He Did It!!!

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As promised, I said I was going to share some photo’s of my son Tony running in the Chicago Marathon yesterday. 26.2 miles through the city of Chicago. There were 4500 runners and over
one million people attending the event. This photo was taken right before the race was about to begin.

The horn blew and we cheered him on! He gave us a wave as he took off!

Because the route was 26 miles, we had to jump on the elevated trains, the subways and taxi’s, to get to the different cheering stations, we were walking or riding on public transportation throughout the course. You couldn’t possibly move your car.

He wore a chip, that would give us a text message on our cell phones to tell us what mile he just passed through, so it was easy to figure out when he would be arriving at a certain mile marker, because we all knew how fast he could run a mile. Very high tech stuff!!!

Here he is at the 12 mile marker, my DIL, had two star balloons attached to her backpack so he could spot us as we were all yelling ” TONY!!!” He’s still smiling at 12 miles and looking good!

Here he is at the 21 mile marker, high fiving us all, as we were cheering him on. Still looking good with only 6.2 miles to go!! Needless to say he finished the race! I have no pictures of him crossing the finish line, as you couldn’t even get near it with the mobs of people around. Fortunately he’ll get a professional one taken from the marathon.

This is the shirt my Granddaughter wore, and it really sums up how we all felt! Great job Tony,
You kicked butt!!!
Thanks everyone for your well wishes, it was much appreciated!

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Very Cool!
    Congrats Tony!
    And great pics of Chicago, Marie. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations to Tony! What a great accomplishment! My goodness, he’s a handsome man! I’m so impressed with you following him throughout the city … which would be a challenge on a normal day let alone with over a million add’l folks out and about! And how cool is that tracker-chip-thingy! Looks like the weather cooperated, and I love seeing snipets of the city! Your granddaughter did a fine job of modeling that shirt, too! Great post!

  3. Wow that sounds like a lot of work but he looked pretty good out there… The pictures were really fun and I enjoyed looking at them… Give him an attaboy from me…


  4. Congratulations, indeed!

    Very impressed by the ‘chip’ too!

  5. What a smile!! Good for you, Tony Kidd! 🙂

  6. Congrats, that’s the coolest, ever!

  7. Kudo’s Tony… Proud Momma 😉 simply wonderful!!

  8. Congragulations to tony.

  9. Fantastic! My sis is a marathoner out east, so I can really appreciate the accomplishment. Awesome!

  10. Just awesome! Congrats Tony!

  11. Hi from Singapore Marie, I bet you were proud, many congrats to Tony, I loved the 12th mile photo he did look so very proud and happy, Kathy.

  12. Yay for Tony! My gosh, he looks downright energetic, even at the 21 mile mark! That’s the point at which I’d be looking for the first aid vehicle. Sounds like it was quite an ordeal to get to the different viewing stations, but what an exciting event, and what a great accomplishment for your son!

  13. Congrats, that’s a heck of a run! And very neat about the gadget assistance

  14. Congratulations to Tony! You must be so proud.

  15. Congratulations Tony! And so handsome!

  16. Congragulations to Tont, and proud mama…..Pat H

  17. That is so cool Marie! I am always in awe of those who can run long distance. Good for him, that is a great accomplishment. Fun post.

  18. What a proud moment for a mom Marie!
    Beautiful pictures and congrats to your sons achievement.. Woohoo!!

  19. What a great family you have Marie! Congrats to Tony and he was lucky also to have you all cheering him on! 🙂

  20. Congrats to Tony! It feels so good when you’re finished. After all the training, it just feels good to know you’re done. Till the next one at least. I made your butternut squash lasagna this weekend. It was fabulous. I’m planning to post it on my blog in the future with a link back to your site for the recipe. I hope that’s OK.

  21. oh wow – congrats to him. I live in the south shore area and that’s exactly where I stayed this past Sunday. WAAAYYY too many people – lol.

  22. Great photos, Marie — congratulations! That’s very interesting about the chip.

  23. Congratulations to you son. He looks great! What a fun family you have and so supportive with each other. I love it.

  24. Congrats to Tony!!! and nice pictures Marie! xxGloria

  25. You cannot possibly have a son that old, that good looking, yes, of course, but not that mature. What a great day for all of you!

  26. Good for him – it was certainly impressive!

    I know I promised you the ricotta recipe, and it will come very soon 🙂

    I forget if I mentioned that I made your mezzanotte. Well, I did. And it was AMAZING! It packs a punch, in the loveliest way ever. Thank you so much.

  27. Congratulations to your son! Very impressive!

  28. Yeah Tony!

  29. Wow I am so impressed. I have never understood how anyone can run that far without collapsing. I would be a goner by the end of the block probably! Kudos to Tony. And kudos to you as a good mom!

  30. Good for him!!! BRAVO!!!

  31. Awesome feat! I bet he burned a lot of calories – so now he can load up on some of your delicious Italian food. (Now that’s the way my brain works. If I worked that hard, I’d be thinking about that plate of pasta at the end.)

  32. Awww what a great post about your son, good for him. Wow what a cutie I must say!!! I’m sure your very proud of Him.

    Thanks for your recent visit, you know your my favorite Italian gal from Chicago!!!!


  33. How cool! I just find that amazing that anyone can run that far. I love it that you made use of the high-tech & balloons to find each other. Very clever.

    Great photos too – it reminds me of the October weekend 10 years ago when I met my husband, fell in love & married 5mos later…. We might be in Chicago next year for the announcement of the 2016 Olympics. The date of the selection coincides with our anniversary.

    xoxox Amy

  34. Congratulations to Tony! What an accomplishment! The fact he was able to smile at the 21 mile mark was an achievement in itself 🙂

    I hope he does the NYC marathon one year, and that I’ll get a chance to cheer him on!

  35. Congrats! I grew up in IL and I miss the windy city. Thanks for the photos!

  36. nice shirt your granddaughter wore for tony’s run… cheers to your family!!! 🙂

  37. What an accomplishment. I only wish I had the energy to run that.

  38. What an amazing accomplishment & how cool the hi-tech stuff is! Unbelieveable. You are one GREAT family…love the cheering squad, the balloons & the precious tee! Good for you Marie!! What a proud moment!

  39. Thanks for sharing this proud family moment with us all Marie:D I am sure you are all proud of Tony as he is of himself!!!