Mezzanotte!!! (Midnight)

Pure decadence! That’s how I describe this amazing coffee cocktail called, “Mezzanotte”.
This is something you’d would want to make for a very special occasion. Dark chocolate, espresso, vodka, and coffee liqueur, make up this little treat! Who wouldn’t want to sip one of these? It’s like having your espresso and dessert all in one!

Consider making these for a very special occasion, I know I am! In case you haven’t heard, there’s a big bash going on in the blogosphere. Susan, over at Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy, is celebrating her 1 year blogiversary, and we’re all invited to her virtual cocktail party!! If you haven’t already met Susan, please go over and check out her wonderful blog, It’s full of family stories that will bring tears to your eyes, and snippets of her life that will make you laugh out loud, along with all her glorious food!!

I’ve decided to bring this cocktail as my contribution to her party. It’s going to be a long night, and I figure we will be sipping these well past midnight!!

Mezzanotte Cocktail
2 oz. Vodka
2 Shots of Espresso ( 1 oz. each)
1 oz. simple Sugar
1/2 oz. of Coffee Liqueur ( Kahlua, Godiva, or Starbucks)
Chocolate Syrup
One Stick of Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Shavings
Sugar the rim of a martini glass. Swirl chocolate syrup inside the glass. Pour your Vodka, sugar, espresso, and coffee liqueur, into a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain. Garnish with chocolate shavings and a chocolate stick.
Cin Cin!!

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  1. See you at he party, this drink I will not miss anything in the world!

  2. I’m sure everyone will have a grand ‘ol time sipping on these, Marie! 😉

  3. Oh for sure for the next party i am gonna try this

  4. you can’t go wrong with Kahlua and espresso. See you at the party.

  5. My baby loves his chocolate(me and the actual)Kaluha,etc. So he will love this!

  6. What a wonderful way to enjoy chocolate!

  7. Wow!!! That looks amazing.

  8. Whoa!!! I am SO making these! Amazing…

  9. Marie, you really know how to make a good cocktail, this looks fab! Love the risotto cake too:)

  10. I would be up all night after sipping that cocktail, Marie! That’s fully loaded, but luscious — yum!

  11. Is it bad that when I looked at that picture with the chocolate syrup in the glass all I could think was “I would so lick the inside of that glass clean”??? LOL

  12. Make mine a double! 🙂

  13. Thank you so much, Marie! These certainly do look like pure decadence. I can’t wait to have one (or 3 or 4)!

  14. Hi Marie! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog. Good to hear from you! Storm season has kept us quite busy down here. Therefore most of my time is spent cleaning up! I visit you every week but have not left comments as I have not posted anything lately on my blog. But I did post a little note today.
    Keep up all of your wonderful work! It all looks so yummy:)

  15. Wow- I’m sticking close to you and these at the party! Excellent decadent cocktail!

  16. I can’t wait to try one of these at the party!!! These looks so good. See you there!

  17. Oh my……this is sinful1!!

  18. Oh my … that looks decadent alright. That is my kind of cocktail!

  19. Love your photo will all the ingredients and the labels. That is terrific!

    This drink sounds positively dangerous!

  20. That looks DIVINE! And something I can make tonight that doesn’t need power!! We need something to celebrate! My husband will love it!

  21. That is a to-die-for cocktail. You can go wrong with chocolate and booze together!

  22. This does look decadent and ooooohhhh soooo festive! I’ll take two please.

  23. i love myself a sweet cocktail! looks fabulous!

  24. Ohhhh, I’ll be hanging out by you if you have this yummy drink! Looks delicious!

  25. Chocolate and kahlua and espresso and vodka all in one cute little glass, what’s not to love? I’ve gotta try these!

  26. Wow! what a cocktail. I just love my coffee and to have in a cocktail, oh my!! Love your pic too!

  27. WOW!! That could turn me into a lush and it’s before noon!!

  28. Marie,
    Can I drink these before noon?

  29. Wow Marie, it looks gorgeous!!

  30. My husband would love this, and you know I’ve never met a cocktail that scared me! I love how festive you made the photos.

  31. I simply love this way of decadence!!!

  32. I don’t drink coffee…but I’d try this one out. And I’d love to try to pair this with a really great pastry!


  33. I feel like having my own personal party now! Anything in a martini glass is cause for a celebration! 🙂

  34. Oh Marie this looks sinfully good!
    I love martinis

    I’m finally back from San Diego –I’ve been having lots of problems with blogspot since I’ve got back ( and ohters are too!) but I have two posts up about my trip.

    Hugs, Pat

  35. OMG! Chocolate, coffee and alcohol all in one place. Pure heaven!

  36. Ooooh, I want one, too! I’ve never had anything like this! I would be like drinking the finest truffle! The chocolate stick stirer just put me over the edge! Love your photo with the map of ingredients on it! YUM! Salude!

  37. Even the name is seductive.

  38. Oh, now this is what I call a cocktail!
    I have to make these on the holidays to share with my family.
    Thanks for sharing.

  39. decadence at its utmost peak ! absolutely ravishing .. . !!

  40. Why do you always have to tempt and torture me so? 🙂 Don’t stop (lol)

  41. Oh now this looks good!!, hope you enjoyed the party!. Kathy

  42. Did you see me with one of these in my hand at the bash.

  43. Saw this at SGCC’s & dreamt of it every night since! It’s fabulous…coffee makes my heart beat faster & like this…be still my heart; it’s drooliciously good!

  44. Oh yes! Make mine a double, thanks. I’m not even going to wait for company – why share? I’m going to wait for when the husband’s out for a gig, and then I’m going to sip this on the balcony and watch the stars. I anticipate a rough week, so thank you thank you thank you!

  45. This is an awesome Cocktail. loves it and would be happy to publish it in our weekly posts. Obviously we would link back to your blog, we are asking permission to publish Midnight Cocktail on