Cannoli Filled Cream Puffs!! August Daring Bakers Challenge

This months Daring Bakers challenge was taken from a book called, Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme’.
I knew I was going to like this the minute I saw the recipe, because it only had 3 elements to it! Choux pastry, or cream puff dough, some kind of pastry cream, and a chocolate glaze.

Then there was the fact that our dear Host’s MeetaK and Tony Tahhan, kindly gave us culinary leeway to choose what ever filling we wanted, along with the size and shape of our choice, which made it even better!!

Of course my choice was to stuff these little mini babies with cannoli filling. The filling consisted of ricotta, which was made smooth by putting it into a food processor, along with some powdered sugar for sweetness, after which I added some rum, grated orange rind, just the slightest hint of cinnamon, and mini chocolate chips.

To make it less dense, I folded in some freshly whipped cream.

After glazing the top with chocolate, I finished it off with some chopped pistachio’s.

The biggest problem I had was working with the pastry bag! Everything was squishing out the top, I think my bag was too small. So after one attempt with it, I quickly switched to a gallon size Ziploc bag. I would appreciate any hints to working neatly with a pastry bag!

Other than that only issue, everything else was a breeze! I would definitely make these again!

For the complete recipe please click on our Host’s link above.

And please go check out some of the other Daring Bakers creations here.

Buon Appetito!!

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  1. Brilliant my friend! I bet they were to die for. Love the Italian twist.

  2. They look wonderful, Marie 😉

  3. Wow wow wow! Each Daring Baker’s post just gets better and better. This one is totally over the top! Combining two delicious, wonderful favorite pastries? I’m in love and jealous and a little suspicious that you can see into my fantasies…


  4. Oh wow, I love this! I love cannolis and cream puffs–you could bait a Mike trap with these and I’d walk right into it. They look absolutely delicious. As for the pastry bag woes, I’m right there with you. I think mine is on the small side as well, and if I don’t work in small batches, I make a big mess.

  5. That is the most delicious looking eclair I have ever seen! I love the Italian twist.

  6. Oh so lovely! I wish mine had turned out like yours…. I like the crushed nuts on top. I might have to copy you since I haven’t taken my photo yet – I hope you don’t mind. I always love seeing how you elevate the bar on these challenges.

    xoxox Amy

  7. Your assignment came out “fantastico,” Marie! I love cannoli cream and the next time I make this recipe I’ll try that susbstitution too! The pistachios are a nice touch.

    Hugs, Pat

  8. You had a great idea to make these “Italian!” They look amazing!!

  9. Marie – you are so creative, I love how you took the recipe and made it your own. Bravo!

  10. Oh my God!!! Marie these are absolutely lovely and yummy!!! so nice dear!xxGloria

  11. OMG you all are killing me with these wonderful eclairs/cream puffs … love the addition of pistachios.

    Too bad we can’t taste them thru our monitors 🙂

  12. Oh my gosh Marie!! That looks so beautiful and I can imagine the taste must be outrageous!
    I’m so glad you did an Italian flair! Now I want to make them all over again! 🙂

  13. I agree with Pat Marie both of your eclair’s look delicious, why could I have not been in NYC this weekend. I could have returned via Chicago so I could have sampled them both. Kathy.

  14. I love the green pistachios and dark chocolate sauce. Your Bennett party looks like the good life illuminated!

  15. Love the cannoli interpretation! I must try these- Rick will be all over it- he loves cannoli. mmmm

  16. Marie,
    You get my vote!!!
    Are you sure you are not moonlighting as a pastry chef?
    That is gorgeous.
    Dessert is not my strong point, that is why I have some great bakeries in the neighborhood!
    You are daring!

  17. I thought I saw ricotta in the filling! How delicious!

  18. In this case, it would be take the gun, leave the cannoli 🙂 Nice take on the eclair.

  19. Ooooooooooh Marie…you’re a lady after my heart!! These are everything I dreamt they should be; filled to perfection, plated to perfection & sprinkled with pistachios…my fave nut!!! Brilliant…how refreshing are these!!! Made my day!! xoxoxo

  20. Good golly Marie, I am drooling all over the show. This is simply stunning!!!I love the pistacio’s.

  21. They are absolutely beautiful and picture perfect, fantastic job!

  22. I just came from Courtney’s site… thought they would be da Bomb.

    But so are yours.

    Wow. So much talent.

    Love the cannoli idea.

  23. That looks so good! Great presentation!!

  24. Simply and utterly magnificent!

  25. I had a feeling you would go for the cannoli cream! Brilliant! They look utterly mouthwatering! Gorgeous picture too!

  26. Beautiful Marie! I want eclairs right at this moment. The chocolate glaze is calling my name!

  27. Gorgeous! Your filling sounds incredible, too…mmmmm…cannoli….

  28. My sister sent me over here, Knitting Mania. I can see why, we speak the same food language =]

    Cream Puffs with a cannoli filling, oh my…and the deconstructed pasta salad. That is so brilliant and yummy looking.

  29. Looks like a picture out of a magazine! So professional looking. And I’m sure they tasted even better.

  30. This is so beautiful. Never knew choux could look like this.
    I like your filling idea very much.

  31. My God does that look and sound fantastic. I think I’m getting a craving.

  32. Beautiful presentation, just gorgeous, Marie!

    And… loving the filling too 😉

  33. I’ll take some of these!!! I love the cannoli filling, yours look fantastic and delicious!

  34. Wow, what a beautiful eclair you’ve made! Looks so inviting!

  35. Your cream puffs looks awesome! What a great photo. I love canoli filling too. I wish I had a cream puff!

  36. Oh Marie! Have you really looked at that photograph that you posted? That is high art!

  37. I’m drooling – these look fabulous!

  38. Wow! You really did an amazing job on this month’s challenge; beautiful photo!

  39. What a great idea to use cannoli cream! That sounds fantastic!

  40. Awesome combo and photo!

  41. Hi Marie…I would like to try the recipe for the cannoli cream puffs, but the links do not direct you to the recipe? Any chance you can post email to me… Can’t wat to try 🙂

  42. Hi,
    I’m no pro but I worked at an amazing german bakery when I was a teen. The owner/master baker taught me that most amateurs overfill the pastry bag. First of all have a large enough pastry bag, buy one larger than you think..and then leave enough space at the top of the bag that you can easily twist it off blocking the cream from coming out the end. Even though you have to stop and refill you’ll save time and frustration when the filling ends up where you want it. Good luck.

  43. Made these for a dinner party and they were fabulous. They presented well and were not too sweet. I’m not usually a fan of ricotta, but will definitely make these again, simply stunning without much effort. I love this site, have seen some wonderful recipes and look forward to trying more. Also used your idea of walnut, blue cheese bites, added a baby boconcini to it and they were also a hit. Thank you for sharing.