Onion Soup w/ Fontina Garlic Bread! O Foods For Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!!

September is Ovarian Cancer research and awareness month. The blogosphere is a buzz with many bloggers helping to spread the word! Spear heading this awareness along with having a contest is Sara, of Ms Adventures in Italy, Jenn, of The Leftover Queen, and Michelle, of Bleeding Espresso.
We were asked to spread the word by posting a recipe that either started or ended with the letter O. All details are here.

This is my small part of spreading the word for a cause that’s near and dear to my heart! Ovarian Cancer claimed the life of my mother when I was 9, and a vibrant niece at age 26.

Please click on the link to read about signs and symptoms, and how you can help!

Now on to this warm and satisfying recipe!

5 onions sliced
6 Cups of Stock ( Beef or Vegetable) I used Beef
3 Tbl. of Brandy
1 tsp. sugar
A little flour, Olive Oil and Butter

Warm a little butter and olive oil in heavy pan, add onions and cook till soft and a deep golden brown. Don’t rush the cooking time or else onions will become bitter, stir frequently on a medium heat. Add your thyme, salt, pepper, and sugar.
Meanwhile get your stock nice and hot in another pan. Stir about 2 Tbl. of flour over your golden brown onions, and whisk in gently your hot stock. Add your Brandy and simmer for 10 mins.

To make the Fontina garlic bread, simply rub garlic over a nice chunk of bread, something that has some body, like a good crusty baguette. Slice Fontina cheese on top, and stick it under your broiler for a few mins. or place in an oven till golden.

I hope you try this rich and flavorful soup!

Buon Appetito!!

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  1. Oh, you’ve gone right to my heart. Ovarian cancer claimed the lives of both my mom, my sister, a cousin, and numerous other relatives. My other sister (from Illinois) is flying down to Raleigh, NC on Friday to participate in the Ovarian Cancer Walk on the team my late sister’s husband formed in her honor when she was fighting the disease and continues on after her passing. Your note struck another chord with me as my niece was 9 when my sister died, a mere 2 years ago.

    This is a great cause and a great recipe. I’ll have to go through my cupboards and find something “O” worthy!

    AWESOME post!

  2. Onion soup is among my favourites, but I’ve never added Brandy! That would give it a great kick. I made Bollito Misto yesterday, so already have the stock. Good timing and a very good cause.

  3. Love it Marie! Thanks so much for participating 🙂

  4. I lost my mom to breast cancer last year so these posts are always very bitter sweet for me. Thanks for the onion soup recipe. I love onion soup but have always been a little hesitant to make it.

  5. Good cause, good soup 😉

  6. How awful to loose your mother at 9!!! Someone asked me just yesterday if I have a recipe for onion soup. Now I can phone her and say: “YESSS!!!”

  7. As a woman with one ovary, I can’t thank you enough for bringing awareness to ovarian cancer.

    The soup looks wonderful too, lol!!

  8. Ooooh, MY!! that looks so good I could taste it!! I make mine exactly the same…. Love the what the brandy brings to the soup 😉

  9. Onion soup is one of my faves…nice Italiano touch with the Fontina.

  10. Oh Marie, I love onion soup, but I’m the only one who likes it in my family. Can I come sit at your table? And yes, let’s spread the word. My husband’s aunt had ovarian cancer.

  11. Seriously – how can one go wrong here? onions, cheese, bread? Um…they should make those flavors into a candy! A lozenge even…


  12. I love onion soup and this looks so delicious

  13. All these great fall soups. I really need to think of something fr this.The cause ofOvarian cancer is near and dear to me because of my mother. Im having a mental block with food that start with O!

  14. This is my husband’s favourite soup, and for a really great cause. My version doesn’t have brandy and now that seems sadly lacking 🙁

    By the way, I just made your mezzanotte and we loved it! I thought it would be too sweet, but it was perfect. We skipped the chocolate stick though – issues with our waistbands *sigh* Thank you for the recipe!

  15. Your soup looks great, I can almost smell it from here! I think it’s great to acknowledge Ovarian Cancer Research and Awareness month. We all need to be aware! Thanks Marie!

  16. Thank you for posting the recipe for this wonderful soup, and for spreading information and raising awareness about this devastating disease. Awareness is the first step towards a cure!

  17. your blog is one big food lover’s fantasy! I love it.

  18. This is a lovely recipe for such a nice cause!!!!!

  19. Hi Marie – oh so sad to hear about your mother and your niece.

    Excellent “O” food for this cause. Your recipe sounds great, I like the brandy and the thyme.

  20. This has to be one of my favorite soups, hands down. Love it! What a worthy cause to cook for.

  21. This is great Marie! I love onion soup and even more so for such a worthy cause!!

  22. Hi Marie
    Such a nice easy recipe for a delicious soup!
    Cancer is such a scourge — thanks for spreading the word about ovarian cancer awareness!

