Lavash Crackers w/ Artichoke Salsa! Daring Bakers September Challenge

This month’s challenge was to make Lavash crackers along with a dip, spread, a salsa, or a relish of some sort. Here’s the challenge… the crackers had to be made with an all purpose wheat flour, or a gluten free flour, I choose the wheat flour, because I had it in my house, but the toppings had to be made gluten and vegan free!

Our host’s this month are alternative Daring Bakers, Natalie from Gluten A Go Go, and Shel, from Musings From The Fish Bowl. I want to thank them for picking a savory recipe this time, it was nice for a change. The recipe comes from the book, The Art Of Extraordinary Bread, By Peter Reinhart. Please check out their blogs for the complete recipe’s and instructions on the crackers.

This took no time to get the dough together, I think it took longer to knead it! I probably didn’t roll it thin enough I should have divided the dough in half, and rolled it into 2 pans, but I didn’t!!

I used a dry seasoning I have that is a mixture of rosemary, garlic, lemon peel, and spicy red pepper, to press into the cracker dough. Some stuck, some didn’t!

All in all this was a very easy and fun challenge, and who knew, I’d learn how to make crackers!!

The topping I chose was a very quick “Artichoke Salsa” which by the way is vegan, and gluten free! It’s simply made by opening a jar or two of your favorite marinated artichokes, draining them and pulsing them in your food processor. When finished pulsing, pour into your bowl.

Then chop some red onion, slice up some kalamata olives, 1 clove of smashed garlic, and diced and seeded tomatoes. Finish off with salt, pepper, shredded basil, a hint of lemon peel and a little olive oil to taste.

It actually tasted really good with the crackers, and it was a great appetizer with a glass of wine!

Please check out the ever growing Daring Baker blogroll for all their cracker creations!

Buon Appetito!

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  1. Your artichoke salsa sounds so tasty! I’m afraid I dropped the ball on the dip part of the challenge. Well done. 🙂

  2. Sooo pretty! Your crackers are great, but that dip makes me swoon 😉

  3. Your photo is just beautiful – and artichoke salsa, inspired!

  4. I had the same experince as you. I fely I could have rolled ith thinner and baked on 2 pans. Good use of the artichokes. Its looks yummy.

  5. Great great Marie…I missed the date. Thought it must be Sunday ie tomorrow. Now I’ll have to hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!!

  6. I thought this was such a fun challenge. It was different, but not too hard, which was a nice change of pace. Your artichoke salsa looks fantastic!

  7. Those crackers are just lovely. And I love the idea of the salsa. Well played!

  8. I used artichoke in my dip as well. This was a fun DB for me to make something savoury rather than sweet:D

  9. Artichoke salsa sounds so good and your crackers look great. Nice way to top that cracker!

  10. Very nice, Marie. Love the photos.

  11. Marie, those crackers look really good! And…. liking your “Artichoke Salsa” !!!

  12. Love the artichoke salsa. Your pic looks incredible!!! Couldn’t get my stuff to stick either. I can’t wait to make theses again!

  13. Artichokes – brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? Nice combo and great looking results.

  14. Marie your crackers look yummy and your Artichoke dip sounds and looks delicious, together and with a glass of wine perfecto!. Kathy.

  15. Ooo, your lavash looks wonderful, and the salsa sounds great!

  16. Oh, I love artichoke and that “salsa” looks delicious. Nice job!

  17. Beautiful job, Marie! Your lavash look perfect and your salsa looks so fresh and delicious! Love them both!

  18. Wow! Nice quick appetizer (as long as you have some crackers on hand, I mean). I like that artichoke salsa a lot. I also like your lavash topping, the lemon probably is great with the artichoke.

  19. I don’t know what I want more ..the crackers or the salsa! Yummmmmmm!

  20. I am so impressed! I have never baked a cracker in my life, your salsa looks yummy!

  21. What’s wonderful look this Marie, how ever, you know, I love artichokes too!! Beautiful!! Gloria

  22. Your crackers are beautiful and I love the artichoke salsa- fresh and vegan- a winner!

  23. Beautiful! I love the idea of that super-simple artichoke salsa too.

  24. Love the photo! I’ve never tried making my own crackers before, but these look great. And the Artichoke Salsa is going in my “to make” list.

  25. I love artichokes. This looks so good.

  26. I am literally running to the store first thing tomorrow to get my hands on your artichoke dip. YUM!

  27. That first photo is so awesome…I could dig right in!

  28. I’m loving this dip! I may have to have an appetizer party based soley on your recipes!

  29. I love your crackers and artichoke dip! They must pair great!

  30. That dip sounds perfect for these crackers!

  31. Oh gee — I’m late to the party! I thought I had to post on September 30! I don’t know why I get the dates mixed up each month.

    Your crackers and dip look scrumptious!!

    Off to get my post written –busy weekend!

    HUgs, Pat

  32. Mmm…I could use a bite of that right now, Marie. The crackers look scrumptious, as does the dip — I love artichokes in just about anything!

  33. those crackers and the topping look soo good!! i would love to make my own crackers someday!

  34. If this was in front of me, I’d get the biggest spoon out of the drawer and dig in. This is truly right up my alley; I love, love, love this appetizer. It’s so pretty too, especially in your beautiful bowl!

  35. Oh my goodness Marie!! I love your artichoke salsa!!! It looks so scrumptious. I went so easy compared to everyone. lol It’s been very busy with the relatives in town, we have one more big get together this weekend and then hopefully everything will slow down a bit! Hugs to you ..and save me some of that relish!! 🙂

  36. What a great quick salsa; I love artichoke hearts, of course. Thanks for the idea! The crackers look great too.

  37. Very nice job on those crackers — love the spices. And I’ll take artichoke dip any way I can get it. Mmm….

  38. Oh Marie, this is a snack to drool over….I love artichokes!!!