Wandering through the food blogosphere we come across so many fantastic recipes, I’m always inspired by the talent of all my fellow food bloggers. I must have a list a mile long of recipes I’ve bookmarked to try!

Sometimes I come across a concept that is so simple, and I think to myself, what a brilliant idea! I knew back in April when I saw this over at Taste With The Eyes, that it was something I was going to make, lemon with mascarpone a match made in heaven and I could not wait to make it!

What attracted me to this was how simple it was to make but yet the end result was so dreamy and decadent. In fact Lori Lynn’s own words were ” it’s embarrassingly simple”.
All you do is take 1 pint of your favorite sorbet, put it on your counter and let it defrost a little, take out your food processor, and put in the sorbet along with 6oz. of mascarpone cheese. Give it a whirl until all combined and smooth. Spoon it into a pretty glass, and refreeze it. Garnish it with whatever your heart desires, I just used some lemon peel.
The best thing about this is there was no ice cream machine needed, and no one would ever know the difference!!

Slightly defrost before you serve it because that’s when the true flavors come out, then sit down and enjoy every creamy spoonful!
My Hubby loved this so much that now he wants me to try blending an orange sorbet with the mascarpone, sort of like an upscale dreamsicle.
I think the possibilities are endless, don’t you?
Thanks Lori Lynn, for letting us all in on “your little secret”.

WARNING!!! This could become very addicting!!

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  1. Oh yeah, thanks for posting this, like you I have a “to do list” of recipes from fellow bloggers to wade through πŸ™‚

    This definitely goes on the list …

  2. That is a brillant idea!

  3. That looks so good. I went to the grocery store today to get some marscapone for something else…they didn’t have any!!! I am going to try my Italian market…they must have it!!! I so need to try this.

  4. I would be so busted for devouring the sorbetto head first and a dollop sticking at the end of my nose!

  5. Oh Marie – YOU MADE MY DAY! I am so excited to see that you made this dessert.

    We were having a dinner party, and the person who was supposed to bring dessert couldn’t make it at the last minute. One of my guests called her husband and asked him to pick up some sorbet for me on his way over. She told him 12 guests, but he heard 12 pints. So that night we made a last minute dessert with lemon sorbet, a splash of limoncello and a chiffonade of fresh basil. And since no one would take home any of the sorbet, I was left with a freezer full of pints of lemon sorbet. This recipe was one of my experiments.

    Thank you so much for all the praise and recognition. And to quote myself, it is a “little embarrassing” since it is so darn simple.

    You are so gracious and it tickles me to no end to know that you, Hubby, and your friends are enjoying my creation.

    Lori Lynn

    P.S. I love your version – so fabulous, sunny and summery!

  6. This a really yummy and wonderful Marie!! whatΒ΄s beauty pictures !xxxGloria

  7. This is one of those *Why didn’t I think of that* moments. Great idea!

  8. Yes this could be very addictive because it is so simple to prepare.

  9. Looks really good. That last photo is just so tempting.

  10. Yeah from the pic i can surely say that it will become addictive. Delicious. I can taste them by just looking at it πŸ™‚

  11. Anything with mascarpone gets a high five in my book. Even if it is a simple idea, you need to think outside the box to come up with it.

  12. I need a mascarpone 12 step group.
    Your blog is just too tempting πŸ™‚

  13. What a GREAT idea! I love these things – simple yet FABULOUS! Wish I had thought of it! LOL!

  14. Looks delicious. I’ve made my own lemon sorbet. Running out tonight to get some mascarpone.

  15. Wow! This looks delicious… and I just happen to have fave sorbet and some mascarpone cheese right now…

  16. Ohh … me and lemon are like PB&J β€” Haagen Dazs makes my favorite lemon sorbet. Thanks for the inspiration, Marie and Lori Lynn!

  17. I end up here looking for a lemon recipe and what a great found. Your blog is a fantastic one. I did link to mine (but I do write it in Portuguese.
    Congratulations for yours!

  18. Mmmmmmmmmm…..another winner for these hot summer months! I can’t wait to try it. I can envision lots of delicious combinations of sorbet and fruit toppings.

    Thanks Marie and Lori Lynn!

