanks again!

  65. This looks SO good! I am making it tonight for dinner in a spring form pan…do you recommend greasing the pan first? Thanks!

  66. Lauren, Yes rub it with olive oil.

  67. Love this recipe! It’s much lighter than a quiche, which I usually make, and it’s made me a fan of ricotta. Thanks!

  68. I am not late to the game; I am making this again. I have made this quite a few times and keep returning because it is delicious. Tonights version has sautéed red bell peppers, sweet onions, garlic, plus some asparagus tips, spinach, and shredded zucchini. I used provolone and locatelli for the other cheeses. In addition, I put some shrimp on the bottom. I have used crab in the past, and that is delicious. Oh and for seasoning, salt, cracked black pepper, and just a touch of rosemary. I can’t wait until it comes out of the oven.

  69. JoAnn Delaini says

    Love your blog. I am a big ricotta fan – I’m Italian and it was always in my grandmother’s house. I am searching for a recipe for a Ricotta pie that she always made at Easter. I’ve been all over the internet, but no one seems to make it as she did (Southern Italian – Salandria). It was a sweet and savory pie. The crust was like a cookie crust but the filling was the star! The only notes I have are that it was made with 1 pound of ricotta, 1 egg, 1/4 pound of confectioners sugar, cinnamon, and lots of parsley. It was heaven. I remember my father bee-lining for the kitchen and going for it first thing. He was her first son-in-law and she always gave him a piece before dessert. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Keep cooking.

    • I can’t think of anything right now that mixes the sweet with the savory, but I will ask around for you JoAnn.