  23. I love your onion soup and most of all the cheesy goodness of that crouton- a great contribution to a very important cause Marie! I’m glad you put a link to the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer as we know this one can so easily be missed. Thank you for sharing about your own personal losses as well- it makes it hit home so much more. xo
    Love you!

  24. A classic! One of my all time faves. As soon as it cools off here, I need to make some.

  25. Fab looking photo of such a yummy soup. I don’t even know what to say about the loss of your mother at such a young age. So unfair cancer is and so prevalent. Thanks for sharing your loss with all of us. Marla

  26. This is a beautiful post. I’m sorry to hear that you lost your mother and niece to ovarian cancer, and thank you for the link to signs & symptoms. I must admit, I don’t know much about it.

    Your recipe & photo are absolutely mouth watering!

  27. I love onion soup and this looks so good.

  28. OK Marie!
    I am on board with making a dish beginning with “O” for Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

    It’s important for all women to get regular checkups for breast/ovarian and cervical cancers! IMPORTANT!
    Thanks for being open and making us more aware.


  29. what a delicious looking meal! yummy!

  30. Okay, you’ve put my blog to shame. This looks fanatastic!

  31. Great cause Marie and a lovely dish!!! xxGloria

  32. Oh my goodness…I’ve been catching up on your latest posts and that midnight coffee drink looks sinful…wow…gotta remember that one…

    Life on my end has been way too busy these days…thanks for your last couple of visits my, “Proud Italian Cook” friend!! 🙂

  33. Hi Marie, I to am sorry to hear that your mother and niece were taken at such a young age due to Ovarian Cancer, thank you for the link,hubby loves Onion Soup and I am sure he is going to love your version, Thanks again, Kathy

  34. ‘O’ what a lovely looking soup Marie. Your post touched my heart…beautiful contribution to passing the message around.xoxo Deeba

  35. “O” – my! That looks so delicious! What a wonderful idea to get the word out about ovarian cancer! We will pass this around!
    Karla & Karrie

  36. This is perfect for the event Marie. If there is anything that ushers in the cooler autumn months it is a ncie bowl of hot and flavourful soup. The bread is just a bonus:D

  37. Paula, My heart goes out to you and your family!

    Casalba,The brandy really makes it!

    Michelle, You’re very welcome!

    Joanne, So sorry about the loss of your Mom.

    Nina, Please pass it on!

    Maryann, Hi Bud!

    Lisa, thank you!

    Lucy, Isn’t the brandy great in it?

    Peter, I had to put an Italiano twist on it!

    Theresa, You can sit at my table any time!

    Darius, A lozenge! lol!

    Happy Cook, Hi and Thanks!

    Courtney, I’m sure you have some good soups up your sleeves!

    Dee, Definitely try the brandy next time.
    I’m so glad you liked the drink too. Not something you would have too often but once in a while its a treat!

    Jenny, Yes we do!

    Cathy, Yes it is!

    Joe, I love yours!

    Daziano, Thank You!

    Lori Lynn, The brandy and thyme is a match made in heaven.

    Bridgett, One of my faves too!

    Aggie,Thank you!

    Pat, Scourge is a good word, so true!

    Gabi, xoxo to you too!!

    Nicole, Not to cool here either, today it will be 80! Wheres fall??

    Marla, Cancer is so unfair!

    Hi Ari, I knew I had to participate in this!

    Thanks Lisa!

    Stacey, I’ll be looking for your O food!

    Hi Priscilla, Thanks!

    Michelle, Please! Are you kidding me??? You’re funny!

    Thanks Gloria Dear!

    Chris, Hi Nice to hear from you!

    Mama, I hope you get to try it!

    Deeba, xoxo, to you too!

    Karla & Karrie, Thank You!

  38. This soup looks great, my mouth started to water as I read the recipe. Thanks for spreading the word on Ovarian Cancer.

  39. Another excellent dish, Marie! The soup looks wonderful! This is perfect for the upcoming autumn nights.

  40. LOVE onion soup too, like the addition of brandy, must rty that next time;)

  41. Marie this must have been extra special to prepare this dish in memory of your mother and niece.. what a great warm and embracing recipe! It looks beautiful and the colors remind me of fall! Wonderful post and a great big hug to you my friend!!

  42. Looks delicous! I’m going to do something on my site for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. What a super idea!

  43. What a very worthy cause and a delicious soup to spur it on.

  44. A great soup for a noble cause, Marie. On a rainy day like today in the Hudson Valley, I could use a bowl of that!

  45. As ever, Marie, you pick the right fights to fight… you always stand up when you are needed to help with this… for someone who lost both his parents and so many others to the big C of one brand or another, I humbly stand and applaud what you do… Thanks Marie

    Johnny T

  46. I like a nice onion soup and this one looks really good.