  19. That looks so good! Nice and cool and refreshing. I really like the sound of the sorbet and mascarpone cheese combo. I might have to make some lemon sorbet to try this.

  20. I am always looking for a new fresh dessert to try and I think I just found it. I love lemon anything, and I imagine the addition of mascarpone is fantastic. You will have to try the orange and let us know how that goes as well. How yummy!

  21. What a great dessert. I can’t wait to try this. And I love the Dreamsicle idea. Props to your hubbie on that one!

  22. Mama mia! This looks to die for! What a great idea. I have got to try it!

  23. Wow my mouth is watering, I love anything with lemon in it!

    This would be so great for a summer dessert, so refreshing.

    Thanks for your visit the other day–

  24. Lemon…. is there anything more refreshing?

    I love that this is “easy” and doesn’t require any tools of the trade…

    A great dessert to serve with guests!

  25. Wonderful, this drink with lemon and mascarpone looks so fresh and delicious, it’s perfect for this season and for a meeting with friends!! Thanks for sharing, I definitely have to try it too =)

  26. I don’t think I even need to comment, this will be “consumed” in my house 5 minutes ago:)

  27. You and Lori Lynn are among the chief bloggers that torment me with your creations. You should how I was gawking at your pics! No kidding πŸ™‚

  28. I’ve just added mascarpone and sorbet to the grocery shopping list. Can’t wait to try this one!

  29. Oh. My. Gosh. This looks absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait to try this!

  30. Oh I can’t wait to try this one! This is perfect for those summer bbq’s when you are grossly sated with too much meat & need something light and sweet to complete the meal. I like this kind of addictions…. I say this as I’m strapping on my runners hoping to shed some cake weight.

    xoxox Amy

  31. the heat in southern france is blazing..just a mere look at this sorbet makes me feel good!! i love this..i agree with you they are indeed addicting!

  32. This does look so refreshing. I’m thinking I’ll have to keep this in mind for 4th of July. To be honest, I love anything with mascarpone!

  33. Hi everyone, Thanks for commenting! You really have to try this, its a great summer treat!

    and Lori Lynn, I can’t believe you ended up with 12 pints, thats so funny! Well, I know your experiments will be fantastic!

  34. Wow, what a perfect looking summer dessert Marie! Very pretty!

  35. Oh, you’re bad! You should have put the disclaimer at the top, not the bottom!! Of course, I think by the time I had looked at the first picture I was already addicted…perfect garnish too!

  36. I love lemons – to the point of addiction and this is going straight into my “things to do this summer” file.

  37. Sounds refreshing, light, and delicious. I’d love to try it. I’m just about ready to get out the ice cream maker, but I still love to find frozen treats that don’t require its use.

  38. The warning sounds like an invitation for me πŸ™‚ I just love the taste and texture of mascarpone in desserts. Your sorbet looks yummy and refreshing!

  39. What a wonderful & perfect summer treat… and I like the idea of the “Upscale Dreamsicle” = DELISH!!

  40. That’s so wonderful! I think I remember that at Taste with the Eyes. I’ve got to try it ASAP. Love your husband’s Dreamsicle idea; it’s perfect! (Though yours with the lemon sends me, too.)

  41. Those look so good and your glasses are so pretty, I am going to impress my guests with those for sure, thank you, Kathy.

  42. wow, could i use a big bowl of this to cool me down today! Looks so refreshing.

  43. Lemon sorbet and mascarpone? Two of my very favorite things.

    Are you trying to kill me?!

  44. What isn’t better with mascarpone? This is a simply sensational dessert, Marie.

  45. I wanted to say that I tried this and it was superb. So simple but so divine. I topped mine with fresh raspberries. It was a wonderful taste combination. THank you for helping to spread the word and congratulations on your new blog award!!!

  46. What a marvelous dessert on a muggy night like this.. or any other time! πŸ˜‰ Two of my favorite ingredients..this looks so yummy!

  47. So, you used lemon sorbet then? Must try this!

  48. Have tried these twice now, one Lemon and One Coconut, they are fast becoming a favourite at our house. Thank you. Kathy.

    Hope you don’t mind, I have added your blog to my fave list so that I can see what’s cooking with a quick click. Tks, Kathy.